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Chapter 838 - Bingyun

Wang Lin formed seals with his hand and pressed it on his chest several times. His aura completely disappeared and he left a trace of divine sense to observe what was happening outside.

A cold aura quickly filled the narrow space. The source of this cold aura was a thin person wrapped by the tentacles.

This person was an old man. Originally, there was no vitality inside his body, but as the cold aura filled the area, a powerful surge of vitality filled his body.

This vitality was so strong that it made the old man's body blow up like a balloon. However, the strange thing was that the old man's eyes were still closed without any signs of opening.

When Wang Lin's divine sense saw this, his mind shook. Thanks to his cultivation level and life and death domain, he could clearly see that there was a hint of death aura within that vitality. However, the death aura was completely suppressed by the vitality.

As the vitality increased, the old man's body became bigger and bigger. There was as series of popping sounds as the bones in the old man's body shattered as if they wouldn't able to withstand this force.

As a result, without the bones connecting, everything ballooned up even more.

Cold energy spread out like crazy from its body, causing the surrounding area to be filled with cold energy. Even the tentacles slowly retreated.

Just as the old man's body expanded to a certain size, almost a ball of flesh, a bulge appeared. This bulge quickly moved through the old man's body.

Muffled yet sharp cries came from inside the old man's body. Wang Lin was very familiar with this sound. The moment Wang Lin heard it, his expression became extremely ugly.

Just at this moment, the old man's body trembled and a crack appeared on his body. A large amount of cold energy came out from the crack, then a sharp roar came from within the body as if it was very excited.

The countless tentacles all began to sway as if they were welcoming the birth of their own kind!

After an instant, a 20-foot-long slender object came out from the crack in the old man's body. It constantly twisted its body until the old man's body finally exploded. There was no flesh or blood, only a burst of cold energy.

Then the 20-foot-long thing shot out. This shocked Wang Lin as it was a small Moongazer Serpent!

This Moongazer Serpent was obviously a newborn, and all the tentacles on its body were transparent. After it appeared, it immediately turned around and inhaled the old man's collapsed body.  

The old man's body seemed to melt and was devoured by the small Moongazer Serpent. It continued to wiggle its body as it absorbed the cold energy nearby. Its body quickly grew from 20 feet to 100 feet long!

The tentacles around its body slowly turned dark red and it suddenly became ferocious.

With its body wiggling, it moved like lightning toward the vortex ahead. There was no obstruction when it passed through the vortex.

After the Moongazer Serpent left, the tentacles gradually returned to normal. The cold energy slowly disappeared as it was absorbed by the tentacles.

Everything returned back to normal, but there was one person missing. The tentacles that were wrapped around the old man slowly retreated and disappeared into the void.

Wang Lin's eyes opened and he gasped.

"No wonder there are so many Moongazer Serpents. According to Tu Si's memories, if a Moongazer Serpent stays out of an ancient god's body for too long, it will without a doubt die!

"However, not only did this Moongazer Serpent not die, it has been using the bodies of cultivators and mortals to form new life; it has almost formed a life cycle… This Moongazer Serpent must have undergone an astonishing change over the countless years, or else this would be impossible!" Wang Lin had a very good understanding of the Moongazer Serpent, and right now he was able to guess 70% to 80% of what happened.

He silently pondered for a while. After everything quieted down, his divine sense spread out once more toward the rune on the furnace. Once he enveloped the rune, Wang Lin's eyes became cold and his divine sense mercilessly collided with Greed's divine sense.

Even at Greed's peak, his cultivation level was almost on par with the current Wang Lin. Given that he was seriously injured, his imprint was extremely weak.

After being attacked by Wang Lin's divine sense, it didn't take long for it to collapse.

The moment Greed's divine sense was wiped out, Wang Lin didn't hesitate to leave his own imprint on the rune.

Greed experienced an almost certain death situation to obtain this large furnace. He knew it was a treasure, but he couldn't control it. At some point, he thought of an elaborate method to control it and spent over 1,000 years to obtain the rune.

He had carefully engraved the rune on the furnace to control it, but now all of this benefitted Wang Lin.

As his divine sense imprinted on the rune, a strange feeling appeared within Wang Lin. This was a very familiar feeling and a connection occurred with it and the Ancient God Leather Armor.

However, this feeling was like a flower in the mist, very vague. It was as if there was a layer separating it from him and he couldn't completely grasp it.

Wang Lin knew the method he was controlling the furnace with was wrong and was merely taking a shortcut like Greed. Although this gave him basic control, it wouldn't let me use the full power of the furnace.

However, Wang Lin wasn't in a rush. His eyes lit up and he muttered, "As long as I return to the Alliance Star System, this furnace will display its true power in the hands of my original body!"

Then both of his hands formed seals according to the vague feeling he had. With a thought from his divine sense, the furnace shook and released a hum. A ripple spread from the furnace and white gas came out. This white gas was very dense and surrounded Wang Lin. At this moment, Wang Lin felt like he was one with the furnace. This was a very wonderful feeling.

It was as if he was the furnace!

With a thought, Wang Lin softly said, "Change position!"

After he said those two words, the furnace shook and disappeared. When it re-appeared, it was outside of the tentacles' entanglement.

What was strange was that the tentacles didn't move and maintained their original position. It was as if to them, the furnace was still there.

Wang Lin's body came out from the furnace and the white gas followed him. At this moment, he looked like a celestial riding on a cloud. Then Wang Lin's eyes lit up and landed on Yao Bingyun.

When his divine sense was spreading across the furnace before, he noticed Yao Bingyun. However, he was focused on imprinting the furnace, so he didn't get a closer look.

Now that he had obtain the furnace, he had time to observe her.

Through the ice, Yao Bingyun's half-naked body gave off a strange sense of beauty. Yao Bingyun was already beautiful, but with her eyes closed, she didn't give off the coldness she once did. Instead, it was a lovely feeling.

However, none of this had any effect on Wang Lin, and his eyes were as calm as water.

"This woman's cultivation method is indeed strange. Even when her origin energy was separated from her, she was still able to protect herself. She sealed off everything inside her body, so the Moongazer Serpent can't absorb anything.

"However, she underestimated the Moongazer Serpent! Although this method works, I can guess that this ice will collapse not too long from now." Wang Lin's eyes were cold as he pondered, then he raised his right hand and pressed down toward the ice.

"You have been hunting me all this time and almost killed me twice. If I don't get my revenge,  then I won't be Wang Lin!" Wang Lin revealed a smile and mercilessly pressed down on the ice.

A large amount of the origin energy inside his body surged out through his finger and into the ice. There was a loud crackling sound and large amount of cracks began appearing on the ice with Wang Lin's finger as the center.

The cracks stopped one inch away from Yao Bingyun's body and couldn't continue.

As Wang Lin stared at Yao Bingyun inside the ice, his eyes became cold. More origin energy from his body surged to his finger and entered the ice.

As the cracking sounds echoed, Wang Lin didn't stop. He continued to move around Yao Bingyun and pointed at different spots. Large amounts of ice fell off until there was only one inch of ice around Yao Bingyun.

"This woman must be among the best of Yao family's third generation. Since the Yao family wants to kill me, then I'll refine her into a Celestial Guard. Even if it fails, it won't matter!" Wang Lin's heart was extremely decisive. As long as it was an enemy, he would show no mercy. Even if the enemy was an extreme beauty, he would feel no pity.

Moreover, even though she was beautiful, she still couldn't compare to Liu Mei.

"This is all karma. If you hadn't hunted me, then this wouldn't be happening today!" Wang Lin opened his mouth and spat out essence origin energy that directly circled the ice around Yao Bingyun. As it grinded away at the ice, his right hand constantly pointed to the ice.

Cracking sounds echoed once more and the ice around her began to crack. In truth, if her origin  energy was present when she used this spell, Wang Lin wouldn't have been able to destroy it so easily. However, because her origin energy was separated from her, it gave Wang Lin this chance!

Yao Bingyun would have never expected Wang Lin to be here with her. Moreover, she wouldn't have expected Wang Lin to keep his origin energy due to the Ancient God Leather Armor and be able to move about freely!

Just as the ice around Yao Bingyun began to collapse, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at Wang Lin!

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