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Chapter 766 - Treasure Refined by the Heavens

The destruction of the Blood Planet didn't set off a large wave in the Alliance Star System. Due to the fact that the Blood Planet was so remote, no one became aware of this matter until a long time had passed.

Wang Lin's original body had left with the blood pavilion. As he flew through space, his body slowly shrank until he was the size of a normal cultivator once more. As for the blood pavilion, he sealed it and swallowed it. When it was inside him, it was surrounded by his spiritual energy.

This blood pavilion was very strange, so Wang Lin decided to carefully study it.

After finding a rank 6 cultivation planet, Wang Lin snuck in. He found a place deep within the planet and hid himself.

The connection in his soul with his avatar became more stable.

It is worth mentioning that although this trip had attracted the attention of some powerful cultivators, it was not linked to the ancient gods. After all, the ancients gods had disappeared far too long ago.

In the Allheaven Star System, there was a fragment slowly drifting through the void of the Thunder Celestial Realm. At this moment, large amount of clouds that shouldn't appear were quickly condensing toward this fragment, and within them were hidden rumbles.

Shortly after, a bolt of thunder came out from the clouds and landed on the fragment. The thunder quickly dispersed through the fragment, quickly found Wang Lin in a coma, and entered his body.

Wang Lin's body suddenly trembled.

Shortly after, countless thunderbolts gathered and descended on the ground. This caused the fragment to tremble again and a large amount of rocks fell off the edge of the cliff.

The Blood Ancestor was staring at the fragment from a distance. He could clearly feel half his blood body on that fragment, and the origin energy within was being rapidly absorbed.

This feeling made him want to go mad. This was the first time he wanted to kill someone but had inadvertently helped that person grow.

However, he was afraid to move. He carefully looked at the clouds above the fragment. He could feel that the power inside them was slowly brewing and growing stronger.

"This is divine retribution… I didn't think that this person's cultivation could actually cause divine retribution. I presume that the heavens' might that went into the Demon Spirit Land back then was caused by him as well." The Blood Ancestor's eyes became cold.

"The stronger the divine retribution is, the better. If I charged in, I would just end up helping him instead. I'll simply wait here and watch him get killed by the divine retribution. That will be very satisfying as well." The Blood Ancestor sneered as he stared at the fragment and hatred filled his eyes.

The fragment stopped floating due to the restriction placed on it from the large amount of clouds gathering. A large amount of clouds gathered here and another bolt of thunder landed on the fragment.

The fragment trembled once more and the edges shattered even more.

This process lasted for a month, and more and more thunder descended. When the Blood Ancestor looked over, he couldn't even see the edge of the clouds anymore.

He retreated because he didn't want to provoke the might of the divine retribution. There was delight along with hatred in his heart as he muttered, "The more the better. More clouds should gather and kill that Wang Lin. Only then can this old man's hatred be dispelled!"

More and more clouds gathered. Several days later, not only were the clouds above the fragment, the clouds were even around the fragment. The fragment was no longer visible and all one could see were clouds.

At this moment, it was as if the preparation for the divine retribution was complete, and divine retribution arrived.

Countless thunderbolts appeared from the clouds and landed on the fragment. This thunder didn't only come from above but from the all the clouds that had surrounded the fragment.

Loud, thunderous roars echoed across the void. The fragment continued to collapse under the thunder from the clouds. The thunder moved through the fragment and rushed to Wang Lin, who was in a coma.

Wang Lin's body would tremble every time a bolt of thunder entered his body, and countless bolts of thunder had surged into his body. Xu Liguo was terrified and could only hide inside the celestial sword. Even one bolt of this thunder was fatal to him.

At this moment, inside Wang Lin's body, the power of the old man and the Blood Ancestor were negating each other. Normally, this process would take a long time, but the constant bolts of thunder entering his body were rapidly speeding up this process.

The origin energy inside his body increased like crazy. Not only did the thunder from the divine retribution not damage his body, the benefits were unimaginable.

However, he was unconscious. If he was awake, the benefits would be even greater with his guidance.

Large amounts of thunder fell endlessly on the fragment. It was as if the fragment was inside a furnace made by the heavens and being refined by heavenly thunder.

This kind of refining was extremely rare in the current cultivation world because not many materials could survive such a powerful bombardment from heavenly thunder.

If there was, then it had to be the fragments of the Thunder Celestial Realm. This land was originally part of the Thunder Celestial Realm, and it had spent countless years surrounded by celestial thunder. Although it had collapsed, it was still part of the Thunder Celestial Realm.

Although the edges of the fragment were breaking off under the endless bombardment of heavenly thunder, the center became even more sturdy due to the thunder moving through it. It could be said that as it was refined by the heavenly thunder, it became more and more like a magical treasure.

This power contained within the fragment was unimaginable because its material wasn't something ordinary, it was a fragment of the Celestial Realm! If that was just the case, it wouldn't be too special, but it wasn't something that was refined by cultivators, it was fined by the heavens!

The Blood Ancestor gradually realized this and he sucked in a breath of cold air. His eyes were filled with greed. There weren't many treasures that could tempt someone at his cultivation level. However, when he realized that this fragment was turning into a magical treasure by chance, his heart suddenly began to pound.

"Gains and losses are determined by fate. This old man have lost too much this time. If this fragment is refined by the heavens, its power will be completely different. It might be able to display the true power of the Celestial Realm. This treasure was prepared for me!" The Blood Ancestor's eyes revealed excitement.

Thunder continued to descend, but at this moment, all of the thunder suddenly disappeared. A drastic change occurred inside the clouds and a bolt of black thunder began to brew inside them. This bolt of black thunder was the real divine retribution.

It quickly condensed and charged toward the fragment.

At the same time, Wang Lin, who was in the depths of the fragment, opened his eyes!

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