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Chapter 936 - Fishing for Advantages

Looking at all of this, Wang Lin could only let out a sigh. He still remembered the Thunder Beast's unyielding gaze and arrogant roars that shook the world.

However, looking at the Thunder Beast now, there was no trace of its former self. If not for the fact that he could feel that this Thunder Beast was formed by the war chariot, Wang Lin would've thought this was the wrong Thunder Beast.

Feeling regrettable, Wang Lin waved his right hand and the Thunder Beast turned back into a ray of light that returned to his bag. As for Xu Liguo, he immediately retreated and his face was filled with flattery as he said, "Master, it has been a long time since Little Xu has come out, so please don't make me go back. I see that there are no dangers here, so how about you let me have some free time?"

Wang Lin looked at Xu Liguo and calmly said, "This place is far more dangerous than you think, so go back inside!" With that, Wang Lin waved his hand. Xu Liguo was angry, but he didn't dare to say anything; however, he was already cursing in his heart.

On the surface, though, Xu Liguo didn't dare to reveal any of the anger, and he was put back into the bag by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's body flickered as he moved through the Moongazer Serpent. His divine sense surrounded his body and he moved with extreme caution. However, he never stopped moving and almost left afterimages behind.

Wang Lin was very familiar with the Moongazer Serpent, so he could head to where he wanted to without thinking. If it was in the past, Wang Lin wouldn't move like this. After all, there was a large number of smaller Moongazer Serpents inside back then.

However, those smaller Moongazer Serpents had all died. As a result, the danger within the Moongazer Serpent had lessened greatly.

As he moved forward, Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. After he entered the Moongazer Serpent, he noticed that there was something wrong from the moment the Moongazer Serpent went through the vortex.

Although there wasn't much origin energy here before, he could at least feel some. However, right now he couldn't detect any at all.

This made his heart sink. If that was the only issue, he wouldn't care too much, but not only could he not feel any origin energy, even the origin energy inside his body was slowly disappearing.

This discovery shocked him greatly. He quickly checked himself and found out that it wasn't disappearing but being suppressed by an invisible force. This suppression was like a seal, and although it was slow, if he stayed here long enough, it would completely seal all his origin energy.

"This has nothing to do with the Moongazer Serpent, it has to do with where the Moongazer Serpent is. If the inside of the Moongazer Serpent is like, this then I fear that my origin energy would disappear even faster outside!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as his right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch. A moment later, his eyes shined brightly.

"The power of the ancient god body isn't affected! This way I might be able to hold some advantages here!"

While pondering, Wang Lin charged straight ahead.

"This seal is similar to the talismans from the Forsaken Immortal Clan…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he carefully controlled the origin energy in his body. A while later, he arrived near where the bone was.

After taking a look, Wang Lin's expression became serious. The Moongazer Serpent's bone originally emitted a large amount of spiritual energy; however, all of it was gone now.

"It looks like the seal doesn't only suppress origin energy but also spiritual energy! Anything that can be absorbed by cultivators will be sealed! However, I have the body of an ancient god, so it doesn't really matter to me!" Wang Lin's eyes flashed with coldness as he followed along the bone of the Moongazer Serpent.

"Since this place has this much effect on cultivators, it will have similar effect on the others. So the longer we stay here, the bigger the advantage I hold!" Wang Lin stuck to the bone and headed straight to where he found the child ancient god.

As he moved, a loud rumble and violent tremble came from ahead. As soon as the trembling came, Wang Lin felt his footing become unstable, as if the Moongazer Serpent was moving.

Wang Lin moved forward while sticking to the wall of flesh. The sound became louder and there were occasionally shockwaves from spells, which made Wang Lin stop.

His expression was a bit hesitant, and a moment later, he went into the flesh wall on the side. He moved like a fish and made a big circle before slowly moving forward again.

His divine sense was spread out and he carefully observed his surrounding. A moment later, Wang Lin's divine sense narrowed and stop extending into the flesh wall. Instead, he closely observed the outside of the flesh wall.

After taking a look, Wang Lin retreated without hesitation until he was near the Moongazer Serpent's bone again. His eyes lit up as he thought to himself, "I'm no match for any of the people that entered, but I also have my advantages. The more origin energy they consume, the bigger my advantage!"

The place that Wang Lin saw with this divine sense was an open area about 1,000 feet wide. Although that area was filled with Moongazer Serpents, they were all retreating.

And there are two people there.

Wudo Chan's face was pale and his purple robe was in tatters; he was in a sorry state. However, he stood there giving off a powerful aura like an unsheathed sword and wouldn't allow anyone to get close.

Behind him was an opening in the flesh wall. It was the entrance to where the child ancient god was located.

On the opposite of Wudo Chan was the green-robed Yi Muzi. Although his face was also slightly pale, his eyes were calm.

Fluctuations of spells filled the area between them. Apparently, there was a brief but fierce fight. Although Wang Lin's divine sense was only inside that room for an instant, it was not able to escape the two of them. However, neither Wudo Chan nor Yi Muzi cared about Wang Lin.

"Little kid, we have limited origin energy here. This old man's target isn't that dogshit celestial. Instead of helping Xuan Bao fight against Qing Shui you're here blocking my path. Now isn't that just extremely absurd!?"

Wudo Chan didn't speak but coldly stared at Yi Muzi. He raised his hand and a five-colored bubble floated above his palm.

His gaze fell on the bubble and he calmly said, "I don't care about how Esteemed Xuan Bao is doing, but as long as I'm here, no one can enter!"

The green-robed Yi Muzi had a gloomy expression and let out a cold snort as he stepped out. His right hand formed a seal and a giant log appeared before him. This giant wood took up all the space here and smashed forward.

"I can't waste too much origin energy here, so I must finish this battle quickly. Then I'll go deep into the Moongazer Serpent and complete the task the head elder gave!"

The giant wood before the green-robed old man charged out. At this moment, Wudo Chan waved his hand and the five-colored bubble flew out and collided with the giant wood.

At this instant, the bubble exploded with a bang!

The giant wood that appeared trembled and disintegrated along with the bubble.

A flash of coldness appeared in Yi Muzi's eyes. He waved his right sleeve and a finger-sized piece of green wood flew out. The moment it flew out, Yi Muzi shouted, "One Wood, One Realm!"

After he spoke, the green wood suddenly trembled and instantly grew. Thens a green gas suddenly spread across the area.

When the green gas filled the area, it was as if this area was isolated from the rest of the world, like the gas had formed its own realm. It created a seal that surrounded Wudo Chan.

Taking this opportunity, Yi Muzi moved in a flash and bypassed Wudo Chan. He charged into the hole and disappeared.

Wudo Chan was surrounded by the green gas, but only three breaths after Yi Muzi left, explosions came from inside the gas. Wudo Chan was creating bubbles and blowing them up.

The explosion of each bubble caused some of the green gas to dissipate. After three breaths of time, all the green gas had dissipated. He looked at the hole Yi Muzi went into and revealed a smile. With one step, he charged into the hole.

Wang Lin stood near the Moongazer Serpent's bone and decided to sit down. He slapped his bag of holding and a sword flew out. Wang Lin's hands formed a seal, and he split a portion of his divine sense into the sword. He pointed with this finger and the sword flew straight ahead.

Wang Lin's divine sense surrounded the sword and it continued to slowly move forward. It flew into the hole without hesitation and continued to push forward.

"Right now my divine sense is inside the sword, so if it's destroyed, it won't matter. Also, which of these people can't collapse a star with a stomp of their feet? Aside from Senior Brother Qing Shui, I'm merely an ant in their eyes.

"However, they don't know that my ancient god power isn't affected here… Let them fight it out first, and once they don't have much origin energy left I, who was an ant in their eyes, might be able to fish some advantages!"

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he controlled the flying sword and began to ponder.

The flying sword slowly flew into the hole. Bursts of spell fluctuations came from ahead and made it difficult for Wang Lin to control the flying sword, due to his cultivation level. Fortunately, the suppression force existed, and it allowed him to just barely control it to fly forward.

Shortly after, the sword with Wang Lin's divine sense exited the whole. What appeared before him was a large vortex that slowly rotated and gave out an endless suction force.

Wang Lin knew that the child ancient god was inside the vortex! Now that there were no traces of Qing Shui, Yi Muzi, and the others, Wang Lin pondered for a bit. Then he controlled the flying sword to charge directly into the vortex without any hesitation!

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