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Chapter 700 – Startling Change

The end of a mortal’s life is a century, but not many can actually live a full century.

When Wang Ping was 72 years old, he felt that his life was at its end. A year later, though his body was still healthy, he could clearly feel that his life was about to end.

Winter came early this year, just like the year Sun Tai left. The snow had sealed the roads early on, so the villagers couldn’t go out and could only slowly pass the winter with their loved ones.

The cold wind roared in the sky as if it was taking lives that were about to end one by one. The entire process was like a reincarnation cycle.

The winter this year seemed to be even colder than the winters before it, and the wind carried bone-piercing coldness. At night it was especially cold. If a simple house didn’t start a warm fire, it would be pierced by the coldness of the night wind.

In a house in the western part of the village, there was a fire glowing in a window, giving off a trace of warmth. However, compared to the cold, winter night, it seemed so insignificant.

The cold wind roared through the air and surrounded the area. The wind formed a mini vortex that kicked up a large amount of snow into the air.

The livestock in the village were all curled up and slightly trembling as they resisted the coldness of the wind.

The sky was completely dark aside from the endless snow. If one looked at it for too long, they would feel lost.

Wang Ping was sitting on a chair with a carving knife in his hand, and he was carving stroke by stroke. He was carving a trace of nostalgia at the end of his life.

What he was carving was still his father, but his father’s appearance was even older.

This year, Wang Ping often dreamed about his childhood and remembered drinking the bowls of medicine. The taste back then was bitter, but now it seemed somewhat sweet. What was sweet wasn’t the taste but the warmth he felt.

Qing Yi was sitting beside him and looking at him. There was a trace of sadness in her tender gaze.

Bursts of roaring, cold wind came from the outside as if it wanted to rush in and take away Wang Ping, who was nearing his end.

Wang Ping softly said, “After I die, burn these statues…” He looked at the last statue in his hand. This was a half-finished product, and he was going to complete it.

There was a huge, wooden shelf on the side of the room. There were more than one hundred statues placed on it, and every single one of them was of Wang Lin.

Some of the statues had a statue of a small child beside them. The child had a satisfied smile while holding his father’s hand, giving off a sense of attachment.

Wang Ping looked at the carving in his hand and softly whispered, “Father, I have forgiven you long ago…”

A bright bolt of thunder closed in on the planet on this dark, winter night. The planet’s atmosphere instantly disintegrated as the thunderbolt descended and echoed across planet Ran Yun.

At this moment, every snowflake trembled as if they were frozen in mid air.

Even the raging, cold wind collapsed at this moment.

At this moment, all of the cultivators on planet Ran Yun noticed this powerful aura, and the might of the thunder exploded in their ears.

The Sun family’s ancestor, Sun Xi, had been in closed door cultivation for many years, but at this moment, his eyes lit up. In a flash, he arrived in the sky and looked up. His expression immediately changed.

“What powerful celestial spiritual energy and thunder!” Sun Xi sucked in a breath of cold air and his pupils shrank.

Behind him, the late stage Soul Transformation cultivators came out one by one. There was a total of eight people. Sun Qiming stood out and said, “Ancestor, it seems the person came with ill intent!”

The Ran and Zhao families also came out. However, they weren’t as strong as the Sun family; after all, most of their experts had left a long time ago.

Vast Water City, Wang mansion courtyard. Wang Lin put down the wine jug and slightly looked up. There was no color in his eyes, making it seem like he was a real old man, and they were very foggy.

He only took one glance before lowering his head and drinking a mouthful of wine.

A huge beast covered in lightning moved through the sky. Two streams of hot air were flowing out of its nostrils, making it look extremely fierce, and there was a middle-aged man sitting on its back. He was the Thunder Celestial Temple’s Thunder Daoist!

His eyes were like lightning as he coldly looked at the earth. His divine sense instantly swept across the planet without any care; Vast Water City was included as well.

However, for some reason, when his divine sense swept by, he didn’t stop on Wang Lin at all.

As his divine sense swept by, every cultivator on planet Ran Yun trembled. Along with the cultivators, all of the monsters also trembled under this divine sense as if they were facing the might of the heavens.

Even mortals felt the same, but they weren’t aware of the reason. They only felt cold followed by a shock to their minds before they all passed out.

At this moment, the entire planet became silent like it never had before…

Shortly after, Thunder Daoist withdrew his divine sense and frowned. He searched the entire planet and didn’t find anyone who met the requirements.

When he withdrew his divine sense, the snow started falling once more and the cold wind moved again.

“It has been too long; maybe he has already left. That person sure is lucky!” Thunder Daoist turned around to leave, but his eyes suddenly narrowed. His divine sense moved like lightning and locked onto a small, mountain village on planet Ran Yun.

When the divine sense swept by, Qing Yi immediately turned pale and her body trembled. The spiritual energy inside her body also collapsed, and it took her a long time to somewhat recover.

Wang Ping was startled. He raised his head to look at Qing Yi and softly asked, “Qing Yi, what’s wrong?”

Just as Qing Yi was about to speak, her expression immediately changed and she coughed out a mouthful of blood. A powerful divine sense pushed away the snow and wind and directly descended here.

This divine sense was so powerful that it caused the entire earth to tremble. The thick layer of snow on the ground was suddenly shaken and launched into the air.

Outside the room, the snow and wind that were just allowed to move collapsed once more. It looked like Wang Ping’s residence was isolated from the world. Outside, the snow fell and wind blew, but everything was completely still near the house.

It was as if all of the wind and snow around his house had been crushed.

Qing Yi’s newly formed origin soul immediately struggled to release spiritual energy. This allowed her to take one step before this powerful divine sense, and she stood before Wang Ping.

Her appearance was old, but her eyes revealed an unyielding struggle.

“Interesting! You didn’t pass out!” The cold voice echoed through the room.

At the moment the voice appeared, the door was suddenly opened and a middle-aged man walked in. At the moment he walked in, Qing Yi’s face turned deathly pale.

She could feel an unimaginable aura coming from the other party. This aura was very strong; it was like the might of the heavens and was impossible to resist.

Before him, Qing Yi felt like she was only an ant, as if with just one thought, this person could kill countless people like her. She would die without a grave and never be able to be reborn.

What really made her pupils shrink was that there were flashes of lightning coming from him. The lightning that moved around his body made him look like a thunder celestial.

He seemed to casually step into the room, but the whole room started crackling. Lightning moved along the walls and made the entire house become a lighting cage!

If one looked from outside, they would clearly see that Wang Ping’s house was surrounded by lightning. The Thunder Beast was lying idly in the sky, and its eyes were filled with disdain. It was as if nothing in the world was worth its slightest attention.

This was because it was a Thunder Beast! The holy beast of the old Thunder Celestial Realm!

Although its bloodline wasn’t very pure and there was a very big gap between its ancestors, its pride came from its bones.

Wang Ping put down the wood carving and stood next to Qing Yi. He looked at the middle-aged man and calmly asked, “Who are you?”

The current Wang Ping wasn’t like a mortal at all. The calmness in his eyes wasn’t fake, he was truely calm. He stood before Qing Yi like a man that was holding up the world.

All of this was due to his father, Wang Lin. 19 years of ordinary life, eight years of travel, and more than 30 years of being a supreme ruler among mortals allowed him to have a heart that doesn’t fear the heavens. He wasn’t afraid of the heavens collapsing, much less of this cultivator!

Qing Yi stared at Wang Ping’s eyes. At this moment his figure was forever engraved in her mind. The tenderness in Qing Yi’s eyes became even stronger. She dispersed her cultivation, she stood next to her husband, and calmly looked at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man looked meaningfully at Wang Ping, and his eyes revealed a strange light. This gaze seemed to be able to see through Wang Ping.

The reason his divine sense descended here was because all of the mortals had passed out when his divine sense swept by. This was because his cultivation was too strong and contained a hint of thunder, which made his divine sense felt like the might of the heavens for mortals.

However, only this mortal before him didn’t pass out, and it looked like this mortal didn’t even notice that his divine sense had passed by. This was why it aroused his interest and his divine sense had locked on to this place!

He slowly said, “Interesting! No wonder you didn’t pass out. It was like this…”

Just at the moment the middle-aged man stepped into the room, in the far away Vast Water City. Wang Lin was originally sitting in a chair holding a jug of wine when he suddenly stood up. The wine jug in his right hand shattered and even the wine inside completely disintegrated.

When Wang Lin raised his head, the eyes that hadn’t showed any color for seventy years showed coldness that had never appeared before. This was even more terrifying than the time in the restaurant. The difference was heaven and earth and simply couldn’t be compared!

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