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Chapter 845 - Dream Dao

However, just as his two fingers touched Yao Bingyun’s forehead Wang Lin, suddenly paused. He stared at Yao Bingyun’s pale face and silently pondered.

“Devouring another’s domain… is to take all of their dao and use it as your own… However, the heavens’ dao is endless and daos are boundless. Once I begin devouring, it will set a precedent and I will have to endlessly devour daos in the future… As a result, I will end up walking down the same path of no return as the All-Seer!

“However, if I don’t devour, I won’t understand karma and it will remain illusory. Should I devour… or… not devour?”

It was rare for Wang Lin to hesitate this long on a matter. He wasn’t feeling compassion for Yao Bingyun, he was just seeking his own dao!

This step was extremely critical as this was the choice of dao. Cultivators spend their entire lives cultivating dao. Each person’s dao is different; depending on a person’s feelings and experiences, their dao is ever-changing. Everything in the world can be a dao!

“The All-Seer once said that he has 3,600 incarnations and each incarnation controls a celestial spell. In my eyes, these 3,6000 incarnation means he has devoured 3,600 daos. After devouring so many daos, he still hasn’t reached the third step even after tens of thousands of years!

“However, if I don’t devour, I won’t grasp the karma domain; it remain stay vague and uncertain. If I don’t have a direction, how should I seek dao…”

Wang Lin’s face was filled with uncertainty. The look in his eyes alternated between confusion and decisiveness as his right hand hovered above Yao Bingyun. However, no matter what, he couldn’t truly press down his fingers.

Time slowly passed. The sun travelled over the horizon day changed into night, and three days went by! To Wang Lin, these three days felt like 300 years, and even his appearance seemed to have turned old.

In these three days, his body didn’t move.  A storm set off in his heart that filled his body.

Wang Lin muttered, “Dao… What is dao…” Such words had come out from his mouth countless times during these three days. It was as if he was asking himself, and the confusion in his eyes became even stronger.

“In the end… What is dao…” While pursuing dao, he didn’t perceive that the origin energy in his body was going crazy. In the past three days, it went from slowly operating to gradually accelerating, until the third day, when it was like a storm that was almost going out of control.

In the end, the origin energy came out of his body, forming a vortex. This vortex was black and white!

The black and white vortex looked like yin and yang while rotating. Although integrated, they were clearly distinct from each other!

This vortex became stronger and faster. Wang Lin was completely unaware of this as he was immersed in dao-seeking.

His origin soul slowly reverted back from the ancient thunder dragon while he pursued his dao. It actually turned back into his human form. It also sat down and raised its hand as if it was pointing at something, but it didn’t place its hand back down.

It was as if it was pointing at Wang Lin’s life, his life of seeking dao!

Early in the morning, the first ray of sunlight fell on planet Qing Ling. The mortals on the planet awakened from their sleep and continued on with their simple and ordinary lives.

Cultivators were cultivating the yang spiritual energy from the sun! Except today the spiritual energy seemed very active and several times richer than before. Almost all of the cultivators noticed this and were pleasantly surprised. They immediately looked for places to cultivate.

Some people gradually found that when facing northeast, the spiritual energy they cultivated would be several times more dense, so some people flew toward the northeast.

The northeast part of planet Qing Ling was where Heng Yun Peak was. At this moment there were countless cultivators 5,000 kilometers away from Heng Yun Peak. It was as if they were worshipping the mountain as they cultivated.

Sometimes, a short period of cultivation can match several days of cultivation.

At this moment, the image of heaven and earth appeared at the top of Heng Yun Peak. White and black gas filled the summit and merged together, forming the image of yin and yang. From afar, the black and white image was extremely bright under the blue sky. It was like a painting, and it shocked the hearts of everyone who saw it.

This shock came from the soul and spread across the soul. It seemed to contain a mysterious force that made them all immersed in it and unable to pull themselves out.

“What… is dao…” At this moment, this ancient voice echoed inside the souls of all the cultivators on planet Qing Ling.

This voice contained an ancient aura, as if it had experienced countless lives. There was a persistent pursuit for evidence to confirm his dao. When it landed in everyone’s ears, it stunned everyone; it was as if they were hit by lightning.

Their hearts all involuntarily asked themselves.

“What… is dao!?!”

On Heng Yun Peak, the cave around Wang Lin turned to dust with a gust of wind. It became dust that was blown far away by the wind and disappeared.

The entire cave on the peak disappeared, leaving only Wang Lin and the unawakened Yao Bingyun. His fingers were still above Yao Bingyun’s forehead.

Above them was the yin and yang circular image. It was rotating slowly, and the spiritual energy on planet Qing Ling was being affected by it. The spiritual energy slowly spread.

At this moment, if one looked from outside the planet, they would see that the entire planet was shrouded in black and white. It was a shocking sight.

If someone with the Blood Ancestor’s cultivation passed by, they would be shocked. This was something known as Dream Dao by people of the second step!

Rumor had it that at the beginning, there was a mortal named Peng Zu who was able to gain enlightenment in dao from his dream. He became an ancient celestial and recorded down tens of thousands of dao hearts. He could see through the sun and moon!

Wang Lin was confused as he pursued the proof of his dao. He was immersed in a dream; it was as if he had left his physical body and was slowly floating up. However, this was not his origin soul as his origin soul was still there.

“What… is dao…” Under this strange state, he felt his body slowly dissipate and become one with planet Qing Ling. It was as if he was the planet.

In the dense jungle, a three-foot-long python wrapped itself around a small beast that passed by. As its large body tightened slightly, the sound of bones breaking came from inside the small beast. Just as the python was about to devour the beast, its body suddenly trembled.

It raised his big head to look into the distance. The coldness in its eyes disappeared and was replaced with confusion.

“This is not dao…” A sigh passed by like the wind and the coldness returned to its eyes. It then ruthlessly devoured the small beast and disappeared into the distance.

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