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Chapter 623 – I’m Begging You Celestial Capture Net…

“Celestial qilin!” After the short old man saw Wang Lin release a qilin, he suddenly realized that something was wrong. Then he saw the qilin’s gaze and his heart trembled.

All of the celestial beast feeds trembled when the qilin appeared; it was as if they had just met their natural enemy. They all let out sharp shrills and without any hesitation they turned around to escape.

Not only the ones in the sky, but even the the cultivators on the ground began to tremble as if they were enduring a lot of pain. Green lines appeared on the heads of the cultivators and condensed into dots on each of their heads.

Seeing that those celestial beast feeds were about to escape, the qilin let out invisible gas from its nose. This gas spread out like a roar, and it contained a mysterious force within it. All of the surrounding celestial beast feeds trembled and didn’t dare to escape anymore.

The qilin arrived next to the celestial beast feeds and inhaled all of them. The celestial beast feeds were converted into an energy that was very nutritious for celestial beasts.

This scene caused the short old man to become dumbfounded.

The qilin licked its lips and stared at the green dots on the cultivators’ heads. Clearly it hadn’t eaten its fill.

The short old man’s expression became ugly and then he quickly took out another item from his bag of holding. What he took out was a brush. The body of the brush was crystal clear, but the tip was snow white as if it had never touched ink before.

The moment he took it out, it released a sense of majesty! Even the qilin couldn’t help but reveal a sense of shock under this sense of majesty.

After he took it out, he gave Wang Lin a ferocious stare and shouted, “Little brat Wang Lin, since you recognize the celestial beast feed, do you recognize this!?”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t speak but slapped his bag of holding, and the God Slaying War Chariot appeared. After its true inheritance had been activated, the weakness of its slow activation had disappeared.

The short old man shouted, “Even you don’t know what this is. Let me tell you, this is something I carried around with me back in the Celestial Realm. I used it to enlighten lower realm cultivators! This old man is really considering the fact that it’s very difficult for you to cultivate this far, so scram now! If you don’t scram, then I’ll really attack!”

Wang Lin looked at the old man and slowly said, “You don’t need to keep telling me to leave. I have already noticed that although you are at the mid stage of Ascendant, you are just like those celestial guardians. None of you have any origin energy inside your bodies!”

The short old man’s greatest secret was revealed by Wang Lin. Feeling furious from embarrassment, he waved the brush in his hand. Then he coughed out a mouth full of blood and drew a symbol with the brush.

The moment the symbol appeared, a powerful force began to spread from the symbol.

Wang Lin revealed hint of shock for the first time, but soon that shock turned into excitement!

He stared at the symbol and then his gaze turned to the brush. The excitement in his eyes turned into unimaginable joy!

Wang Lin wasn’t unfamiliar with this symbol. It was exactly the same as the one he encountered on the path outside of the cave.

He had studied this symbol many times and had also drawn it many times, but they displayed no power. He could never reproduce the amazing power of the four stroke symbol, and he always regretted it in his heart.

However, at this moment, he saw the symbol again from this short old man. Although this symbol was only one stroke, it was a real symbol and it was very powerful!

Wang Lin’s gaze caused the short old man’s heart to tremble. He wasn’t unfamiliar with this gaze. When the qilin saw those celestial beast feeds, it had the same gaze.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin released the most intense battle intent since entering the Demon Spirit Land. He pointed at the God Slaying War Chariot and shouted, “Thunder beast!”

Lightning and thunder suddenly appeared in the sky and landed directly on the chariot. At the same time, the silver-horned thunder beast appeared under the strikes of lightning.

The moment it appeared, it let out a roar. Its roar caused changes in the clouds and caused the sky to rumble. The entire sky was immediately covered in lightning.

At this moment, the qilin also began to roar. Although its roar wasn’t as powerful as the thunder beast’s, it wasn’t weak either. This roar caused all of the green dots to be shaken out of the surrounding cultivators’ bodies, and they were devoured by the qilin.

Right after that happened, the symbol drawn by the brush flew out toward Wang Lin.

But just at this moment, the thunder beast let out a roar and stepped forth. Strands of lightning descended from the sky, creating an incredible scene of lightning raining down. A series of lightning bolts descended from the sky and landed on the symbol.

Although this symbol’s power was great, the short old man seemed to only know this one stroke, so he couldn’t display its true power. He could only watch as the symbol was weakened by the lightning strikes until it collapsed!

After being stunned for a moment, the short old man’s body trembled. He was afraid, and without any hesitation, he turned around to escape!

Several hundred years after he had that lucky encounter, he managed to take control of a large number of cultivators. However, because he was cautious, or to be more accurate, he was very timid, he never dared to provoke Ascendant cultivators or demon general level people.

His timidness was innate. He had reached the late stage of Soul Transformation a long time ago, but he didn’t have the slightest bit of courage to try to reach the Ascendant stage.

He was afraid of death!

However, he gradually forgot about this caution after he gathered 10 celestial guardians. He began to personally act to catch more cultivators to fuse with the broken jades. He hoped to cultivate more experts at the level of the celestial guardians.

“What is this damn Wang Lin’s background? How can he be this powerful!? Damn it, if I can escape this time, I’ll definitely smash the head of the cultivator from Ancient Demon City who told me news of Wang Lin!” As the short old man escaped, he cursed in his heart.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with passion. Even if he had to use all of the celestial spiritual energy in his body, he wouldn’t let this short old man escape. His eyes were completely red right now. However, this wasn’t red from slaughter but red from the treasure in the old man’s hand.

In Wang Lin’s eyes, the old man was a moving treasure chest. Wang Lin was very puzzled; if this old man had this many treasures, how come no one had come to steal them from him throughout all these years?

He didn’t know that this old man had always been timid and careful. It was only in these past few decades that he had gotten more bold. Before, when the old man captured cultivators, he only caught cultivators from small sects. However, recently he had become bold and began to capture disciples of large sects. Capturing the Heavenly Fate Sect’s Blue Division disciple was one of his bold performances.

Although this short old man was at the mid stage of Ascendant, he obtained it through special methods. As a result, if he encountered a weak early stage Ascendant cultivator, he could still hold his own. However, if he met someone like Wang Lin, who could match real mid stage Ascendant cultivators, his power was really insignificant!

In addition, although he had powerful treasures, he could barely use most of them. He could only use them on a superficial level; to be able to display just 1% of their power was his limit.

As the short old man quickly escaped, he felt like he had gone back to before he had that lucky encounter and was still a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator being chased by powerful cultivators.

His heart was furious and he cursed Wang Lin. However, a ray of black light quickly closed in from behind him. The old man quickly drew a symbol with the brush to block the spell.

Then he mercilessly took a step with his right foot and his body released a burst of fire. When the fire disappeared, he also disappeared.

Wang Lin’s eyes became even more red. Although the old man’s skill was quite poor, he sure had mastered the art of escaping. In half an hour of time, this person had already used 10 spells that even caused Wang Lin to be shocked.

This was the 11th escape spell that was completely different from the last 10!

Wang Lin sneered and teleported away. He spread out his divine sense and immediately found the short old man 15,000 kilometers away.

The fire disappeared from the old man’s body and then he quickly flew away. He suddenly revealed a bitter expression as Wang Lin’s figure appeared from the void before him and charged at him.

The old man revealed a look of hesitation. He clenched his teeth and then threw the brush in his hand away. The brush floated in the air and ripples appeared around it. It seemed like it was about to penetrate through the void and disappear.

After the old man threw the brush, he quickly formed a seal. A metal aura appeared and quickly surrounded his whole body. Then he immediately rushed away from Wang Lin, and his speed had unexpectedly increased 100 fold!

“Little brat Wang Lin, that celestial brush truely belonged to a celestial. If that disappears into the void, it will be very difficult for you to find it again!” The old man’s voice slowly came from the distance.

Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral and his right hand touched his bag of holding. The celestial sword and the half-moon blade flew out. Xu Liguo’s figure appeared, and without Wang Lin giving him any orders, he already knew what Wang Lin wanted. He let out a roar as he looked at the black blade and shouted, “Little Black, speed! Speed! I want to catch that brush!”

The black blade flashed and disappeared. It carried Xu Liguo directly into the void.

Wang Lin took a step and activated the greater teleportation spell to chase after the short old man.

As the old man escaped, he noticed Wang Lin chasing after him and immediately began to cry. He thought, “He… What does he want!? I already threw away my celestial brush; why doesn’t he let me go?!”

He detected that Wang Lin was quickly closing in with his divine sense. He clenched his teeth and took out a net that was glowing green.

The old man mumbled to himself, “Compared to the Divine Soul Brush, my control of this Celestial Capture Net is even weaker, so I have never used it against an enemy. I beg you, Celestial Capture Net, this time you… you must recognize the right enemy. It can be considered fate that I found you…right!? This time you must not trap me!” He really wasn’t willing to use this Celestial Capture Net unless it was his last resort. To him, this net was simply too strange.

After he obtained it, he used it while no one was around to see what power it had. He didn’t expect the net to trap him instead, and it lasted for three days.

After that, he hesitated for a long time, but he wasn’t willing give up, so he tried again. This resulted in him trapping himself for another three days. It was only at the third attempt that he managed to trap the piece of wood he was using for this experiment.

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