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Chapter 920 - Zhou Tian (3)

Cold wind blew across the stars and countless souls wandered the area. The resentment in the area was monstrous. Wang Lin was calmly observing from the side. He had gained some understanding of Magic Arsenal's power.

He raised his right hand and pointed up. A giant vortex appeared and all the souls were sucked into it. The only one different was the Blood Ancestor. His eyes flashed red and he charged directly at Wang Lin after letting out a roar.

There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin's eyes as his right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch!

There was loud bang and the Blood Ancestor's origin soul paused for a moment. Using this pause, Wang Lin used more celestial origin energy to make the vortex speed up, increasing its suction force. The Blood Ancestor's soul let out a unwilling cry as he was sucked back in.

The vortex in the stars slowly disappeared before turning back into a ray of light and being swallowed by Wang Lin. In the 18 layers of hell, there was no an extra soul in the 13th layer!

Although this soul fragment was on the 13th layer, it was at the peak of 13th layer. He was Zhou Tian!

After killing Zhou Tian, Wang Lin calmly looked at Xi Zifeng before withdrawing his gaze and going on his way. Ta Shan followed behind, and the big-headed boy no longer found any of this strange.

As for Lei Ji, he quickly followed Wang Lin into the distant stars.

As Xi Zifeng pondered, she also followed.

As they moved, Wang Lin began to ponder.

"The battle between the Alliance and Allheaven has reach a high point. This is the moment to rack up some achievements to appease Master Flamespark's heart. I need to obtain more prestige among the Allheaven cultivators. That way, if I encounter the All-Seer or if Tuo Sen escapes from the Land of the Ancient God, then Master Flamespark will have to help."

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he made up his mind. However, he wasn't optimistic about Allheaven's offensive against the Alliance. After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a small flag appeared.

There was a flying tiger pattern on this flag. After Wang Lin raised it, the flying tiger rushed out and let out a roar that shook the stars.

Activating the Flying Tiger Flag and releasing the Flying Tiger meant Wang Lin had announced his own presence. As he moved, dozens of rays of sword energy appeared in the distance a short moment later. There were two groups fighting, and it was obvious the Allheaven side was losing.

The other side was filled with killing intent and continued to cast spells. It only took a few breath of time for an Allheaven cultivator to die!

These seven or eight Allheaven cultivators' eyes were filled with despair. They were injured by the shockwave earlier and were too exhausted to escape.

Just at this moment, a tiger's roar came from the distance and a powerful divine sense spread out. The Allheaven cultivators were startled, then they looked back and revealed indescribable joy.

"Thunder Celestial Xu Mu!!"

"It is Thunder Celestial Xu Mu!!"

The Alliance cultivators had received information from their elders. One of the old men had apparently seen information about Xu Mu.

His expression changed and a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes. He retreated without hesitation and shouted, "This Xu Mu is a Nirvana Scryer cultivator. We are no match. Quickly, retreat!"

In another direction, three cultivators were fighting, and it was a stalemate. All three were Illusory Yin cultivators, but if one looked closer, one would see two Allheaven cultivators fighting one Alliance cultivator. The Alliance cultivator was very ruthless, and he was able remain very calm even while fighting 1 vs 2.

Just at this moment, a tiger's roar came from the distance. One of the Allheaven cultivators cautiously spread out his divine sense backwards and was immediately startled.

"Xu Mu!" Not only did he know Xu Mu, but he was someone Wang Lin had saved in the Thunder Celestial Realm!

The Alliance cultivator that was battling them was startled. The name "Xu Mu" was familiar, and after pondering for a bit, his expression changed greatly.

The Alliance had sent information about the Allheaven cultivators to his sect. They separated the Allheaven cultivators into seven levels. Level 1 was the weakest, and level 7 was the strongest!

He remembered that this Xu Mu was at level 5!

He retreated without any hesitation.

Along the way, Wang Lin encountered a large number of cultivators. When the Allheaven cultivators saw Wang Lin and the Flying Tiger, they quickly approached.

Waves of "Greetings, Thunder Celestial!" came from the cultivators who came toward Wang Lin. In their eyes, Wang Lin was a bright beacon during their moment of confusion!

The collapse of the western region had sent a vast majority of the Allheaven cultivators into panic. There were a lot of deaths, and those who survived were scattered.

At the same time, the appearance of the Alliance cultivators made the situation worse for the Allheaven cultivators! Right now, Wang Lin's Flying Tiger Flag was the anchor for their hearts!

The roars coming from the Flying Tiger made the Allheaven cultivators' minds tremble!

Wang Lin's attitude also changed from before. If he encountered two sides fighting, he would immediately attack. A large amount of Allheaven cultivators had gathered around Wang Lin.

These people formed a very powerful force. Most of the time, Wang Lin didn't even need to personally act. The Allheaven cultivators following him would charge out and destroy the enemy.

More and more Allheaven cultivators gradually gathered around Wang Lin. The sword energies under their feet made them look like a giant sword stabbing into the western region!

Wang Lin's group of cultivators wasn't the only group in the western region. The Thunder Celestial Temple messengers, the other 108 celestial, and some cultivation families were doing the same.

However, Wang Lin's team of cultivators had the most people!

As he moved forward, more people constantly joined, until there were hundreds of rays of sword energy flying through space. The sound of the flying swords and the roar of the Flying Tiger continued to spread.

Wang Lin's reputation quickly reached a certain height.

Just as the group of cultivators with Wang Lin charged into the center of the western region, the space suddenly began to shake mysteriously. Ripples were rushing over from the distance like crazy.

There was an aura that shook one's mind within the ripples. Even the sword lights under the feet of the cultivators around Wang Lin became unstable.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and he spread out his divine sense. Even with his mental strength, he couldn't help but be startled.

Bursts of loud rumbles echoed. In the distance, a 100,000-feet-long and 10,000-feet-wide giant piece of wood carrying a force that could shake any normal cultivator charged forward with unimaginable force.

Countless Allheaven cultivators were surrounding this giant piece of wood. They gave off powerful killing intent. What shocked Wang Lin was the rich smell of blood that he could clearly feel even from this far away.

It was obvious that countless people had died to the impact of this giant piece of wood.

Wang Lin had never seen this giant piece of wood before. He only took a look at it, but he could feel an unimaginable shock. He clearly knew that if he was hit by the giant piece of wood, he would immediately be seriously injured. If he was just a bit careless, he could even die, unless he knew in advance and escaped by merging with the world.

Although this giant piece of wood could cause Wang Lin's mind to tremble, it wouldn't have startled him. What really startled Wang Lin was the thing behind the giant piece of wood!

Moongazer Serpent!!

The Moongazer Serpent's giant body was like a cultivation planet, and its countless tentacles were swaying around it. Its constant angry roars echoed among the stars.

The moment Wang Lin saw the Moongazer Serpent, his body trembled. This tremble came from his ancient god body!

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