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Chapter 835 - Aura of the Leather Armor

On the other side, the black-robed man suddenly appeared. His right hand formed a seal and grabbed at the void, creating a large vortex. The vortex moved across space and any cultivator that touch it disappeared.

Master Flamespark and the black-robed man were extremely quick. While the red-robed old man locked the Moongazer Serpent in place, they knocked the surrounding cultivators away one by one.

If they met a Yao family member, Master Flamespark’s eyes would turn cold and he purposely used 10% more strength. This caused them all to become seriously injured before they merged with the world and disappeared.

The Moongazer Serpent was furious!

Although the octagonal seal only sealed it, all of the smaller Moongazer Serpents also had octagonal seals appear around them that obstructed them temporarily.

Anger filled the Moongazer Serpent’s body. It couldn’t even remember how many years it had been since he had been sealed. It rampaged within the octagonal seal, causing it to shake violently

As the rumble echoed, the Moongazer Serpent became even more angry. Then two cracks appeared on the Moongazer Serpent’s head. They were its eyes!

Its eyes were cloudy, as if they were filled with smoke, but there was a hint of madness in them. Bursts of strange words came from its mouth, then countless specks appeared before the Moongaze Serpent and formed a large and rough finger!

The wrath of the Moongazer was like the finger of an ancient god!

The red-robed old man didn’t think and pressed both his hands down on the seal. His expression became serious and he shouted, “Quick!” As he spoke, his clothes were blown backwards and his hair flowed without any wind. A large amount of origin energy gathered in his body as if a storm was brewing.

The finger the Moongazer Serpent created caused the red-robed old man’s mind to tremble.

As the Moongazer Serpent roared once more, the ancient god finger slowly pressed down toward the octagonal seal!

When the finger landed on the octangal seal, the seal shattered into countless pieces without any hesitation and was blown back. The red-robed old man’s face became pale and he was pushed back with the countless fragments toward Master Flamespark and the middle-aged man.

By now those two had already sent all the surrounding cultivators away.

Master Flamespark stared at the finger from the Moongazer Serpent. His eyes were filled with excitement as he said, “What a good moon beast! If I send you into the Alliance Star System, Xuan Zhongzi will definitely be shocked!”

As the Moongazer Serpent roared, the finger before it quickly pressed down toward the three of them.

It looked like a real ancient god had appeared, raised his finger, and pointed down!

“Fellow Cultivators, we can’t resist this beast’s strongest attack. If our real bodies were here, we might be able withstand a hit or hit. Now that our goal is complete, why not let us personally experience the might of this beast?” Master Flamespark laughed as he rushed toward the ancient god finger.

The moment he charged out, flames covered his body. A monster flame surged out and completely surrounded him.

The finger from the Moongazer Serpent arrived and pressed down toward Master Flamespark. Master Flamespark let out a roar as his hands formed a seal and the flame inside his body condensed into a dragon. The flame dragon shot out toward the ancient god finger.

This flame dragon was the current Master Flamespark’s everything. As the flame dragon rushed out, his body disappeared and there wasn’t even a trace of his origin soul left. There was only the flame dragon that collided with the finger.

A loud bang echoed across a majority of the Northern Domain. The flame dragon collapsed as the endless flame warped itself around the ancient god finger and burned violently. 

The red-robed man’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as he laughed and took a step forward. Then his right hand formed a seal and he pressed it between his eyebrows. His entire person turned into a red sword and shot out when the ancient god finger was surrounded by the flame.

The black-robed middle aged man revealed a decisive gaze. He thought that he didn’t need this clone, but he must experience this beast’s strongest attack. Maybe he would have an unexpected harvest from this experience!

After reaching his level of cultivation, it was extremely difficult to advance. In his eyes, perhaps this was his chance!

As he rushed out, his hands formed a seal and he turned into a black eagle. Although this eagle was only an illusion, it gave off an ancient aura as it charged straight at the ancient god finger.

An unimaginably loud bang echoed across the Northern Domain. It was as if the entire Northern Domain was collapsing. All of the cultivators on the cultivation planets felt this sound echo in their heads.

The flame dragon collapsed!

The red sword shattered!

The black eagle dissipated!

The finger of the ancient god became more bleak but wasn’t damaged at all. As the Moongazer Serpent roared, the ancient god finger immediately swept the area. Finally, it turned back into specks of light and returned to the Moongazer Serpent’s body.

The Moongazer Serpent’s eyes became cold as it opened its mouth and all the smaller Moongazer Serpents returned back into its mouth. The large Moongazer Serpent slowly moved forward as its countless tentacles swayed, and it disappeared among the stars.

At this moment, in a secret room inside the Thunder Celestial Temple sat three people. There was an ancient formation in the room, and the three of them were sitting at the key point of the formation.

Among the three, one of them was Master Flamespark. At this moment, he opened his eyes and revealed a look of hesitation. At the same time, the remaining two people also opened their eyes. These two were respectively the red-robed old man and the black-robed middle-aged man.

The black-robed middle-aged man said, “Very strong!”

The red-robed man named Xiang slowly said, “This beast is indeed as my family record says. We shouldn’t carelessly provoke it!”

There was a hint of madness in Master Flamespark’s eyes as he calmly said, “Since this is the case, we must gather more people and begin planning to capture this beast!”

In the Eastern Domain inside the Yao family ancestral hall, more than 10 tokens behind Blood God shattered. The white gas that came out of them was gathered by him with a wave of his sleeve.

His expression was grim as he looked up at the sky and muttered, “He is worthy of being someone from the Alliance Star System. Compared to my Yao family’s third generation, he is very decisive when he kills and is very tenacious!”

After silently pondering for a long time, Blood God’s right hand grabbed the air. Red light immediately condensed into a blood-colored jade.

“Send second generation Yao Yun to the Northern Domain and take Xu Mu’s life!” As the divine message was sent, the blood jade in front of Blood God released a blood-colored glow and disappeared.

The name “Master Demon Xu Mu” became known by all cultivators after the tragedy that occured in the Northern Domain! Under the pursuit of the Yao family and countless cultivators, not only did he not die, he used the huge beast to carry out a terrifying counterattack!

This caused most of the cultivators to perish and also shocked the entire Allheaven Star System. No more cultivation families were willing to participate in the matter between him and the Yao family.

The news brought back by the surviving cultivators spread like a storm across the Allheaven Star System. Master Demon Xu Mu must not be provoked unless it’s absolutely necessary!

This person was extremely crazy. Not only was he very strong, he was also as bloodthirsty as a demon. Not only was he willing to slaughter low level cultivators, in order to retaliate, he was willing to awaken that huge beast to cause a catastrophe!

This kind of viciousness could be compared to planet Dong Lin’s cultivators. As a result, no one had any thoughts about  participating in this anymore. At the same time, the rumors of Xu Mu’s actions in the Thunder Celestial Realm began to spread and were engraved in everyone’s hearts.

The name Master Demon had become famous beyond imagination. Of course, Wang Lin didn’t know any of this. Right now he was carefully moving within the Moongazer Serpent with a gloomy expression.

Countless smaller Moongazer Serpents were chasing him. All of their tentacles were curved as if they were extremely excited. They constantly opened their big mouths while they pursuit Wang Lin as if trying to devour the remnants of his aura.

Wang Lin frowned as he constantly moved forward. He had already felt that something was wrong. The inside of the Moongazer Serpent was a lot different from last time. All of the smaller Moongazer Serpents became very excited when they saw him. When Yao Bingyun attacked him, one even helped him.

That scene made Wang Lin ponder.

“It must be because of the Ancient God Leather Armor!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and with a thought he put away the Ancient God Leather Armor into his bag.

After doing this, his body flickered and he quickly changed directions.

The Moongazer Serpents pursuing him immediately became angry, as if something they liked was taken away. They split up and constantly searched the area.

Wang Lin let out a breath of relief as he cautiously moved through the Moongazer Serpent, looking for where Greed’s furnace was. That furnace was something that made him very excited.

However, waves of vibrations suddenly spread out across the Moongazer Serpent’s body. As the ripples spread, they quickly closed in on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression changed and he quickly retreated to avoid the ripples. However, ripples appeared from behind him as well. They were too fast and immediately went through Wang Lin’s body.

In an instant, the ripples dissipated. It was as if they were used to find abnormalities inside its body. At this moment, the Moongazer Serpent found Wang Lin!

A muffled roar echoed inside the Moongazer Serpent. It was its spell that could shatter origin soul. At first it was light, but it became more intense. In the end, it was like endless, roaring thunder rumbling in his ears.

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