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Chapter 703 – Spell of the Second Step

Thunder Daoist’s eyes lit up. For the first time he used a spell with his eyes to look at Wang Ping.

Under this gaze, Wang Ping’s body felt cold. It was as if his body had no secrets at all and was completely seen through by the other party.

Wang Lin’s power had touched Thunder Daoist’s bottom line. Unless it was his last resort, he didn’t want to use an origin energy spell, because origin energy was simply too scarce.

With his cultivation level, unless it was a life and death situation, he was unwilling to use an origin energy spell. After all, the more times he used it, the longer he would stay at the Illusory Yin stage. If he couldn’t break through after one thousand years, his cultivation would forever stop progressing.

He had less than 300 years left, so he wasn’t willing to casually use origin energy spells.

What he feared the most was Wang Lin’s thunder. Thunder Daoist deduced that the thunder was related to this person’s domain. If he could break this person’s domain, perhaps he could win without using an origin spell.

“Let this old man see once more! So it was originally a resentful soul. I thought there was some problem; how could a mortal resist my divine sense? At first I thought it was the puppet, but it looks like I was wrong…” Thunder Daoist laughed, and there was a hint of malice in his words. However, his pupils shrank and he stopped what he was saying. His gaze toward Wang Ping revealed a powerful sense of fear.

“This… This is sword energy… This sword energy is too terrifying!” Thunder Daoist gasped and immediately retreated with his scalp feeling numb. That spell just now allowed him to see the two rays of sword energy inside Wang Ping’s body!

“Madman! This person is a madman! He actually used this kind of sword energy to form flesh for a mere soul fragment. This old man can’t fight this time; I need to quickly retreat!” Thunder Daoist’s body trembled and without any hesitation he quickly retreated toward the Thunder Beast.

The two strands of sword energy inside Wang Ping completely frightened him!

Wang Ping silently pondered as he stared at his father’s back, and he didn’t speak for a long time.

Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Thunder Daoist, who was attempting to escape. If it wasn’t for the fact that Ling Tianhou’s sword energies weren’t in his body, he would have released them all to kill this person.

At this moment, without any hesitation, he waved his hand and chopped down! A portion of the origin energy that merged with his origin soul entered the sword.

As Thunder Daoist retreated, his expression changed once more. He felt a terrifying aura descend from the heavens.

“Origin energy spell! How can you use an origin energy spell!?” As Thunder Daoist’s expression changed, he felt a sense of life and death crisis. Thunder Daoist was inferior to the Huan family’s ancestor. After all, the Huan family’s ancestor’s cultivation level was originally at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer. Even though his cultivation level fell, he was still much more powerful than any ordinary Yin and Yang cultivator.

Feeling a sense of crisis, his finger pointed between his eyebrows and his eyes released a white light. This white light was gentle, and it contained a sliver of world origin energy. In an instant, a portion of origin energy came out from Thunder Daoist’s body and charged out from the top of his head.

At this moment, the entire planet trembled and a faintly discernible aura filled the world. Thunder Daoist’s face was pale; it was clear that using an origin energy spell was a huge burden for him.

Thunder Daoist shouted, “Origin energy thunder furnace!” More origin energy came out from his head and then the world changed!

This was a real change and not just some illusion. The sky slowly descended and everything began to sink.

The earth began to rise. There were bursts of rumbling sounds as the ground under Thunder Daoist continued to shake.

The change of the sky and earth completed in an instant. At this moment, there was no longer sky or earth, only a huge, blue furnace!

The sky and earth had turned into a giant furnace! The sky was the lid while the earth was the body! This was an origin energy spell!

At this moment, the Thunder Beast from the Thunder Celestial Temple let out a roar. It dragged its wounded body, turned into a bolt of lightning, and landed on the furnace. Soon, countless carvings gradually appeared on his originally blank furnace.

They were carvings of the Thunder Beast!

“Xu Mu, this is this old man’s origin energy spell! Let us see which of us will live!” The world had been turned into a furnace, and at this moment, Thunder Daoist’s voice was like the heavens’ might.

Thunder rumbled inside the giant furnace and countless lightning bolts appeared everywhere in this boundless world. The furnace formed by the world was like an oven, and it began refining everything inside as more bolts of thunder appeared.

The sword in Wang Lin’s hand simply fell. The strange aura that now contained the law of the world filled the entire furnace. What it was cutting wasn’t any material object but the law of this world!

Bolts of thunder continued to descend on Wang Lin. This thunder wasn’t born from the heavens but from Thunder Daoist’s spell. Aside from thunder, they also contained his dao!

When the Heavenly Chop landed, the furnace turned illusory to Wang Lin’s eyes. There were strands of blue lines surrounding the area, and it was these strands that formed the furnace!

The sword chopped down and the blue strands quickly collapsed. Thunder Daoist’s muffled groan came from the world, and at the same time, more origin energy rushed out of his body to maintain the integrity of the furnace.

Shortly after, even more dao thunder descended. Every bolt that fell on Wang Lin caused his body to tremble. If it wasn’t for his origin soul changing, this much dao thunder would have caused his body to vanish without a trace.

Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder. At this moment, the celestial guard puppet, which was also inside the furnace, began waving its fist like crazy. It bombarded the entire area, making the entire world seem to tremble.

Although the thunder here was strong, the flesh of the puppet was even stronger, so the thunder couldn’t damage it at all. Every punch from the puppet was equal to an Illusory Yin cultivator’s attack as they landed on the furnace. This was the biggest threat to Thunder Daoist!

Almost like a response to the celestial guard puppet, the Thunder Beast roared. Its body gave off a bright light and then a sliver of gold came from its silver horn. Countless thunderbolts flew from its body and spread across the area. The thunder caused countless rumbles and made the furnace shake even harder.

Thunder Daoist’s muffled groan echoed once more and a large amount of origin energy flew out of his body once more into the large furnace.

“Refine for this old man!!!”

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