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Chapter 797 - Rush Out (1)

Zhan Konglie was also flying through the void. As a newly admitted member of the Thunder Celestial Temple, he naturally knew where the transfer array was. He was flying quickly toward the transfer array.

When he was with Shengong Hu, he considered going to the transfer array as well. However, considering Shengong Hu’s status, he didn’t mention this and went with Shengong Hu to the celestial gate.

The battle outside the celestial gate made him very excited. Although the Celestial Realm was unstable, his heart was firm. He, like Shengong Hu, believed that Wang Lin wouldn’t lose.

“I don’t know where Shengong Hu is right now. I believe he must be like me, heading toward the Thunder Celestial Temple’s transfer array.” Zhan Konglie’s body flickered and he dodged a spatial rift that suddenly appeared.

In truth, after heading to the battle outside the celestial gate, he immediately found that there were no other Thunder Celestial Temple messengers there beside him and Shengong Hu. It was then that he realized that all of the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple had gone to the transfer array.

Zhan Konglie and Shengong Hu were heading toward the transfer array from two different directions.

Wang Lin was also moving through the void as he headed toward where Shengong Hu was based on their connection. However, as the collapse of the Thunder Celestial Realm intensified, more spatial rifts appeared. If he was careless for just a moment, he would be devoured by one.

As a result, he couldn’t move very fast, as he had to pay attention to the changes in the space around him.

As he flew, aside from the wailing, there would also be explosions echoing across the void. This sound became much more obvious as Wang Lin got closer to the collapsing fragments.

Along the way, he personally saw two fragments collapse into massive amounts of debris. Half of it was sucked up into the spatial rifts and other half was scattered in all directions.

Some of it flew directly at Wang Lin. The force created wasn’t any weaker than the full attack of an Ascendant cultivator.

Even though these attacks weren’t fatal to first step cultivators, if they were unlucky and a spatial rift appeared near them during the encounter, then it would be a life and death situation.

Wang Lin didn’t have to worry about it. Whether it was the Stop spell or his other spells, they would allow him to easily avoid them. Wang Lin was calm as he flew. His figure often flickered to avoid spatial rifts as he flew straight ahead.

However, as he flew further, more and more cracks appeared. It was as if a piece of paper was ripped in countless places and could break down completely at any moment.

Wang Lin frowned. He could vaguely feel that there was quite a large distance between him and Shengong Hu. He wouldn’t be able to catch up in a short period of time.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and then he pressed his finger between his eyebrows. He opened his mouth and spat out a grain of sand that immediately changed into a giant fragment about 1,000 feet large.

“This fragment waswas refined by divine retribution, and even the black wind from the Celestial Lord couldn’t break it, so it should be able to withstand the spatial rifts.” Wang Lin pointed with his hand. The fragment flew forward and Wang Lin carefully observed it.

He saw the fragment collide with countless cracks in an instant. The force from inside the cracks spread across the fragment, but it had no effect on the fragment as it charged through.

At the same time it charged through, it was as if the spatial rifts were flattened and showed signs of closing.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and immediately stepped onto the fragments. He sat down in the lotus position and his hand made a seal. Origin energy poured into the fragment, causing it to glow brightly. Its speed increased several fold and it charged straight ahead.

As a result, his speed was much faster than before. Wang Lin only had to pay attention to the cracks larger than 1,000 feet; he could completely ignore the other ones.

The fragment moved very quickly through the Celestial Realm. After half an hour, Wang Lin relaxed a bit, but just at this moment, he looked ahead and his expression changed.

He saw a dim ray of red light flying across the distance. There was a beautiful woman inside that ray of light. However, her face was pale and her eyes were filled with panic as she constantly dodged spatial rifts and was almost swallowed by them several times.

The fragment Wang Lin was riding on was very eye-catching in the void, so the woman immediately saw Wang Lin’s fragment. Her face was filled with joy and she was about to head over when a 100-foot-long spatial rift suddenly opened before her. Her face immediately went pale as she tried to dodge. However, she was too late and her eyes became filled with despair.

Wang Lin was calm as he withdrew his gaze. Given his personality, he wouldn’t save someone for no reason. His fragment flew straight ahead without stopping.

The woman was filled with despair as she struggled to get out of the crack and urgently shouted, “Senior, please save me. Zhan Konglie is my senior brother!” 

Wang Lin frowned. He had seen this woman before. When Zhan Konglie passed by with more than 10 people, she was among that group of people.

When they met, she had just reached the Illusory Yin stage. However, now her cultivation had fallen and she was almost out of origin energy. She could probably only use Ascendant cultivation right now.

The fragment under Wang Lin suddenly turned and headed straight for the woman. In almost an instant, the fragment slammed into the 100 feet spatial crack. The moment the crack collapsed, the woman jumped out and landed on the fragment.

Her face was pale and her eyes were still filled with shock. She looked at Wang Lin with a grateful gaze and whispered, “Thank you, Senior, for saving me.”

Wang Lin frowned as he looked at the woman and calmly asked, “Do you have celestial jades?”

The woman was startled and quickly nodded.

Wang Lin was calm and slowly said, “10,000 celestial jades for saving your life. In addition, 10,000 celestial jades for every hour you stay here!”

The fragment under him rushed into the distance.

The woman silently pondered. There was an indiscernible flash of contempt in her eyes. She didn’t expect the person her Senior Brother Zhan respected so much to be a person like this. If she hadn’t personally seen the battle between him and the strange white-haired man, she wouldn’t have expect the person before her to be a senior!

Without a word, she threw a storage bag and said to Wang Lin, “There are 50,000 celestial jades inside. Senior, please count them!”

Wang Lin caught it and wiped out the divine sense on the bag. His divine sense scanned it and found that the numbers were roughly correct. He closed his eyes and no longer paid any attention to her.

The woman didn’t expect Wang Lin to really count, and she looked down upon him in her heart. After letting out a sigh, she sat down a distance away from Wang Lin. She looked into the void and her eyes were filled with confusion.

“Big Brother Zhan, where are you…”

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