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Chapter 935 - The Wronged Thunder Beast

After this battle, the battlefield in the northern region had been almost completely torn apart. The surrounding tens of thousands of kilometers became a forbidden zone.

The vortex at the center rotated rapidly. Large amounts of dust was sucked toward it and disappeared within.

There was no victory or defeat in this battle. For both Allheaven and Alliance, it was both sides probing each other, only the price of this probing was extremely high.

The deaths of tens of thousands of cultivators caused both sides to pause for a moment. It was as if both sides were making the perfect preparations for the next battle.

On the Allheaven side, large amounts of cultivators retreated and gathered between the western and northern regions to recover. The Alliance was completely quiet, but the news of this battle spread across the Alliance.

On this day, a person appeared next to the vortex. He had white hair and wore a yellow robe. If Wang Lin was here, he would recognize him as Huanglong.

Huanglong calmly floated in the void and looked at the vortex below him. The powerful suction force collapsed when it got near him.

"Although this probing battle looks like a draw, in reality, the Alliance lost!" Huanglong pondered as he looked at the battle field. He could imagine the intensity of the war that occurred.

"The Cultivation Alliance has always been arrogant, and this war occurred due to the matter with Master Flamespark back then. Interesting! I didn't expect that when I accidentally helped Master Flamespark back then, it would give my Four Divine Sect such an opportunity!" Huanglong's eyes lit up after he carefully looked at the battlefield and then walked toward the void.

"I must discuss this matter with the other three. My Four Divine Sect has been waiting for this day for a very long time! I just don't know… If the rank 9 cultivation planet behind the Cultivation Alliance will intervene… After all, they only recognize the Cultivation Alliance…" Huanglong gradually disappeared as he pondered.

"I presume the Corpse Sect is also pondering this matter. The arrival of Allheaven has broken the battle in the Alliance! There is also that Wang Lin. That child is very good, and letting him participate in the battle will make him a vanguard for my Four Divine Sect. With Master Flamespark's cultivation, he should be able to see my mark. It can be considered a hint of my Four Divine Sect's attitude toward Allheaven." Huanglong smiled as he disappeared among the stars.

"This battle isn't big enough. Let it become more intense and consume more of the Cultivation Alliance's forces! My Four Divine Sect had been enduring for too long, and it is time for the strength we have been saving up to erupt!"

There was another universe inside the vortex. This was a boundless world of darkness. There was no light or sound, there wasn't even a sliver of spiritual or origin energy.

Life was almost extinct here.

This was the void under the shattered space. No one knew why it existed. If space was layers of endless silk, then this was the darkness under the silk.

There once were powerful cultivators that wanted to find the root of this void. However, over the countless years, no one could figure out the secret of the void.

A cultivator's body would endlessly weaken as if there was an invisible force that constantly sealed and limited a cultivator, making it difficult to survive. Also, because this place was isolated from the world's origin energy, even if a cultivator's own origin energy was self-contained, there will be a day when it's exhausted.

Also, under the weakening and sealing affect, the amount they could use was too little.

It was as if this place was an area forbidden to cultivators!

In the Alliance, only people whose status and cultivation had reached a certain level would know that a long time ago, before the Celestial Realms collapsed, a heaven-shaking event once occurred here that almost caused the Celestial Realm to shatter!

No one knew if this void had an end. Even peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivators couldn't probe here for too long. After all, no matter how much origin energy they had, there would still be a day when it would be used up.

It was as if this void was a natural origin energy isolation formation. It was a completely sealed space that prevented cultivators from shattering it to explore deeper.

However, was this really a natural origin energy isolation formation… No one knew the answer to this.

However, there was a speculation hidden inside a few people's hearts. They were afraid to touch it due to the fear of the unimaginable disaster it would cause. Which was that… This land of void was not natural but… man made!

At this moment, even the Moongazer Serpent's huge body seemed insignificant. After it entered, it curled up and condensed all its power in an effort to absorb all foreign objects in its body.

The Moongazer Serpent drifted in this endless darkness without any direction. It was if the mysterious force here had no impact on the Moongazer Serpent.

Wang Lin was inside the Moongazer Serpent's body. He was still holding the celestial fragment Master Flamespark gave him. His divine sense swept past it and he left his own imprint. At the same time, a roar came from the fragment and a bolt of thunder shot out.

The thunder scattered before Wang Lin. As the thunder arched in all directions, the silver-horned Thunder Beast appeared. There was a chain around its neck and lot of talismans were hanging on its body. It looked a bit messy.

Even the silver horn had a small hole pierced through it through some unknown method and a iron hoop was put through it.

Aside from the primary soul sealed within the celestial fragment Master Flamespark gave Wang Lin, there was also the Thunder Beast. When the Thunder Beast saw Wang Lin, its eyes became misty and all the injustice it had suffered over the years erupted.

It had been many years since Wang Lin had seen the Thunder Beast, and he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This Thunder Beast's appearance was simply too strange. He took a few step closer to the Thunder Beast and looked at the iron hoop on the silver horn. He couldn't help but touch the hoop with his hand.

This caused the injustice in the Thunder Beast to become even stronger, and it let out a low roar.

Wang Lin wryly smiled and softly said, "These last several years have been hard for you." He saw the Thunder Beast continue to growl as if it wanted to tell all the misery it had suffered.

Wang Lin rubbed his nose and patted the Thunder Beast's head as he said, "Actually, you look very good!"

This was originally meant to comfort it, but the moment he said it, the Thunder Beast no longer growled and suddenly turned its neck, causing the chain around its neck to jingle. The random paper talismans on its body also shook as it looked at Wang Lin with doubt in its eyes.

It was obvious it was uncertain about Wang Lin's words. It had heard the same thing from Master Flamespark too many times. Every time Master Flamespark saw it, he would say similar  words.

Wang Lin wryly smiled. He really didn't know how to comfort the Thunder Beast. He was very sympathetic to the Thunder Beast in his heart, especially after seeing its appearance. Wang Lin imagined all the suffering the Thunder Beast had experienced in all these years.

However, the strength of the Thunder Beast shocked Wang Lin. It was obviously a lot stronger than before.

Now, with the Thunder Beast staring at him, Wang Lin could only nod to indicate that what he said was true.

After seeing that the Thunder Beast was still filled with doubt, Wang Lin let out a sigh and touched his bag of holding. The celestial sword flew out and he flicked it, causing Xu Liguo to fly out.

Without Wang Lin sending out an order, Xu Liguo already knew of the situation from the connection he had with Wang Lin. After he appeared, he couldn't help but fiddle with the iron hoop on the Thunder Beast's horn. He couldn't hold it in and laughed out loud.

The Thunder Beast immediately let out an angry roar and thunder covered its body. This was especially true for its silver horn, where thunder instantly gathered and shot out at Xu Liguo.

Xu Liguo was so scared, he let out a scream and quickly retreated. However, the thunder was too fast, so a trace of it landed on him. Xu Liguo shivered and quickly said, "Don't be impulsive, I just liked the iron hoop so much that I couldn't help but touch it…"

Wang Lin's divine sense spread out to observe the surroundings, and he completely ignored Xu Liguo and the Thunder Beast. The reason Wang Lin let Xu Liguo out was to comfort the Thunder Beast because Wang Lin really didn't know what to do with this matter.

It was unknown how Xu Liguo and the Thunder Beast communicated together, but after a few words, the Thunder Beast's expression became better and the suspicion in its eyes gradually faded. Not long after, there was actually pride in it eyes, and it let out a roar and happily communicated with Xu Liguo.

In the end, it allowed Xu Liguo to sit on its back and didn't even care if Xu Liguo fiddled with the iron hoop. It shook its body as if it was extremely satisfied with its appearance.

After Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense and saw this, he couldn't help but admire Xu Liguo. When Wang Lin found the black blade in the Suzaku Tomb, Wang Lin noticed that Xu Liguo had this talent. He didn't know how Xu Liguo had persuaded the blade, but it was inseparable from Xu Liguo for a long time.

At this moment, Xu Liguo was touching the iron hoop and thinking in his heart, "It's still your Grandpa Xu who is better. I was instantly able to beat down this fiend!" While feeling complacent, Xu Liguo pulled the iron hoop with a bit too much force, causing the Thunder Beast to roar in anger.

Xu Liguo quickly gently patted the Thunder Beast and said some more things. The Thunder Beast's eyes beamed as it shook its own head and looked at itself. The previous arrogance and indifference had completely vanished.

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