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Chapter 702 – Shut up

Wang Ping’s heart felt even more bitter. Beside him, Qing Yi held his hand. Her eyes were filled with tenderness as she said, “Don’t worry. No matter what you are, I’ll accompany you.”

Wang Ping silently pondered and nodded.

Thunder Daoist’s expression was gloomy as he stared at Wang Lin and said, “This old man will let you know what a real messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple is!” He raised his hand to point at the sky and shouted, “Celestial Thunder Beast!”

Large amounts of thunder came from all directions and seemed to occupy the entire sky. The thunder condensed like crazy into a giant ball above Thunder Daoist.

Then a thunderous rumble echoed throughout the planet. This sound was filled with majesty that would shock anyone who heard it.

At this moment, the cultivators that had struggled under Thunder Daoist’s divine sense all heard the thunderous rumble. All of the spiritual energy inside their bodies went crazy, and they almost couldn’t control it.

The ball of thunder trembled before suddenly shrinking until it turned into a noble and extraordinary Thunder Beast!

This Thunder Beast was extremely brilliant, and it was discharging two bolts of lightning from its nostrils. Its large eyes revealed its pride as if it was the noblest being in the world.

However, at the moment it looked at Wang Lin, it was startled and revealed a trace of confusion.

Thunder Daoist looked at Wang Lin and calmly said, “It is because of the Thunder Beast that one can be called a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. The crime of pretending to be one is the genocide of your entire family!”

Wang Lin glanced at the Thunder Beast and slowly said, “It can’t be called a Thunder Beast without a thunder horn!” He slapped his bag of holding and the war chariot flew out and turned into a large amount of thunder!

A destructive aura that could destroy the world began to spread. Then a huge beast slowly walked out from the thunder.

It looked like a Qilin, but it wasn’t a Qilin. There was a silver horn on its head that gave off the crackling sounds of lightning!

At the moment it came out, Thunder Daoist’s expression instantly changed. This was the most shock his heart had felt ever since he came to planet Ran Yun. The shock was so great that all he could do was stare at the beast and without saying a word.

The Thunder Beast from the Thunder Celestial Temple above him also released thunder from all over its body, and its four hooves stomped the ground, making it appear extremely aggressive.

The beast formed from the war chariot raised its head and roared at the sky.

Rumbles of thunder came from the sky and bolts of lightning descended. This wasn’t divine retribution, it was caused by the beast’s spell.

The Thunder Beast from the Thunder Celestial Temple released thunder from its nose as if it couldn’t withstand it anymore and also began roaring.

Wang Lin’s Thunder Beast’s eyes became cold. When Thunder Beasts met, if their masters weren’t there to stop them, then they would enter a battle to the death. This was very different from other celestial beasts.

A ray of thunder appeared under the foot of Wang Lin’s Thunder Beast. Without any hesitation, it charged directly at the Thunder Beast from the Thunder Celestial Temple.

That Thunder Beast’s eyes revealed a trace of panic. Its bloodline wasn’t pure, but it could clearly feel that the other beast’s thunder was extremely powerful. However, the dignity from its soul made it refuse to get trampled on, so it let out another roar and rushed up without flinching.

Bursts of thunder echoed across the land as the two Thunder Beasts began their fierce battle.

At this moment, it was as if the world was trembling and everything was dim.

“This… This is… a Silver-Horned Thunder Beast!!!” Thunder Daoist’s gaze fell on the silver horn on Wang Lin’s Thunder Beast, and his eyes were filled with shock.

“Having a Thunder Beast and is well versed with thunder spells…” Thunder Daoist’s face was filled with bitterness. If he hadn’t been ordered to come and make sure that no messenger from the Thunder Celestial Temple had been here 70 years ago, then he would’ve also thought that Wang Lin was a messenger from the Thunder Celestial Temple!

The Thunder Celestial Temple did have Silver-Horned Thunder Beasts, but there were very few of them, and they were all in the hands of the administrative heaven-ranked messengers. If he could obtain a Silver-Horned Thunder Beast, his status in the Thunder Celestial Temple would improve a lot.

His eyes revealed a trace of greed as he looked at the horn on the Thunder Beast. He then looked directly at Wang Lin and no longer hesitated. Both of his hands formed a seal and then his two hands suddenly came together. When he pulled them apart, there was a intense flash and a silver lightning sword formed.

As lightning moved through the sword, Thunder Daoist’s right hand formed a seal and pointed at the puppet. The silver longsword flew out from the Thunder Daoist toward the celestial guard puppet.

“As long as I kill this person, this ownerless Thunder Beast will be mine!” After Thunder Daoist threw the flying sword, he charged out. His hands opened and he shouted, “Thunder Celestial Realm Retribution!”

A ray of purple lightning suddenly appeared in his hand and turned into a net. It gave off a loud rumble as it flew out toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral, but his pupils shrank slightly. This Thunder Daoist was worthy of being a Illusory Yin cultivator. Not only was his body filled with celestial spiritual energy, but his control over thunder was shocking!

“I fear this person’s domain is also related to thunder!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as his right hand touched the bag of holding and the golden celestial brush immediately appeared in his hand.

Wang Lin waved the brush in the air and a symbol suddenly appeared. He didn’t stop but continued at an extremely fast pace and suddenly drew seven strokes!

Seven strokes was his limit! He had to divide a portion of his origin soul for each stroke, and with seven strokes, he had already divided his origin soul seven times!

After Wang Lin’s origin soul absorbed the ancient thunder dragon, it changed. Now that seven portions of his origin soul were inside the symbol, the symbol no longer emitted a golden glow but a white glow filled with thunder!

This time it didn’t only emit the pressure of a celestial, the pressure of heavenly thunder was present as well! At the moment the symbol was complete, there were crackling sounds coming from the lightning moving through it.

A unimaginable destructive force exploded like a storm from the symbol!

This pressure was the true might of heavenly thunder; it was not something average thunder spells could compare to. The moment this might of heavenly thunder appeared, even the two Thunder Beasts that were battling not far away stopped and looked over. With their awareness for thunder, they clearly felt that that thunder contained the a trace of ancient heavenly thunder!

This ancient heavenly thunder came from the ancient thunder dragon. The ancient thunder dragon once controlled thunder for the heavens and gained the power to control heavenly thunder. After Wang Lin devoured the ancient thunder dragon, it gradually fused with his origin soul and he gained that power.

It could even be said that the thunder from Wang Lin’s origin soul was above all other thunder in the world. If Thunder Daoist used other spells, he would be fine, but if he faced Wang Lin with thunder spells, there was no chance for him to win!

Even though his cultivation level was higher, it wasn’t high enough. He would have to be in the real second step to win!

Wang Lin had absolute superiority when it came to thunder, and there was no thunder spell in the world that could injure him!

In other words, Wang Lin was a living thunder dragon!

After drawing the seven-stroke symbol, the brushed gently tapped the symbol and it flew toward Thunder Daoist.

Thunder Daoist’s expression was gloomy. He clenched his teeth and pushed the thunder his palm to meet the symbol.


The symbol collapsed, carrying endless force along with seven portions of Wang Lin’s origin soul, and directly imprinted on Thunder Daoist. The purple lightning in his hand immediately disintegrated and he sprayed out a large mouthful of blood before retreating like crazy.

Boom, boom, boom, boom! Every explosion was a portion of origin soul echoing inside Thunder Daoist’s body. He continued to cough out blood as he continued to retreat.

When the final portion of origin soul finished echoing, Thunder Daoist’s face was pale and he had already retreated 1,000 feet. The aghast in his eyes was monstrous.

This was the first time in his life that he was defeated by a thunder spell. He even had a feeling that if he were to compared to his enemy, this Xu Mu was the real messenger of the Thunder Celestial Realm and he was the fake.

This sense of confusion made him take a deep breath and his eyes became even more gloomy.

Wang Lin sighed in his heart. This Thunder Daoist was indeed an Illusory Yin cultivator. After being hit by the symbol, he was only injured and his core wasn’t affected.

The other party’s celestial spiritual energy was too strong, and there were even traces of the origin energy mixed in. When the thunder entered Thunder Daoist’s body, it was constantly being dissolved by this force.

“You are very strong! I guess you were in seclusion in planet Ran Yun in order to comprehend your domain. If given another 100 years, perhaps you would become even stronger than me. If your cultivation level was same as mine, I would die without a doubt, but unfortunately, your cultivation stopped at the first step!” Thunder Daoist took a deep breath and all his injuries immediately recovered.

However, Wang Lin could clearly feel that there seemed to be a bit less of the world origin energy in the other’s body.

Thunder Daoist said, with a heavy tone, “I’ll ask you one more time: hand over the Silver-Horned Thunder Beast and the puppet and I’ll let you go! Otherwise, you will definitely die today! The spell I used was only a normal spell, but if you remain stubborn, I’ll use an origin energy spell exclusive to second step cultivators. You won’t be able to resist!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as his right hand touched his bag of holding and a large sword appeared in his grasp. He calmly said, “Attack, let me experience an Illusory Yin cultivator’s origin energy spell!”

Whether it was the Huan family’s ancestor, or Qian Kuizi, or Thunder Daoist, Wang Lin found one thing in common between the three of them, and that was the origin energy!

It was obvious that this origin energy was the key of second step cultivators!

This battle could be said to be Wang Lin’s first time personally battling an Illusory Yin cultivator. The powerful recovery ability of an Illusory Yin cultivator made Wang Lin’s heart gloomy.

Thunder Daoist’s gaze went past Wang Lin and landed on Wang Ping and Qing Yi. His eyes revealed a mysterious light and he slowly said, “You gave up comprehending your domain for a dead person. This has puzzled this old man greatly!”

Wang Lin suddenly looked up, revealing bloodshot eyes. He raised the sword in his hand and coldly said, “Shut up!”

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