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Chapter 837 - Furnace

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he went inside the furnace. The space inside the furnace was limited and Wang Lin immediately began to operate the origin energy inside his body. The tentacles that extended toward him wrapped around the furnace. However, they didn’t dare to enter the furnace and only stayed outside of it.

Wang Lin let out a sigh of relief. This place could only be considered temporarily safe. He began pondering and ignored everything outside. Then he sat down and began cultivating with his eyes closed.

The moment he closed his eyes, there was a flicker in his shadow and Ta Shan walked out. Ta Shan sat down, and if there were any signs of trouble, he would immediately act.

While Wang Lin sat there, he felt exhaustion in his heart. Ever since he entered the Thunder Celestial Realm, he had been in a state of high alert. After he left the Thunder Celestial Realm, he was sent into the Nether Beast and was only able to leave after a gruesome battle.

Originally, he planned to find Li Yun to study restrictions and rest a bit after leading the Chosen Immortal Clan to planet Qing Lin. However that happened afterward forced Wang Lin to be ruthless and fight!

The Yao family’s pursuit and the participation of other cultivation families forced Wang Lin to flee. Although he held the advantage, a situation where a moment of carelessness would lead serious injuries or his death was very exhausting. This had been building up inside his body, and now that he was sitting inside this furnace, he was finally able to relax a little.

“The cultivators outside must have suffered heavy casualties under the Moongazer Serpent’s attack. I believe there won’t be anymore people hunting me for a short period of time. Even if they come, they can’t come into the Moongazer Serpent’s body and find me. Although this place  is dangerous, it is also very safe!” Wang Lin’s eyes were closed as the origin energy cycled through his body and slowly nourished his origin soul.

As his origin energy cycled inside his body, there were bursts of pain coming from his origin soul. He had faced many crisis during this period of time. If not for the Ancient God Leather Armor, he would have died many times already.

The cruelty of the cultivation world, where your life could end at any moment, couldn’t move Wang Lin’s Dao heart. He was already used to such experiences due to his time in the Alliance Star System. It could be said that this kind of experience had accompanied him for most of his life.

“Yao Bingyun’s spell damages the origin soul too much. If it wasn’t for the Ancient God Leather Armor…” Wang Lin opened this eyes and there was a flash of coldness from within his eyes.

His body wasn’t damaged much, it was mostly his origin soul. Although, thanks to the Ancient God Leather Armor, it wasn’t too serious. Now that he had calmed down, he became immersed in his cultivation.

Countless tentacles swayed outside the furnace. Near the vortex, Yao Bingyun didn’t panic and instead was calm.

When she was escaping from the Moongazer Serpent, she was devoured by a large Moongazer Serpent. A mysterious power immediately entered her body and separated her origin energy form her body, turning her into a mortal.

Shortly after, she lost consciousness.

When she awakened, she found herself here. The tentacles here wrapped tightly around her. A cold sensation came from the tentacles and flowed through her body. The origin energy inside her body was being slowly drained.

This process wasn’t fast, but it never stopped.

Yao Bingyun’s eyes were calm. She had always pursued dao and had a calm personality. Even though she was aware of the loss of origin energy, she knew that panicking wouldn’t help. Only by remaining calm could she find a way to escape.

However, when she saw her surroundings, her face immediately turned pale. The dried up people wrapped within the countless tentacles almost caused Yao Bingyun’s calmness to collapse!

After a long time, she took a deep breath to force herself to calm down. She found that the tentacle wrapped around her wasn’t only absorbing her origin energy but also her vitality!

“Eyes closed!” Yao Bingyun silently pondered for a moment. Her heart was calm as she closed her eyes.

“Ears shut!” Her body trembled slightly as her ears were closed off and isolated everything outside.

“Breath disappear!” At this moment, Yao Bingyun’s body relaxed and her breath disappeared.

“Seal soul!” Her origin soul had completely stop moving. Although it was separated from her origin energy, her origin soul had sealed itself into a very mysterious realm.

“Seal existence!” Everything that was alive had an existence. At this moment, Yao Bingyun decisively sealed her existence. All the vitality disappeared from her body. She floated there like a corpse.

Yao Bingyun had already reached the seal existence level of the Soul Seal celestial spell. Talent doesn’t have much of a role in cultivating this spell. Instead, it has a very strict requirement on the dao heart so that one doesn’t get lost within the spell.

After sealing herself completely, cracking sounds came from inside her body. A thin layer of ice appeared from inside her body and quickly spread.

The ice crystal sealed the tentacle that was wrapped around her as well. The cold energy from her body became stronger and stronger as the ice gradually increased. In the end, more than three feet of ice surrounded her.

She was half-naked and sealed inside the ice. Her expression was extremely calm and would make one’s heart race.

Time slowly passed. There was no sign of days passing inside the Moongazer Serpent’s body. The Moongazer Serpent’s large body slowly wandered through the Northern Domain.

On this day, the Moongazer Serpent stopped. This was deep in the Northern Domain. There weren’t many stars here and there were no cultivation planets nearby.

After the Moongazer Serpent stopped, its body slowly rolled up and became a cultivation planet once more. The countless tentacles around it contracted and large amount of black fog came out, surrounding the planet.

The tentacles became shorter and shorter until they were only 1,000 feet long. They swayed around on the surface of the planet and the surroundings became tranquil once more...

Inside the mysterious and narrow space inside the Moongazer Serpent’s body, Wang Lin opened his eyes. Injuries to the origin soul weren’t easy to heal. After cultivating this whole time, he had only recovered 80%.

Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning as he looked at the furnace surrounding him. The furnace contained a very strong ancient god aura. Although it was constantly being absorbed by the Moongazer Serpent, it was still very strong.

“The Moongazer Serpent didn’t kill me but threw me here. Aside from absorbing vitality, this is also where the Moongazer Serpent absorbs ancient god aura!” Wang Lin began contemplating.

It was obvious that whenever this large Moongazer Serpent found some person or thing with ancient god aura, it would throw it in here… Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he muttered, “That means there must be other things related to the ancient god here!”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as he raised his hand and pressed it against the wall of the furnace. His divine sense quickly went into the furnace.

“Since Greed can make it his own, then I can as well!” Wang Lin’s divine sense entered the furnace. At this instant, he immediately felt a powerful suction force pulling his origin soul.

Wang Lin was prepared for the suction force. This was clearly from the tentacles wrapped around the furnace. His origin soul was firm like a solitary boat in the raging waves as he struggled to enter deeper into the furnace.

Wang Lin’s divine sense gradually spread across the furnace while enduring the suction force and left his imprint. However, he didn’t gain any feeling that he could control it.

Wang Lin frowned and didn’t give up. His divine sense spread across the furnace again, and he left his imprints inch by inch.

This process was extremely slow. He had to resist the suction force while he did it, which was very difficult for Wang Lin given his cultivation level. Time slowly passed, but Wang Lin didn’t stop. As he continued to imprint on the furnace, he seemed to find some clues.

There was a rune carved on the corner on the outside of the furnace. This rune was very complex, and although it was carved on the furnace, it wasn’t carved very deep. From the surface, it was very difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Even with divine sense, unless one searched bit by bit like Wang Lin, it would be impossible to notice it.

There was still at trace of divine sense imprinted on this rune. After Wang Lin’s divine sense examined it, his eyes immediately turned cold.

He could clearly feel a trace of Greed’s aura on that imprint!

“Greed isn’t dead!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and gradually calmed down after a long time.

“Greed isn’t dead. His imprint is still there, so I can’t control the furnace… But if his imprint is there, why can I still imprint on this furnace?” As Wang Lin pondered, he suddenly thought about the rune Greed’s imprint was on.

“This giant furnace was refined and thrown away by an ancient god. In the ancient god’s memories, there was only the appearance of the furnace and no method of using it. After all, the memory inheritance I obtained was not complete.” Wang Lin’s divine sense spread across the furnace and began observing the rune. After a long time, his eyes gradually lit up. Although he was hostile toward Greed, right now he couldn’t help but feel a trace of admiration toward Greed!

“This Greed is really talented! It’s obvious that he didn’t know how to use this furnace when he first obtained it and was unable to control it. So he managed to get this unknown rune that he carved onto the furnace and connected it to some of the abilities inside!

“What he actually manipulated was this rune, and by controlling this rune, he was able to use some of the furnace’s abilities!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and without any hesitation all of his divine sense gathered toward that rune.

“After wiping out Greed’s divine sense imprint, this furnace will return to its original owner!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with excitement.

Just as his divine sense was about to wipe out Greed’s divine sense, his expression suddenly changed and his divine sense stopped. His divine sense rapidly withdrew from the furnace back into his body.

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