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Chapter 921 - Green Jade

The shaking from his original body made Wang Lin's eyes lit up. The ancient god stars between his eyebrows flickered. He took a deep breath and suppressed this trembling, and the ancient god stars no longer flashed.

Staring at the Moongazer Serpent with countless swaying tentacles in the distance, Wang Lin was extremely shocked.

"Back then, I borrowed the Moongazer Serpent to kill the Yao family and hid inside its body. I thought that someone in Allheaven knew something about the Moongazer Serpent. What kind of person could capture the Moongazer Serpent and send into the Alliance as a weapon!? Could it be… him!?" Wang Lin gasped and thought of the figure he had seen twice.

The first time was during the battle between Qing Shui and Blood God. The second time was during the 108 celestial bestowments where he tore open the passage between the two star systems!

At this moment, the whistling sound of the giant piece of wood before the Moongazer Serpent became louder and louder. As the ripples closed in, the cultivators behind Wang Lin began to cheer.

At the same time, these cultivators immediately flew forward.

Wang Lin hesitated for a bit before moving forward and charging toward the giant piece of wood. This giant piece of wood was too large even from far away. When they closed in, they felt its powerful impact along with its majestic pressure.

Countless cultivators stepped on various treasures and followed the giant piece of wood. There were also cultivators on the giant piece of wood. However, not many were standing on it; there weren't even 100 cultivators on the wood.

The two that stood at the front of those cultivators on the giant piece of wood were the Zhang family ancestor, Li Yunzi, and the Shengong family ancestor!

The two of them stood at the front of the giant piece of wood. Their clothes moved without any wind, their eyes were like lightning, and their gazes were cold.

Behind them were the rest of the cultivators. Most of them were the 108 celestials, but there were also some Wang Lin had not seen before. However, from the fluctuations of their origin souls, Wang Lin could see that these people were not weak. They were at the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage.

There were 10 people at the Nirvana Scryer stage. In addition to these 10 people, there were three more people that caught Wang Lin's attention. One of them was sitting on the right side of the giant piece of wood. He was wearing a black robe and had white hair. There were several scars on his face that were extremely strange. They weren't static, they seemed to subtly move. Just one glance at them was enough to make someone gasp.

The moment Wang Lin's gaze landed on the old man, the old man's eyes lit up and he looked at Wang Lin. He revealed a smile filled with cold intent.

Another person that caught Wang Lin's attention was a woman. This woman was graceful, pretty as a spring peach, and pure like the autumn chrysanthemum. She was about 30 years old, her eyes were filled with spirit, and her beautiful nose was straight. She had a small indent on her cheek, her skin was white, and her eyes contained a hint of the ocean's blue.

She was standing on the giant piece of wood and was wearing a light green palace dress with a thin layer of golden silk. Her wide clothes had purple pattern on them and her 3,000 strands of black hair were simply hanging behind her head, with some around her neck. There was a small red gem at the center of her forehead that embellished her look just right.

She was very beautiful. Without any makeup, her skin glowed and was as white as snow. It gave off a creamy color and was like a delicate flower. Maybe it was due to the giant piece of wood moving too fast, but there was some wind that caused her thin silk to flow in the air. It made her look like a fairy.

After seeing Wang Lin's gaze, she gracefully smiled at Wang Lin. However, this smile contained a sense of nobility, as if no one could reach her.

The last person was a youth. He had a white shirt and was surrounded by three bamboo flutes that gave off strange flute sounds. From a distance, the sound of the flute seemed to turn corporeal and formed an illusion around the youth. It was easy for one to lose their heart inside this illusion. 

The youth didn't even care about Wang Lin's gaze at all. He focused on cultivating with his eyes closed and was filled with arrogance.

The reason these three people had caught Wang Lin's attention was because Wang Lin couldn't see through their cultivation!

As Wang Lin observed the people on the piece of wood, the cultivators on the piece of wood also looked at Wang Lin. Given Wang Lin's reputation in the Allheaven Star System, it didn't take long for them to recognize Wang Lin. Not to mention there was also the roar of the Flying Tiger behind him.

They followed the giant piece of wood, and along the way, they saw some Allheaven cultivators. However, they were only a few dozen people at most, and they were in extremely sorry states.

At this moment, the team Wang Lin had gathered was hundreds of people large. This caused all the cultivators around the giant piece of wood to look at Wang Lin.

It was obvious that it was due to Xu Mu's presence that there were so many cultivators here!

"Thunder Celestial Xu Mu!"

He was Xu Mu, the hero of the celestial bestowment competition. Even Planet Dong Lin's Xu Ting was beaten, and Xu Mu became the Thunder Celestial!

"I just don't know if Xu Mu is qualified to step onto the giant wood!"

Many gazes fell on Wang Lin. Many any of them hadn't seen Wang Lin, so their impressions were only from what they had seen of the competition in the sound transmission sound their families had.

Wang Lin's expression didn't change at all from so many people watching him; he was very calm.

"Xu Mu, come to this old man!" Li Yunzi naturally saw Wang Lin. The coldness on his face melted a bit and he revealed a smile.

Wang Lin nodded and charged toward the giant wood. The impact from the giant wood created a great deal of resistance, and Wang Lin felt like he was in mud. After realizing this, his expression was calm and the origin energy in his body slowed down until it was almost motionless. Then, at the next instant, it exploded. It went from being still to max in an instant.

This change caused a powerful momentum to explode form Wang Lin's body. It also caused a rumble around him that could collapse the heavens.


As the violent sound echoed, the space before Wang Lin suddenly wisted. Everything before him quickly collapsed as he calmly walked forward.

Wang Lin arrived near the roaring wood and stepped onto it without any resistance.

At this instant, all the eyes of all the cultivators around the giant wood narrowed. Although they all knew how fierce Wang Lin was, personally witnessing it had shocked them!

Wang Lin didn't know that stepping on the giant wood represented an extremely high status. As long as one believed they were qualified, they could attempt to step onto the giant wood.

However, very few people were able to step onto the giant wood. Even most of the people on the giant wood had used magic treasures along with spells to barely be able to step on after painstaking effort.

Even so, none of the surrounding cultivators dared to underestimate those people. Anyone who could step on the giant wood was strong!

However, a huge wave was set off in the hearts of the surrounding tens of thousands of cultivators when Wang Lin stepped onto the giant wood. Wang Lin was able to just casually step onto the giant wood without any effort at all. From what they had seen, aside from Li Yunzi and the Shengong family ancestor, only three others were able to step onto the giant wood so easily!

Wang Lin was the fourth person!

"Thunder Celestial Xu Mu, indeed worthy of the fame!"

At that instant, similar thoughts appeared in the surrounding cultivators.

The people on the giant wood all looked at Wang Lin. All these gazes were different. Some of them were part of the celestial bestowment, so they already admired Wang Lin. As for the people who hadn't met Wang Lin, their minds were shaken and they finally understood Wang Lin's fierceness.

The youth with three bamboo flutes suddenly opened his eyes and carefully looked at Wang Lin. He nodded but didn't speak.

The woman in the palace dress smiled even more. As for the old man in black, the way he looked at Wang Lin changed slightly.

The three of them had high cultivation levels; they were at the late stage of Nirvana Scryer, so they had better vision than everyone else. They could tell at a glance that what Wang Lin did was extraordinary.

This explosion of power wasn't only origin energy, there was also a hint of law. The three of them clearly saw this point and placed more importance on Wang Lin. Although his cultivation was weaker than them but they considered him one the same level.

After all not many Nirvana Scryer cultivators comprehend law.

Strength rules supreme in the cultivation world. If you want recognition of others, then you must reach the same level as them!

Standing beside Li Yunzi, Wang Lin respectfully said, "Xu Mu greets Senior Li Yunzi."

After he spoke, he turned around and clasped his hands at the Shengong family ancestor.

Li Yunzi faintly smiled. Just as he was about to speak, his expression changed. Behind the giant wood, the Moongazer Serpent with countless swaying tentacles suddenly began to roar as if it had gone crazy.

Its eyes alternated between confusion and clarity as it stared at Wang Lin on the giant wood. Its roars became even stronger. The powerful sound waves echoed, causing the expressions of the cultivators around the giant wood to change greatly and their minds to tremble.

Wang Lin turned around and coldly looked at the Moongazer Serpent. Wang Lin wasn't surprised that the Moongazer Serpent recognized him. He understood the Moongazer Serpent very well, that it had a strong memory of people who had made it mad. It obviously remembered Wang Lin, who had provoked it twice!

As it raged, it was about to charge out. The tentacles around it extended like crazy toward the giant wood.

Li Yunzi frowned and his right hand reached toward the void. A rift opened up and a green jade flew out.

This jade was very ordinary; there was nothing abnormal about it. Li Yunzi grabbed it and threw it at the Moongazer Serpent. It was so fast that it closed in on the Moongazer Serpent in an instant. The jade collapsed and a thunderous voice echoed.

"Xun Yun Gou!" This sound was very strange and extremely complex. No surrounding cultivator could understanding it. But Wang Lin's heart was shocked as this was the language of the ancient gods! After understanding the meaning behind it, even with Wang Lin's mental strength, his expression couldn't help but change.

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