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Chapter 844 - Devour

A storm that shocked almost all of the cultivators swept across the Allheaven Star System. The huge, fierce beast that massacred countless cultivators had been captured alive by the Thunder Celestial Temple!

Very few people knew how it was done, but the result shocked all of the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System!

At this instant, the fame of the Thunder Celestial Temple had reached its peak! It even surpassed the few families with inheritances from ancient times and became a powerful symbol of the Allheaven Star System.

Borrowing this storm, the 108 celestial title competition officially began!

“The Celestial Realm has collapsed and celestials are gone, but there will still be celestials. The celestial titles that the Thunder Celestial Temple will give out will make those people celestials! The families of these 108 people would be considered celestial clans! This was a permanent title!”

“Every celestial during the war against the Alliance Star System will be a leader, and their families will get their own cultivation planets!”

The news of the Thunder Celestial Temple giving celestial titles came out a long time ago, but it was only starting to happen now. This caused all of the cultivators in the Allheavan Star System to go crazy.

All of the core members of many cultivation families set off!

There were too many people contending for the celestial titles, so the Thunder Celestial Temple announced a preliminary round at each of the four domains. A messenger from the Thunder Celestial Temple will be sent to select 108 from each domain to compete in the final battle for the titles!

The area within 50,000 kilometers of the Thunder Celestial Temple became a peace zone. Anyone who dared to fight within this area would have their family wiped out!

The date of the competition was set for four months from now.

If this news was a storm, then the next thing the Thunder Celestial Temple announced was a heaven-shaking matter!

Once the Thunder Celestial Temple has chosen the 108 celestials, they will open the passage to the Alliance Star System. The battle with the Alliance Star System will began!

The entire Allheaven Star System went into a frenzy. All of the cultivators began for wait for the day they would slaughter their way into the Alliance Star System! Dense killing intent filled the Allheaven Star System!

Wang Lin didn’t know any of this. He had already been in close door cultivation for the past 10 days! During these 10 days, he had been constantly absorbing the origin energy inside Yao Bingyun.

He continued to refine and absorb Yao Bingyun’s vast amount of origin energy. Slowly but surely, that origin energy became his own!

To Wang Lin, Yao Bingyun was like a very good elixir that made his cultivation level slowly rise. Yao Bingyun had a lot of origin energy. After 10 days, Wang Lin had only absorbed 30%.

After refining and absorbing 30% of Yao Bingyun’s origin energy, Wang Lin’s cultivation took a step and reached the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage. He was only one step away from the Nirvana Scryer stage!

However, this step was like a gulp. It wasn’t he was lacking origin energy, he was missing his comprehension of the heavens and a change in his domain!

“The domain of karma is much more mysterious than life and death. I can’t seem to figure it out...Karma… Karma…” While Wang Lin pondered, his eyes revealed a trace of confusion.

“Nothing in the world can escape karma. Karma is everywhere, but all of this is only an illusion. When I want to grasp the truth, everything is shrouded in mist.” As Wang Lin refined Yao Bingyun’s origin energy, he let out a breath. Then his eyes fell on Yao Bingyun.

“Karma… When I obtained the heaven defying bead, it was the karmic cause, and encounting Situ Nan was the karmic effect. Killing Teng Li was the karmic cause and Teng Huayuan killing my family was the karmic effect… Similarly, Teng Huayaun’s action was the karmic cause and me slaughtering the Teng clan was the karmic effect… It seems that karmic cause and karmic effect intersect. Perhap a karmic effect today will become a karmic cause for someone else tomorrow…”

Wang Lin frowned and the confusion in his eyes became even stronger. The karma domain contained too much, and to this day, Wang Lin still didn’t fully understand it. This was different from the life and death domain that he could clearly comprehend.

“The comprehension of domain can’t be forced. Without the proper opportunity, it is incredibly difficult to comprehend!” Wang Lin let out a sigh and gave up thinking about karma. Although it sounds simple, it was extremely difficult to truly be enlightened.

“I finally understand why cultivation level becomes so difficult to increase after a certain point. Origin energy has something to do with it, but what’s more important is one’s comprehension…” Wang Lin revealed a bitter smile.

“How do I increase my karma domain? This comprehension is indeed difficult! No matter how much I understand it, it is all illusory and not real… How do I make my understanding of karma become real…” Wang Lin let out a sigh. He told himself not to think about it, but he could not help but ponder.

“Back then in the Demon Spirit Land, with the help of Ancient Demon Bei Luo, I was able to enter a mysterious state and figure out the flaw with the Celestial Slaughter Art…” As Wang Lin muttered this, his eyes narrowed.

“Under that state, I was vaguely able to see through all the dao of the world. I split into countless clones and then fused into one… It was very similar to when the All-Seer was teaching me a spell!” Wang Lin’s eyes became brighter and brighter.

“The All-Seer’s dao is the dao of the heavens. In his divine sense, there were countless All-Seers. Every single All-Seer was only good at one celestial spell… With my cultivation back then, I could only see that, but in retrospect, not only did every single All-Seer have their own celestial spell, they each had their own… different dao!!!”

Wang Lin’s expression changed as he was shocked by his own idea. He took a deep breath as he recalled his memories of what happened inside the All-Seer. The more he thought, the more he certain he became in his idea.

“The All-Seer have many daos!! How did he obtain so many daos…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined and he recalled what his first celestial guard told him before being refined.

“I saw Master All-Seer take Sun Yun and…  devour him… Master completely devoured Sun Yun…”

Wang Lin closed his eyes. After a short while, he suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a decisive gaze as he stared at Yao Bingyun. He muttered, “The dao of karma is too illusory. According to the third step I saw, all of the heavens’ dao must return to their true origin. I don’t know what the origin of the karma dao is, but in order to make my domain corporeal, I need to… devour!”

“Devouring another’s domain to comprehend their domain’s karma. Understand their domain… then converting it into my own karma domain!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he pressed his finger between Yao Bingyun’s eyebrows.

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