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Chapter 924 - Big Achievement

With just the word "Stop," the origin energy inside Wang Lin's body moved to his right fingertip and entered the void. This time, Wang Lin didn't use the little remaining celestial origin energy he had left, only his own origin energy.

It was as if countless lines had spread across space and entangled themselves around Ji Xiantian in an instant. This was the weakest Ji Xiantian had ever been in his entire life. All 13 layers of blue light had collapsed, so he had to leave his as soon as possible to find a place to recover, or else he would without a doubt die!

He had already been a decisive person. He had exploded four layers of blue light just to create an opening to escape. He had to report the fact that Master Flamespark's cultivation had broken through the late stage of Nirvana Shatterer to Zhong Xuanzi!

"Master Flamespark's cultivation hasn't reach the third step, but he is far stronger than late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators! He must have reached the peak of the second step!!"

Just as he was about to step into the crack, Ji Xiantian felt countless invisible threads wrap around him. His right foot, which was making its way into the crack, couldn't help but slow down for a moment!

A binding force with only this much strength was something he normally wouldn't need to worry about. He only needed to move a bit to break these threads and even cause the caster's origin soul to shatter!

However, at this moment of crisis, if he was slowed for just a little bit, the result would be beyond imagination!

Ji Xiantian's expression changed greatly. As for Master Flamespark, he was startled for a moment, but then ecstasy filled his eyes. He stepped out without hesitation and arrived near Ji Xiantian. His right hand pressed down and landed on Ji Xiantian's body. This forced Ji Xiantian out from the crack! Just as Ji Xiantian was forced out from the crack, the Moongazer Serpent suddenly opened its mouth and mercilessly swallowed!

All of this happened too fast. At almost the instant Ji Xiantian was forced out, the Moognazer Serpent arrived. Ji Xiantian let out an angry roar when he was being swallowed by the Moongazer Serpent!

The moment the Stop spell fell on Ji Xiantian, Wang Lin's body trembled and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. It was as if he had been hit by a powerful force, and he quickly backed up.

The origin energy in his body almost collapsed. The difference between his and Ji Xiantian's cultivation was too large. At this moment, the force caused popping sounds to come from all over his body and a large amount of blood mist gushed out.

Wang Lin let out a miserable shout as he retreated. "Senior Master Flamespark, Junior has done his best!" The reason he did this was to improve his own achievement before everyone! This would make Master Flamespark owe him a great debt!

At the same time, it was big reason for him to receive Allheaven's full protection!

This was a true expression of sincerity. With this achievement, no matter where or when, he, Wang Lin, would be the highest profile hero in the war between the two systems!

No one could erase this point or forget it! If Wang Lin were to fall into a difficult situation and Allheaven didn't help, then it would have a very negative affect on Allheaven. If that happened, who would give it their all in the battles that followed?

Wang Lin had calculated all of this. With the combination of his cultivation and the body of an ancient god, perhaps if the other party was at their peak, he might have died to the backlash, but given that Ji Xiantian was seriously injured and escaping, even if he failed, he wouldn't die from the backlash!

Sometimes, when there are no more paths left, you have gamble and create a road! At this moment, Wang Lin was opening up a road for himself in the future!

In truth, Wang Lin's guess was very accurate. If he didn't have the body of an ancient god, he would have died. However, with the body of an ancient god and Ji Xiantian being in an extremely weakened state, he was only injured!

As Master Flamespark laughed, his body flickered and he charged straight at Wang Lin. In almost an instant, he arrived near Wang Lin's constantly retreating body and his palm landed on Wang Lin's back.

An unimaginable powerful surge of origin energy suddenly rushed from Master Flamespark's body into Wang Lin's. It immediately stabilized Wang Lin's origin energy and got rid of his injuries.

In addition, the powerful origin energy that entered Wang Lin's body was cut off by Master Flamespark, so it all remained inside Wang Lin's body.

At this instant, Wang Lin felt the origin energy explode within his body. His origin soul opened its eyes and absorbed the origin energy like crazy. He felt his own strength climb like crazy. In the end, his cultivation reached the peak of the early stage of Nirvana Scryer. He only needed comprehension in his domain to become a mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator!

This time, Master Flamespark didn't hold back and gave Wang Lin an unimaginably great fortune!

It was too difficult for second step cultivators to increase their cultivation level! Aside from comprehending their domain, they also had to absorb enough origin energy. Just this would consume countless years!

Master Flamespark withdrew his hand as he looked at Wang Lin and laughed. "Good! Good! Good!

"Xu Mu, you have attained a great achievement! Ji Xiantian was one of the four saints of the Alliance. Back then, he was ranked ninth in the Alliance! You have achieved a great merit. Allheaven and I will remember this!" Master Flamespark let out a satisfied laugh. This Ji Xiantian was one of the people who hunted him back then.

This sudden change in scene made the surrounding cultivators look on with strange expressions. In particular, Li Yunzi and the Shengong family ancestor looked at Wang Lin differently now.

Li Yunzi's eyes revealed admiration and he nodded at Wang Lin.

The Shengong family ancestor had always been cold, but right now he revealed a smile at Wang Lin.

As for the other cultivators, the black-robed old man and the youth had a complex gazes, but even more so, they admit their defeat. If it was them, they definitely wouldn't have had the resolve to do this!

There was also that woman in the palace dress. She now looked at Wang Lin with a hint of interest. She was already beautiful, so now that she showed this kind of gaze, it was extremely attractive.

"Xu Mu, after this war is over, not only will this old man return your Thunder Beast, I will also gift you a defensive treasure! With this treasure, aside from a few select people in the Alliance, no one else will be able to threaten your life!" Master Flamespark smiled as he charged ahead at Black Fiend Devil Saint and Cloud Dragon Demon Saint.

With a calm expression, Wang Lin activated the origin energy in his body. He immediately felt his own strength return and he took a deep breath. He had gambled on the right move just now!

The giant wood was still charging into the northern region battlefield and the Alliance cultivators were being pushed pack. When Ji Xiantian was devoured by the Moongazer Serpent, all the Alliance cultivators were shaken and their will to fight had diminished greatly.

The Moongazer Serpent roared like crazy and its tentacles swept the area. Any cultivator that was touched by the tentacles would let out a miserable scream and be sucked dry.

The Moongazer Serpent was too strong!

Black Fiend Devil Saint and Cloud Dragon Demon Saint were both constantly retreating. Both of their minds were shaken and they no longer had the will to continue to battle. They were about to flee.

But an impact no weaker than the giant wood's suddenly approached from the distance in the northern region.

Countless towers, each one tens of thousands of feet tall, charged over with hundreds of cultivators standing on each. Their powerful killing intent was enough to tear the nearby space.

From a distance, the stars were filled with these towers. There were no less than 100 of these cone towers that emitted sharp whistles as they rushed over.

A powerful pressure suddenly came from the distance. Aside from the 100 towers, there were also four giant cultivation planets. There were four giants tens of thousands of feet tall carrying the cultivation planets.

These four giants each had an axe mark on their foreheads. They were Giant Demon Clan members!

There were four people floating above the cultivation planets carried by the four members of the Giant Demon Clan. Three of them were old men with the air of celestials. Their might was clearly felt without any need for them to show anger!

The last person was a woman. She wore a blue dress and her hair was hanging over her shoulder. She held an eight petal lotus flower and her phoenix eyes were filled with killing intent as she looked ahead.

The appearance of these Alliance cultivators attracted the attention of the surrounding cultivators. The Alliance cultivators were surprised and quickly rallied as they retreated.

On the Allheaven side, Blood God and the three ancestors coldly looked over.

Master Flamespark stepped out and waved his right hand, sending a sea of flames flying ahead. At the same time, the Moongazer Serpent let out a roar and its tentacles extended.

As for the tens of thousands of cultivators around the giant wood, they immediately charged out and used their magic treasures. A great war was about to unfold!

Just at this moment, the woman in the blue dress calmly said,

"Greeting, Senior Wudo Chan!"

After she spoke, a long laugh came from the distance, and a black cloud rushed over from the same direction.

There was a person standing in the black cloud. This person was middle-aged, had a square face, and wore a purple robe that showed his might without him expressing any anger. At this moment, black mist around him churned and a thunderous rumble echoed.

"Master Flamespark, I have long known your name! Today, do you dare to battle with me, Wudo Chan?" The middle aged man's words were extremely arrogant. As he spoke, the black mist under his feet shot out toward Master Flamespark.

Master Flamespark had no memories of this Wudo Chan. It was obvious this person had joined the Alliance after he left, but Master Flamespark didn't underestimate this person. The aura this person gave off made him very serious.

"If you want to battle, then let's battle!" As Master Flamespark's cold voice echoed, he stepped out and entered the black mist. This black mist suddenly rose up and began to churn violently. Bursts of fire spells shot out and created explosions!

"Seal this Moongazer Serpent!" The woman in the blue dress calmly spoke. The hundreds of towers immediately shot out, creating a whistling sound as their speed was 100 times faster than before!

They were like swords that shot directly at the Moongazer Serpent!

Wang Lin secretly realized that things were going bad. It seemed Allheaven was the weaker side. He silently moved back on the giant wood, but he immediately felt a fierce gaze on his body.

It was the woman in the blue dress who was looking at Wang Lin with a complex gaze!

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