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Chapter 767 - Illusory Yin!

The black thunder carried with it the might of the heavens and landed on the fragment. There was a loud explosion that echoed across the fragment and a huge crack appeared.

In the depths of the crack was Wang Lin, who had just opened his eyes.

The thunder directly descended and smashed into Wang Lin at a crazy speed.


Wang Lin's body trembled violently. The thunder rushed into his body and swept through his body like a storm. However, it was quickly affected by the blood and power from the mysterious old man.

The three powers used Wang Lin's body as a battleground. The battle caused a loud roar, and in the end, it turned into a large amount of origin energy that surrounded him. His origin soul rapidly devoured the origin energy and quickly grew.

Wang Lin's eyes revealed a mysterious light. He had awakened. Especially when he was hit by this bolt of thunder, he had awakened completely.

"Divine retribution…" Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air. He still remembered the divine retribution from back in the Demon Spirit Land. Now that he was facing it again, his eyes shined brightly.

The moment he awaken, he noticed the chaos inside his body. Without the divine retribution, his body would have exploded first.

"This divine retribution came at the right time!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. This was the first time he  was glad at the arrival of the divine retribution. His right hand pressed against the ground and he sprang into the air without any hesitation.

The celestial sword beside him immediately screamed, "Master… Master… take me with you. I want to go back inside the bag of holding. This place is terrifying…"

As Wang Lin flew up, he waved his right hand. The celestial sword flew toward him and was put away inside his bag. The celestial mountain was put away as well. 

At the moment he charged out from the fragment, all of the clouds around the fragment began to boil. Under this violent movement, a divine retribution more intense than the one from the Demon Spirit Land appeared!

Under this heavens' might, Wang Lin felt like there was a giant hand pressing down upon him from the sky. Popping sounds came from inside his body.

At the same time, four bolts of black thunder gathered from the above, below, right, and left of the fragment and quickly descended! Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly. He opened his arms and didn't even try to doge. The thunder from above descended and landed on his body. Shortly after, the thunder from the left and right sides quickly closed in.

Finally, the thunder from under the fragment came. It had penetrated through the fragment and also landed on Wang Lin.

The four rays of black thunder surged like crazy through Wang Lin's body. They collided with the blood body and the power from the mysterious old man once more.

The collision this time was unprecedentedly intense, as if a real storm had broken inside Wang Lin's body. The three powers released large amounts of origin energy.

This origin energy was too powerful. Under the impact, Wang Lin couldn't help but let out a loud roar. His aura increased like crazy. As his origin soul devoured the origin energy, it completed an important process of transitioning from the peak of the late stage of Ascendant to the Illusory Yin stage.

What is an origin soul? If one's cultivation hasn't reached the Illusory Yin stage and goes through this important process, the so-called origin soul is, in fact, fake.

A real origin soul can devour origin energy and gain new life from origin energy!

The ancient cultivators cultivated qi. This qi was origin energy. Once this origin energy has been cultivated long enough, it will form the origin soul!

The cultivators now had this step backwards. Only by reaching the second step could the cultivators nowadays catch up to the ancient cultivators.

At this moment, powerful origin energy surged into his origin soul, causing Wang Lin's origin soul to change like crazy. His origin soul was taking the crucial step toward the next step!

Peak of the late stage of Ascendant, broken through!!

At the moment of breakthrough, Wang Lin seemed to feel his own dao! It was as if everything in the world had become crystal clear.

A laughter came from his mouth. This laughter pierced through the clouds and continued to spread to the outside world.

The Blood Ancestor was watching the clouds hoping Wang Lin would be killed by the divine retribution. However, after hearing this laughter, his expression changed.

"Illusory Yin…" The Blood Ancestor's expression became gloomy and he muttered, "It seems that that half my blood body contained enough origin energy for him to temporarily resist the divine retribution and reach the Illusory Yin stage… But just this is still…"

As his spoke, his expression changed once more and he stared at the churning clouds before him.

"It's still climbing…"

Wang Lin had never felt as comfortable as now. All of the celestial spiritual energy inside his body was rapidly disappearing and was being replaced by the origin energy surging out from his origin soul.

The clouds around him seemed to become angry and the might of heaven inside transformed into thunder. Inside the clouds, eight bolts of black thunder formed and fell on Wang Lin's body.

Wang Lin laughed like crazy as his origin soul charged out from his body. His origin soul was no longer human-shaped, it had taken the shape of the ancient thunder dragon. As the eight bolts of black thunder descended, his ancient thunder dragon origin soul devoured them.

He devoured eight bolts of black thunder consecutively and returned back into his body before releasing them. The blood body and the old man's power exploded once more, and in exchange, he obtained even more origin energy.

Wang Lin's cultivation level rose like crazy once more under the impact of the origin energy that was released. His Illusory Yin cultivation had stabilized and began pushing toward the peak of the Illusory Yin stage!

The Illusory Yin and Corporeal Yang stages were the transition between the first and second step of cultivation. This was meant to be a perfect balance of yin and yang. The Illusory Yin stage was the change in the origin soul, while the Corporeal Yang stage was all the celestial spiritual energy dissipating and being replaced by origin energy!

This process was called origin transformation. It was to change a cultivator into an existence like ancient cultivators.

After the ancient cultivators disappeared and the Celestial Realm collapsed, very few people have broken through two realms when entering the Yin and Yang stage, but all those that did had amazing achievements afterward and stood at the peak of the second step!

Even the All-Seer spent 300 years to pass through these two realms. Ling Tianhou spent 800 years and the Blood Ancestor spent almost 1,000 years.

This had nothing to do with talent. The biggest reason was origin energy!

At this moment, Wang Lin was constantly advancing toward that direction! The divine retribution was like nutrients, and the blood body and power from the old man were the origin energy fueling this process!

The Blood Ancestor stared at the clouds before him and the killing intent inside his eyes became even stronger.

"I came to kill him, but instead I gave him great fortune! I won't accept this!"

Above the fragment inside the clouds, Wang Lin raised his head. His eyes were clear and contained a hint of expectation. Thunderous roars came from the cloud as a seven-colored bolt of thunder quickly condensed...

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