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Chapter 923 - Expression Sincerity

Master Flamespark didn't throw the white ball of lame but ruthlessly crushed it. The ball of flame collapsed and turned into countless phoenixes. They let out bursts of cries and shot straight toward Ji Xiantian.

Ji Xiantian waved his arms and let out a sharp laugh. The endless glaciers that had formed behind him began to rumble as they moved forward.

The two didn't stop, they began displaying various spells. Origin energy fluctuated as if heaven and earth were going to reverse, and these fluctuations quickly spread.

The entire northern region entered a chaotic battle.

Master Flamespark's eyes lit up and he waved his right hand. Several Celestial Realm fragments appeared and he shouted, "Celestial Wheel!"

With these words, the celestial fragments around him began to rumble and rotate around him. A storm was suddenly set by this.

As the storm swept by, all the cultivators affected were forced to retreat.

Ji Xiantian's expression became gloomy as he raised his hand up and shouted, "Law of ice!"

In an instant, endless cold energy spread like crazy from his hand. Under the endless rumbles, countless glaciers shot out and rapidly spread toward Master Flamespark.

"Ice!" Killing intent flashed across Ji Xiantian's eyes as he pointed at Master Flamespark.

At this moment, a powerful chill appeared around Master Flamespark. This chill contained law, and in the blink of an eye, it formed layers of ice that trapped Master Flamespark inside.

Just at this moment, the roar of the Moongazer Serpent echoed across the stars. The roar of the Moongazer Serpent shook the world and seemed to make it shake before everyone's eyes.

This scene caused the expressions of the Alliance side to change!

Black Fiend Devil Saint and Cloud Dragon Demon Saint, who were battling against Blood God and company, became gloomy and quickly retreated.

Ji Xiantian let out a cold snort and his eyes lit up. Instead of backing up, he charged straight ahead at Master Flamespark, who was trapped in the ice. When he got close, he pressed his hands down on the ice without any hesitation.

At this moment, a destructive force charged into the ice. This force mysteriously stacked together and charged toward Master Flamespark.

Just at this moment, inside the ice, Master Flamespark's eyes revealed a cold glint and he revealed a smile. The cultivation he had hidden began to erupt like crazy and increased from the late stage of Nirvana Shatterer to an incredible level.

"You… You broke through!!!" Ji Xiantian's expression changed greatly and he was about to retreat without hesitation.

Cracks appeared on the ice that trapped Master Flamespark and suddenly covered all the ice. Then, in the blink of an eye, the ice shattered and the countless pieces shot out in all directions.

Master Flamespark laughed, took a step, and merged with the world. He didn't move, but the moment he merged with the world, his origin energy spread out like crazy.

At this moment, the origin energy in the world began to vibrate violently and directly interfered with Spatial Bending. At the same time, Master Flamespark's hand formed a seal and a red flame spread like a roar dragon.

Shortly after, Master Flamespark spat out a mouthful of essence origin energy. It landed on the rotating celestial fragments, which completely blocked Ji Xiantian's retreat.

The celestial fragments trembled and rotated 10 times faster than before. It charged out and trapped Ji Xiantian inside.

The storm formed by the rotating fragments roared and Ji Xiantian's expression became gloomy. His hand pushed outward and a large amount of origin energy gathered; he was about to break out. At this moment, Master Flamespark stepped out and a large amount of flames surged out from his body. He pointed with his finger and the flames rushed out, surrounding the storm. Some of the flames fused with the storm, and now it looked like a fire dragon!

Just at this moment, in the distance, the Moongazer Serpent arrived as if it was teleporting. It looked extremely ferocious with its countless tentacles!

Bursts of roars echoed. For a moment, both sides stopped attacking and retreated as they stared dumbfoundedly at the scene before them.

Black Fiend Devil Saint only took one look at the Moongazer Serpent and felt his scalp go numb. He let out a wry smile and quickly retreated. As for the Cloud Dragon Demon Saint, he revealed a look of disbelief.

Ji Xiantian was startled. His origin energy surged like crazy and he wanted to rush out of his siege. However, how could Master Flamespark let him do as he wished? Master Flamespark's arms stretched out and he injected more origin energy inside the flames to trap Ji Xiantian.

In the distant stars, what followed directly after the Moongazer Serpent was the giant wood. It was extremely large, and it suddenly changed directions, moving toward Master Flamespark and straight at Ji Xiantian.

The giant wood hadn't even gotten close when a strange force shrouded the world. Endless rumbles came from it and it started moving even faster!

Ji Xiantian's pupils shrank. He had no way of escaping quickly. In this moment of crisis, both of his hands formed a seal and he pointed at his body. Each time he pointed, a blue vortex appeared. In an instant, 13 blue vortexes as blue as the sea appeared around his body.

After these vortexes appeared, they immediately enlarged and entered Ji Xiantian's body. After the first blue vortex entered his body, a curtain of blue light appeared around Ji Xiantian.

After all 13 vortexes entered his body, his body emitted a blinding, blue light. There were a total of 13 layers of blue light. This was Ji Xiantian's power of law!

The color of the absolute limit of ice was blue, and during Ji Xiantian's life, he was only able to condense 13 layers of blue light. He had always thought that if he could condense the 13 layers into one, his cultivation might have a breakthrough.

The moment Ji Xiantian's 13 layers of blue light appeared, the giant wood arrived!

The ripples caused by the arrival of the giant wood were indescribable. At this moment, everything disappeared, and the only thing that remained was the momentum of the giant wood that could extinguish anything in its path!

No person, magic treasure, item, not even a cultivation planet, could stop its impact or even deal the slightest bit of damage to it. This giant wood was able to support the arrival of the Ancient Celestial Realm. And now everything among the stars must collapse before it!

The giant wood arrived with an unimaginable impact as if it wanted to poke a hole in space! It instantly closed in on the storm Master Flamespark had used to trap Ji Xiantian.

It was very simple without any fancy technique or any flashes of spell. The giant wood directly smashed into the rotating celestial fragments.


One of the fragments collapsed and its pieces quickly spread. In an instant, the few fragments in the vicinity of where the giant wood crashed also collapsed.

The collapse of the fragments was no weaker than the collapse of a cultivation planet. The force of all the collapse fell on Ji Xiantian, who was trapped inside.

The endless impact turned into a violent storm that pushed in all directions.

The blue light flashed violently around Ji Xiantian. Just as the force from the collapsing fragments started spreading out, the giant wood collided with Ji Xiantian.


Ji Xiantian's body trembled and one layer of blue light around him immediately collapsed!

This didn't end! The moment the giant wood collided, an endless impact charged out like crazy. It was as if waves of powerful impacts were charging into Ji Xian Tian's body.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!!!

The blue lights around Ji Xiantian collapsed one by one, and in an instant, six layers had disappeared! His whole body rapidly retreated out of his control!

This rapid retreat was caused by the impact of the giant wood. It could even be said that this retreat was just the giant wood pushing him!

The moment the giant wood collided with Ji Xiantian, killing intent flashed across Master Flamespark's eyes. Then flames surged around his body and he mercilessly pressed down on Ji Xiantian!

When the flames closed in on Ji Xiantian, three more layers of blue light around him collapsed!

Aghast filled Ji Xiantian's eyes as everything had happened too fast. Nine layers of blue light had disintegrated in almost an instant. At the moment of life and death, Ji Xiantian wanted to escape, but Li Yunzi and Shengong family ancestor both stepped out.

Their spells turned into endless forces that landed on Ji Xiantian's body!

Ji Xiantain was hit by the giant wood, Master Flamespark, Li Yunzi, and the Shengong family ancestor. All of their spells were extremely powerful, not to mention Master Flamespark's, whose cultivation level was above Ji Xiantian's. Before these attacks, Ji Xiantian almost lost his wits!

However, he was, after all, an old monster that had been famous for tens of thousands of years in a life of slaughter. Although this was a moment of crisis, he wasn't going to die so easily!

Facing this moment of crisis, Ji Xiantian let out a laugh and decisively exploded the remaining four layers of blue light around him!

A thunderous rumble echoed when the four layers of blue light exploded. Li Yunzi was pushed back by the impact along with the Shengong family ancestor.

Even Master Flamespark hesitated before he let out a sigh and retreated. Although he could kill Ji Xiantian, he would be injured in the process. That would be a big disadvantage in the Alliance Star System!

After shaking off the three powerful cultivators, Ji Xiantian's face was pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He had used the explosion of the blue intent's explosion to retreat, and he screamed, "Master Flamespark, if this old man doesn't get his revenge, then I'm not a person!" Behind him was the Moongazer Serpent. He reached toward the void and cracks appeared. At this moment, he didn't care if he would be lost in the cracks; he was about to step inside.

At this moment, Wang Lin was standing on the giant wood. He was a bit far away, but he was still affected by the impact. The force made the origin energy inside his body unstable. He looked at the rapidly retreating Ji Xiantian and then at Master Flamespark. He then clenched his teeth, pointed forward, and shouted, "Stop!"

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