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Chapter 699 – A Real Messenger From the Thunder Celestial Temple
The moon was bright and the stars were sparkling.

The autumn wind accompanied Wang Lin’s voice and seemed like it was unwilling to leave the courtyard. The story of the youth on planet Suzaku contained a hint of sadness among the twists and turns. This feeling became even stronger with the autumn wind.

Qing Yi’s eyes had already shed countless tears as she silently listened. Half way through the story, Wang Ping lowered his head, so his face was hidden.

“After that, he brought the child over and settled down on planet Ran Yun…” When Wang Lin finished his story, he picked up the jag and drank a mouthful before silently staring at the sky.

Qing Yi stared at the father and son before her with an unknown emotion in her heart. She subconsciously grabbed Wang Ping’s hand and immediately found that his hands were completely cold.

The courtyard was extremely quiet. After a long time, Wang Ping softly said with his hoarse voice, “The story was very beautiful. Dad, I’m tired.” Wang Ping stood up and walked toward a side room in the courtyard. Qing Yi bowed to Wang Lin and followed Wang Ping.

Wang Lin was the only person remaining in the courtyard. He silently sat there and stared into the distance.

The coldness of the autumn wind reached its peak at night. It took some of the leaves far into the distance.

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin let out a sigh and lowered his head. He then picked up the jug to drink only to find that he was out of wine…

Wang Ping got no sleep that night.

He stared at the moon in the sky with pain in his eyes as he sat inside the room. Qing Yi only sat beside him and held his hand. She didn’t say anything and only silently accompanied him.

“It turns out… This was the answer… The answer I waited over sixty years for…” The pain in Wang Ping’s eyes became even stronger.

“It turns out I was refined into a resentful spirit by Mother…” Wang Ping lowered his head. His face was filled with bitterness and melancholy.

At the morning of the next day, Wang Ping left, and Qing Yi still followed him.

From beginning to end, he didn’t say a word to his father or even looked at his father. Even when he left, he did so early in the morning. He silently sat in the wagon and went far away from Vast Water City.

He didn’t notice that when he left, a gaze silently looked at the carriage from a distance. This gaze was filled with vicissitude…

Wang Lin walked out from the room, sat in the courtyard, and quietly looked at the sky. “Perhaps one day you will understand…” he muttered.

Wang Ping didn’t know where to go and was just blankly moving ahead. He felt very tired; it was as if nothing in this world could make him raise his head and take a look anymore.

Wang Ping whispered, “Qing Yi, I’m very tired. Let’s find a quiet mountain village to live in…”

Qiang Yi nodded. Her eyes were filled with tenderness.

Wang Ping and Qing Yi settled down in a ordinary mountain village and they lived a quiet life. They were no longer young, and the passage of his life often flashed across Wang Ping’s eyes.

His entire life was 18 years of ordinary life, eight years of travel, 25 years of battle, and ten years of being the supreme leader. Although it was a short life, it was more exciting than anything ordinary people would experience.

However, in the end he still returned to his starting point, back to his ordinary life. Every morning he would get up and carve wood in the yard. There was warmth in this ordinary life. Qing Yi would always sit behind him and watch with a soft gaze as he carved the wood stroke by stroke…

“Father once said that carving requires one to use their heart. Only then can all the memories be engraved on the carving.” Wang Ping held the carving before him and gently blew on it, causing all of the saw dust to fly up into the air.

After putting down the wood carving, Wang Ping’s eyes revealed a trace of nostalgia and he softly said, “This is the young father.”

The carving was Wang Lin. The young Wang Lin had fierce eyes, his hand was behind his bad, and he looked at the world with a proud aura.

Time flashed by and another ten years passed.

The passage of time wasn’t able to wash away the traces of the reincarnation cycle. Life and death continued, and no one could escape the path set by the heavens.

Ten years was a long time, yet it felt really short. This was a very contradicting feeling, but it was a true portrayal of how every mortal felt.

For Wang Lin, these ten years were short yet felt very long.

His haired turned white and was very long as if it hasn’t been groomed in a long time. His face was very old, and when he closed his eyes, he felt as if he had entered the reincarnation cycle.

During these ten years of calmness, his understanding of the heavens became even more clear and profound. He didn’t do this intentionally, he inadvertently and naturally gained enlightenment.

It was like how most of the trees in the courtyard had died because they weren’t able to escape the reincarnation cycle. However, after they died, new life appeared.

Within the life and death domain, the changes of life were everywhere. If it was before, then Wang Lin wouldn’t have seen the comprehension of life even if he saw this. However, now, no matter where he looked, he saw life.

The flower by the wall withered every year but bloomed every year as well.

The clouds in the sky would scatter but would always gather once more. Just like how some people died and others were born as if there was a balance.

It could be said that karma was also contained within this.

Wang Lin was the only person living inside the Wang mansion. The surrounding neighbors had long grown accustomed to this. The surrounding children would often come here to play. At first they were afraid of Wang Lin, but before long they found out that this old grandfather wasn’t scary at all.

The Wang mansion gradually became a place for children to play. Wang Lin watched the children every day, and his heart was calm.

Descendants have their own fortunes. He did what he should’ve done and said what he should’ve said. Whether Wang Ping understood depended on Wang Ping himself.

Wang Lin believed that a child he raised would have a mind as open as the heavens and would be able to get through any restraint!

After ten years of time, Wang Ping was even older. He had entered the twilight of his life, but he had never put down the carving in his hand.

Wang Ping softly said, “Father was right, an ordinary life is better. If I have a choice or if there is another life, I hope I can spend an ordinary life with Father in an small, mountain village…”

Beside him, Qing Yi quietly looked at Wang Ping and softly said, “Since you already understand, why don’t you go see him?”

Wang Ping put down the carving of his father. This was a carving of Wang Lin from ten years ago. He sat down before the table and gently said, “Let’s eat.”

“Qing Yi, you don’t understand…” The wisdom in Wang Ping’s eyes became even stronger as he grew older.

“In my heart, aside from the question about my mother, I had another doubt I dared not ask about… I had a feeling that this doubt was the real reason why Father wouldn’t let me cultivate.” Wang Ping’s eyes revealed a trace of sadness. This sadness was very similar to Wang Lin’s. He had seen through some clues but didn’t dare to look deeper into them.

“Qing Yi, I can feel that I have reached the end of my life; I fear I don’t have much time left. You are a cultivator and can live longer than me. Once I die, please send me to my father.

“As for you, you are free. However, no matter how much time passes, you are not allowed to forget that you belonged to me for one reincarnation cycle!” Wang Ping’s voice contained a trace of determination.

Qing Yi’s body trembled. She was about to speak, but she was interrupted by Wang Ping.

“It has been hard for you, these years. As a cultivator, you can change your appearance. In order for me not to feel lonely, you have been gradually making yourself age with me. I, Wang Ping, will never forget this. If there is another life, I will never forget you!”

Tears fell from Qing Yi’s eyes. Her cultivation level had been raised by Wang Lin to the peak of the late stage of Nascent Soul. More than twenty years ago, she comprehended her domain while accompanying Wang Ping. Her domain was regretless passion.

“I’ll even accompany you in the afterlife!” Qing Yi softly said, “Cultivation is mere dust in my eyes… I don’t want to be a ruthless celestial, I just want to be a sentimental person…”

Wang Ping stared at Qing Yi, then he sighed and softly said, “Why be like this…”

At this moment, a bolt of thunder whistled by as it moved through the stars. If one looked closely, there was an incredibly huge and fierce beast inside it. This beast looks like a Qilin, but it didn’t have a horn. Its entire body was surrounded by flashes of lightning, it was a Thunder Beast!

There was a middle-aged scholar sitting on the back of the Thunder Beast. This person’s cultivation was powerful enough, so he didn’t mind the lighting form the Thunder Beast moving through his body.

The bolt of thunder was extremely fast as he moved toward the northern domain of the Allheaven Star System.

His goal was very clear; it was planet Ran Yun in the northern domain!

Seventy years ago there was a change on planet Thousand Illusion. The Huan family’s ancestor, who was in the second step, died, and it was suspected that a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple was behind it. This rumor gradually spread and aroused the attention of the Thunder Celestial Temple.

According to the investigation, it seemed the suspected messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple didn’t leave planet Ran Yun, so he was sent here to check.

The middle-aged man’s cultivation level was already past the first step of cultivation and was at the Illusory Yin stage. He was sitting on the back of the Thunder Beast as he entered the northern domain. He didn’t stop at all and charged straight for planet Ran Yun.

“There are even people who dare to impersonate a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. This kind of thing hasn’t happened for a very long time!” The middle-aged man sneered. As a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple, his power was great. In the entire Allheaven Star System, aside from a few ancient cultivation families, almost no one dared to provoke the Celestial Thunder Temple.

“Just let me, Thunder Daoist, a real messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple, meet this person. Don’t think that just being able to use a few thunder spells means you can pretend to be a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. Real members of the Thunder Celestial Temple own a Thunder Beast!” Thunder Daoist patted the Thunder Beast’s head with his right hand.

The Thunder Beast seemed to notice his owner’s pride. It let out a roar that echoed among the stars. They were getting closer and closer to planet Ran Yun.

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