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Chapter 834 - Master Flamespark Reappears

The cultivators in front of the Moongazer Serpent only felt a gust of wind. Then their bodies trembled and they lost consciousness.

The Moongazer Serpent’s large body and fast speed charged straight ahead. This caused popping sounds, as if space itself was going to collapse.

A majority of the cultivators hunting Wang Lin were peak late stage Ascendant or Illusory Yin cultivators. There weren’t many Corporeal Yang cultivators and even fewer who had reached the Nirvana Scryer stage.

The unlucky ones among those cultivators were directly hit by the Moongazer Serpent and their bodies collapsed. As for their origin souls, they would also be directly shattered without any chance for them to escape.

In an instant, bursts of screams filled the area. Terrified, the surrounding cultivators began escaping even faster.

“This is not something we can resist. It is not worth it to lose our lives just for the Yao family’s reward!”

“Forget it, this Xu Mu can borrow the power of such a beast. It is better not to provoke such a person. It’s better to take advantage of the fact that he hasn’t noticed me and quickly leave!”

“The family ancestors were correct to only allow people below the Illusory Yin stage to participate in the hunt against Xu Mu. After all, this Xu Mu is not someone to be trifled with!”

Various thoughts appeared in the cultivators’ minds as they quickly retreated.

The Moongazer Serpent’s giant body paused slightly and its large mouth opened as if it was going to split in half. A sharp roar came out from its mouth.

This sound was so strong that it created an unimaginable penetrating force that spread out with the Moongazer Serpent as the center. It was as if countless bolts of thunder had crashed down and their rumbled stacked on top of each other. The cultivators that hadn’t escaped far immediately exploded. Both their bodies and origin souls were shattered.

The Moongazer Serpent began moving along with its fierce roar. The countless long tentacles began moving around and became its most powerful treasure. If a cultivator were to be touched by them, they would immediately become pale. If they were touched too many times, they would die because their origin soul would have dissipated.

This scene was extremely shocking. The Moongazer Serpent’s oval body that was like a planet with its countless swaying tentacles chased after the constantly retreating cultivators that couldn’t teleport.

There was intense fear and terror on the faces of most cultivators.

This was a massacre, a slaughter that the Moongazer Serpent was making against the cultivators to vent its anger. The cultivators only hated themselves for being too slow. Endless remorse appeared in their hearts.

The cultivators from the five main planets in the Northern Domain flew out from their planets. Horrified by what they saw, they immediately opened up their planet defensive formations. No one dared to come out to help.

After the roar passed, the Moongazer Serpent suddenly stopped and low roars came from its body. Following that, smaller Moongazer Serpent of various sizes rushed out of its mouth.

These Moongazer Serpents were infinitely smaller than the main one, which was the size of a planet. However, to the cultivators, they were still very large.

When these small Moongazer Serpents appeared, this slaughter reached a peak.

The countless Moongazer Serpents spread out and began devouring the surrounding cultivators.

As for the Yao family members, only those at the Nirvana Scryer stage were able to escape; the rest had all died! As for the cultivation families that came to assist them, a majority died to the wrath of the Moongazer Serpent.

The entire space was filled with a thick smell of blood.

However, the anger of the Moongazer Serpent was still not extinguished. As its large body moved, a complex, almost human voice came from its mouth.

This scene almost made the surrounding cultivators lose their wits. They didn’t expect such a big beast to also have spells. If this beast was able to cast its spell, the entire area would be destroyed.

When the Moongazer Serpent awakened, it would be a catastrophe!

At this moment, three figures were standing in the space 50,000 kilometers away from where the Moongazer Serpent was rampaging! These three figures were blurry, but they each gave off a terrifying aura.

Master Flamespark was among the three!

Master Flamespark revealed a smile and slowly said, “I didn’t think this little guy would lead them to the moon beast. However, if he hadn’t done such a thing, he wouldn’t have caught my attention.”

“Fellow Cultivators, I have already planned this for many years, and this moon beast is part of my plan. I’ve brought you two here to see the beast’s strength.

“Now that you two have seen it, what do you think of my plan?”  Master Flamespark withdrew his gaze and smiled.

Next to Master Flamespark was a middle-aged man wearing a purple robe with a yin and yang symbol on his chest. He frowned and calmly said, “Master Flamespark, your plan is very crazy!”

“From a certain point of view, it is crazy, but once it succeeds, it will increase our success rate by 10%!” The last person among the three was a red-robed old man. Although he had a gentle appearance, the coldness in his eyes revealed that he was definitely not kind!

The middle-aged man wearing purple snorted but no longer spoke.

“It is crazy, but if the Allheaven Star System cultivators go into war with the Alliance Star System, they need enough strength, or else there will be no chance at all!

“Too few cultivators in the Allheaven Star System have experienced life and death encounters. This is the drawback of family-based cultivation. In the Alliance Star System, one often has to guard against others, even from people in the same sect. If one is a bit careless, it will lead to death. That environment made those that survived very fierce and cunning!

“Just by looking at Xu Mu, you should understand it better than I can explain it!”

The purple-robed middle-aged man pondered. The red-robed man smiled and said, “This Xu Mu is very good. He is very suitable to become someone from my planet Dong Lin!”

Master Flamespark’s eyes shined and he laughed. “The 108 celestial titles we seek are for people like him! Only with them in the lead can we carry out a bloody baptism for the cultivators of the Allheaven Star System!”

“From this point of view, it seems it is old man Blood God who is more decisive. In order for his family to adapt to the bloody battle in the Alliance Star System, he was willing to even give up that treasure to allow his family to go through a bloody baptism!” The red-robed old man named Xiang smiled.

“The Blood God just wants to obtain more benefits in the battle against the Alliance Star System. However, even I didn’t expect him to be so decisive. That treasure only had one use left, and he didn’t leave it for himself…” Master Flamespark shook his head and revealed a hint of pity in his eyes. However, there was also a trace of admiration.

The middle-aged man who hadn’t spoken suddenly coldly said, “According to our investigation, this Xu Mu came from the Alliance Star system. Master Flamespark, you value him so much, aren’t you afraid he will betray us once he is back in the Alliance Star System?”

Master Thunderspark’s eyes became cold. Then he stared at the middle-aged man and smiled. “Fellow Cultivator Gong Sun, I’m also from the Alliance Star System. Are you not afraid that even though I organized all of this, I will betray you all in the Alliance Star System?”

The middle-aged man coldly looked at Master Flamespark. He withdrew his gaze and no longer asked about this matter.

Master Thunderspark coldly snorted and thought, “During this period of time, I have searched up this Xu Mu’s origin. He is being hunted, so he was forced to escape here, very similar to the situation I was in. With his temper, the chance of him betraying us is very low. Even if he does, I’ll merely kill him. There is no need for you to be telling me this! Who cares about a family from inheritance from ancient times? I really don’t consider you all worthy of my attention!”

“Forget it, since Master Flamespark is confident, we won’t mention this anymore. Right now it is time for us to act against this beast! After all, if too many people die, it will be a lose for my Allheaven Star System. Now let us think about how to drive it away!” The red-robed man named Xiang looked ahead. It was as if his gaze could see tens of thousands of kilometers away.

“This is not difficult. With us joining forces and with the help of those old monsters, once the passage opens, we can definitely drive it into the Alliance Star System. At that time…” Master Flamespark’s eyes revealed a crazed gaze as his body flickered and disappeared. As for the other two, they also disappeared.

As the Moongazer Serpent vented its anger, countless tentacles swept across space and harvested the lives of cultivators. The surrounding space began to fragment, causing the cultivators’ hearts to shake violently and at the same time preventing them from teleporting.

No matter how fast these cultivators escaped, compared to the Moongazer Serpent’s speed, it could still catch up to them.

In particular, those small Moongazer Serpents devouring the cultivators made them feel despair deep in their hearts.

The smell of blood filled the area as the Moongazer Serpent’s giant body slowly moved. Just at this moment, a blood red octagonal pattern appeared above the Moongazer Serpent.

This octagonal pattern gave off a powerful aura. The moment this aura spread out, ripples immediately appeared. Once someone touched the ripples, they would feel like they couldn’t resist at all.

There was a person standing on top of the octagonal pattern. This person was the red-robed old man. Right now he had a serious expression as he moved down with the formation. The ripples quickly spread and surrounded the Moongazer Serpent to trap it!

The red-robed old man shouted, “You guys hurry up, I can’t stop it for long!”

The anger of the Moongazer Serpent under the octagonal pattern immediately peaked. It let out a roar and began charging upward like crazy.

At the same time, Master Flamespark’s figure appeared from the void before the Moongazer Serpent. He waved his sleeves and a large amount of cultivators were pulled in and disappeared.

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