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Chapter 706 – Pitiful Greed

Thunder Daoist shouted, “Xu Mu, you didn’t keep your promise!”

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm. Thunder Daoist was seriously injured and his body was almost devoid of any energy. In order to survive, he had to agree to Wang Lin’s condition, and doing so gave Wang Lin a very good opportunity to refine a celestial guard.

The first requirement for refining a puppet was that the person being refined must be willing!

Wang Lin calmly said, “I will keep my promise, but this second step won’t work unless you are willing. In order to prevent any accidents, I had to make your origin soul come out.” His right hand moved and the celestial guard and Thunder Beast immediately surrounded Thunder Daoist. If Thunder Daoist attempted anything, they would attack without any hesitation.

Without looking at Thunder Daoist’s origin soul, Wang Lin grabbed Thunder Daoist’s body. After taking the bag of holding, he spat out another mouthful of origin energy that surrounded Thunder Daoist’s body.

Thunder Daoist’s origin soul was extremely gloomy as he coldly looked at Wang Lin. He wanted to see what kind of imprint this Xu Mu was going to leave!

Time slowly passed Wang Lin continued to spit out origin energy. The origin energy entered Thunder Daoist’s body like bolts of thunder.

In a flash, several days passed by. Thunder Daoist’s body continued to wither until it was almost just skin and bones. However, thunder moved inside his body, and there was also flashes of copper colored light which looked extremely bizarre.

Thunder Daoist’s origin soul watched intently every day, and his eyes were filled with shock the whole time. At the beginning he didn’t understand what Wang Lin wanted to do, but after a few days, he suddenly understood. This Xu Mu was going to refine him into a puppet!!

The shock in his eyes turned into horror, especially when he looked at the celestial guard puppet next to him. Although he was only an origin soul right now, he felt his body turn cold.

“Could it… Could this puppet be something refined by him?! What is this person’s background to know such a vicious refining method!?”

Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at the mummified body giving off a copper glow. His eyes released a mysterious light.

“It is truly the body of an Illusory Yin cultivator. It is already copper rank without any metal material. If I add a few heavenly treasures, I believe it can climb even more!”

When Thunder Daoist’s origin soul saw Wang Lin open his eyes, he immediately shouted, “Xu Mu, what are you doing!? This old man promised to be your slave, I didn’t promise to be your puppet!” He had shouted many times already, but Wang Lin simply ignored him and continued refining. Watching his own body being refining made his hatred for Wang Lin reached an extreme.

However, he didn’t dare to move carelessly. The seal on his origin soul and being surrounded by the celestial guard, Thunder Beast, and three ultimate primary souls made it so he would die if he made a move.

“Noisy!” Wang Lin frowned and waved his fight hand. The two rays of Ling Tianhou’s sword energy flew out and the cave was immediately filled with sword energy. This sword energy was filled with Ling Tianhou’s tyrannical domain. Under the pressure of the two rays of sword energy, Thunder Daoist immediately shut his mouth. The horror in his eyes became even stronger when he saw at the two rays of sword energy.

His bitter gaze looked around at the dangers surrounding him. Not to mention right now, when he barely had any origin energy, he still wouldn’t dare to carelessly rush out even if he had all his origin energy. What he feared most was those two rays of sword energy!

After Thunder Daoist’s origin soul shut up, Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and covered the entire planet. After a long time, his eyes narrowed and he raised his right hand. The surroundings shook and the underworld river appeared in the sky outside the cave.

Wang Lin shouted, “Underworld river, suck!”

The underworld river in the sky released a powerful suction force. This suction force entered the earth and this abandoned planet began to tremble. The shaking gradually intensified until it was like an earthquake.

Shortly after, ores containing metal element were was pulled out from the ground and into the underworld river one by one. Over time, more and more metal ores were sucked out.

After a long time, the earth slowly stopped trembling and the suction force disappeared. The large amount of metal ores were melted to form three fist-sized golden liquid balls that slowly floated into the cave.

Wang Lin grabbed one of the golden liquid balls, pressed it against Thunder Daost’s forehead, and followed it up with a mouthful of origin energy.

When the third ball disappeared into Thunder Daoist’s body, the copper light disappeared and was replaced by a silver glow.

“Silver grade!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed relief and fell on the still gloomy Thunder Daoist’s origin soul.

“Be my puppet for three thousand years and I’ll give you freedom. How about it?”

Thunder Daoist silently pondered.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Even if you have a life-saving spell, it won’t be faster than my sword energy!”

There were only two roads before Thunder Daoist. The first was risk it and resist, but he was aware that although his life-saving spell was powerful, it couldn’t compare to the two rays of sword energy. If both rays attacked at the same time, he would have no path of retreat!

The second was to agree and become a puppet… He would be exchanging three thousand years of time for his freedom, and that was if Wang Lin kept the promise and didn’t die during those three thousand years… Thunder Daoist looked at the puppet that hadn’t said a word since the beginning.

“This puppet’s body is very strong; it can even fight barehanded against magical treasures… It shouldn’t die during battle…”

At this moment in the far away planet Yun Xia, the dense fog was covering up everything inside. A cold aura was coming from within, causing every cultivator that passed by to make a detour.

In the Allheaven Star System, planet Yun Xia was a place of death. Very few cultivators who entered would return alive.

Just at this moment, the thick fog began to sink violently as if something was trying to charge out. This churning in the fog became even stronger.

In an instant, a thin body wearing tattered clothes charged out in an extremely sorry state. His eyes were filled with fear as he charged out, and there was a huge furnace in front of him.

As he was about to charge out of the fog, the thin face revealed ecstasy. This was the eighth time he had attempted to escape in over seventy years… But just at this moment, a long tentacle lashed out at an unimaginable speed from planet Yun Xia. It wrapped around the thin figure and mercilessly dragged him down.

This person was Greed. He was grabbed by the tentacle and was rapidly pulled down. He looked at the dense fog around him and his eyes revealed despair.

“I have searched for treasures all my life, and I didn’t think something like this would ever happen… Wang Lin, this was all because of you! If you hadn’t come to this damned Allheaven Star System, how could this old man be sent here!?! If I wasn’t sent here, how could I have entered this terrifying planet?!”

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