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Chapter 860 - I Want First Place

Wang Lin didn't merge with the world when he came within 100,000 kilometers of Planet Earth Flame. Instead, he walked step by step and became increasingly faster. The reason he didn't merge with the world and used Spatial Bending was because this battle was extremely important to him!

Through each of those steps, his heart calmed down and his eyes was terrifyingly calm. There was a sense of battle intent that grew stronger with each step as he pressed ahead!

This battle intent increased like crazy as Wang Lin moved forward. In the end, it formed a storm behind Wang Lin. This storm was too strong as it contained all of Wang Lin's battle intent!

"Of the 108 celestial titles, I want one of the 36 Heaven Celestial titles, not the 72 Earth Celestial title!" Wang Lin's eyes became cold. He had to win!

In order to compete for the 108 celestial titles, this was only the first step. He had to obtain the qualification in the Southern Domain before could he truly compete!

The storm created by battle intent spread like crazy. This shocking aura vaguely merged with the world and there were a black fish and white fish rotating inside the storm. This storm covered tens of thousands of kilometers and continued to expand!

Battle intent came from Wang Lin's heart. Right now his heart was filled with killing intent. His black hair fluttered, and at this moment, he looked like a celestial demon!

The white on his clothes didn't reveal a snow white but a bone white!

Not only did Wang Lin have to win, he had to win completely. Only then would he have the qualifications for the Xiang family to take him seriously when he seeks them out!

"Wan Er…" The battle intent inside Wang Lin's eyes reached a peak. However, there was a hint of sadness within this battle intent, and this sadness came from his Wan Er.

He still remember the illusion of the entire world collapsing around him when Li Muwan's last drop tear fell. That sense of isolated sadness and loneliness.

He could never forget that when he reached the Ascendant stage he was will to defy the heavens for the silver of emotion he refused to gave up!

Coming to the Allheaven Star System and going through all the battles so far was all for Wan Er's resurrection! The words from the woman from the Xiang family were like countless thunderclaps echoing in his mind. That was the fundamental reason he came to the Allheaven Star System!

He couldn't lose!

There was also Qing Shui's test. Wang Lin wouldn't allow himself to lose!

While holding this powerful belief and invincible battle intent, Wang Lin's origin energy cycled like crazy. The storm behind him grew and the yin and yang fishes rotated even faster!

This powerful battle intent spread like crazy and echoed within 10,000 kilometers of Planet Earth Flame! Wang Lin walked step after step and gradually moved faster and faster. He was several times faster than thunder, than a meteor, and even a ray of light!

At this speed, Wang Lin directly charged into area within 30,000 kilometers of Planet Earth Flame!

At this instant, the two cultivators that were battling immediately turned pale and were filled with terror; they even forgot about killing each other. They turned their heads toward the source of what made them feel so terrified!

At this moment, not only those two, but the expressions of almost everyone within 10,000 kilometers changed as they looked into the distance. Even the two blue-robed messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple felt their hearts pounding, and all the blood inside their bodies seemed to have solidified. Only their origin energy moved like crazy inside their bodies. It was as if they wouldn't be able to resist at all if they didn't do this!

The ancestors of the cultivation families all opened their eyes from their cultivation. They stared into the distance and their eyes lit up in shock.

"What a powerful battle intent!"

If they felt this, then there was no need to talk about everyone else. All the cultivation family members watching were all shocked as they looked into the distance. The spiritual energy inside their bodies began to activate like crazy without their control.

When faced with this vast and unimaginable battle intent, if they didn't do this, their hearts wouldn't be able to withstand it. This battle intent was too strong, to intense, and too overbearing!


Endless battle intent seemed to form the word "battle" that echoed inside the ears of all the surrounding cultivators. Although this word was silent, it vibrated inside the minds of all the cultivators. Those with weak cultivation immediately coughed out blood and suffered injuries!

When they lost to this battle intent, an irresistible thought formed in their minds!

Shengong Hu's eyes bulged and he suddenly stood up. An irresistible feeling rushed out from the depths of his soul like a flood. In his mind, it was as if there was a primordial beast walking over from the distance. This endless battle intent made his blood boil. It was as if he was holding a breath, and if he didn't let it out, he would be injured!

This wasn't the key point. The key point was that there was a very familiar feeling inside that battle intent. That aura combined with the bitterness in his heart caused a complex feeling to fill his body.

"Respected… Lord!!" Shengong Hu's body trembled. He originally thought that he had been let down, that he had lost faith in his lord, he thought himself deceived by him. However, at this moment, a power appeared within his body that made him excited once more, but this time there was a hint of unwillingness!

"Roar!" Shengong Hu let out a roar that surrounded his body. This aura absorbed all the complex emotions inside him and eventually turned into battle intent as well. This battle intent shot out like a large dragon.

It wasn't only him. At this moment, Zhan Konglie also stood up and stared ahead. He didn't have the ability to detect Xu Mu like Shengong Hu did, but from the familiar aura he felt inside the battle intent, he had his speculations. Carrying the pressure from this battle intent and the unyielding nature of the Zhan family, he was like an unsheathed sword. A monstrous battle intent also exploded from him after Shengong Hu released his battle intent.

This battle intent also turned into a dragon, but it was a sword energy dragon, and it charged out from his body!

Tang Yanfeng slowly stood up as a dense killing intent exploded from his body. His whole body shot out like lightning toward where the battle intent was coming from. His eyes were cold and his killing intent was earth-shattering!

This killing intent and battle intent fused to form a storm. This fused with Shengong Hu and Zhan Konglie's battle intents and shot out to confront the battle intent coming toward them!

Under this pressure, these three weren't the only ones whose battle intents were ignited. A moment later, dozens of battle intents shot out with unyielding aura like thunder.

This scene shocked all the surrounding cultivators!

Only the purple-robed old man from the Thunder Celestial Temple was still calm. His eyes were closed and there was no change.

Various storms formed by battle intent charged forward and collided with Wang Lin's battle intent. Explosion occurred during the collision, making it seem as if the entire space within tens of thousands kilometers of this area was trembling. Wang Lin, dressed in white, slowly closed in step by step!

When he arrived, the battle intent sent toward him was slowly being suppressed. His cold gaze, his killing intent, and his monstrous battle intent mercilessly suppressed them all!

A roar echoed as Tang Yanfeng charged out. A red sword emitting shocking sword energy appeared in his hand. As his origin energy cycled inside his body, various spells appeared around him. They turned into scarlet lotuses and charged toward Wang Lin!

Behind him were some cultivators that wouldn't be oppressed by this battle intent, and they charged toward Wang Lin!

A cold flash appeared in Wang Lin's eyes and he took a step. He raised his right hand and the origin energy inside his body rushed out like a storm. His early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation rushed out of Wang Lin's body and swept the area!

As his origin energy spread out like crazy, Tang Yanfeng's eyes revealed a trace of terror. He never imagined that the person before him would have broken through the Corporeal Yang stage and reached the Nirvana Scryer stage!

Just as his eyes revealed terror, Wang Lin arrived and shot out a Heavenly Chop. It collided with Tang Yanfeng's red sword, causing it to shatter, and the fragments were blown back.

Tang Yanfeng exclaimed when Wang Lin's two fingers formed a sword and broke through all of Tang Yanfeng's spells. All of the scarlet lotus around Tang Yanfeng collapsed.

As the explosions echoed, Wang Lin's two fingers didn't stop, they directly pressed on Tang Yanfeng's chest. There was a bang and then Tang Yanfeng coughed out blood and was knocked backwards. Popping sounds came from his body and thunder also exploded forth. His origin soul was injured and he was thrown far away.

All of this happened in an instant, unimaginably fast. With Wang Lin's early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation, repelling a peak Corporeal Yang cultivator took no effort at all. If he had intended to kill, then Tang Yanfeng would have died!

He withdrew his fingers and then his third eye opened and a ray of light shot. Wang Lin turned toward all the cultivators who followed Tang Yanfeng. The expressions of all those cultivators changed as their spells turned back to origin energy. All of them coughed out blood and were knocked back!

Wang Lin's eyes were cold as he slowly said, "Of the 108 qualification spots the Southern Domain has, I, Xu Mu, want first place!"

Among the surrounding cultivators, someone immediately exclaimed, "Xu Mu!"

"Master Demon Xu Mu!"

"He is Xu Mu, I've personally seen him myself!"

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