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Chapter 622 – Celestial Beast Grain

“You provoked me twice, and now that I came here today, you ask me who I am…” Wang Lin’s voice was very calm. It was impossible to tell if he was happy or angry.

“Your name is Wang… I don’t remember offending anyone named Wang…” The short old man’s expression was gloomy as he sat inside the castle. He could easily tell that Wang Lin was not simple. This person had truly reached the early stage of Ascendant and now had his own dao.

Among the three women before the old man, Sun Yunshan’s little sister, Sun Ruonan, softly said, “He… He should be Wang Lin!”

“Wang Lin!!” The short old man was startled, and his expression immediately became gloomy. He would had never thought that the little cultivator that he wanted to capture and turn into a celestial guardian on a whim would now be at this level of cultivation. If he had knew about this back then, he would have never provoked Wang Lin given his personality.

The short old man pondered a bit and slowly said, “Fellow cultivator Wang, earlier it was me being reckless, offending you twice. You have already killed two of my celestial guardians, so we are even. Today I won’t make it hard for you, so you can leave! After today, our paths will not cross!”

When his words reached the three women before him, the three women were surprised. The three of them had a very good understanding of this old Ancestor. Although this person’s cultivation level was high, he was narrow minded. Now that someone had come knocking on his door, not only did he not attack, he was even letting this Wang Lin go.

This was especially true for Sun Ruonan. Although she didn’t know much about Wang Lin, she thought that no matter how fierce he was, he couldn’t compare to the old Ancestor. It has to be said that the Ancestor was a celestial. He only needed one spell to completely trap four peak late stage Soul Transformation cultivators.

Not to mention the fact that the Ancestor still had eight more celestial guardians. She just didn’t believe they would lose if all eight celestial guardians attacked at once!

After hearing the old man’s words, Wang Lin continued to walk toward the castle. He shook his head and said, “Two celestial guardians are merely two broken jades. How can that cancel out your crime of offending me?”

The expression of the short old man inside the castle changed. His eyes released a ray of golden light and he gloomily said, “What an arrogant person. You are merely an early stage Ascendant cultivator; do you really think I can’t kill you? The remaining eight celestial guardians, summon the Celestial Emperor and kill this man!”

After he said that, eight figures suddenly flew out from the castle. There were women and men among the eight of them. Their figures moved like lightning and they gave off the pressure and aura of Ascendant cultivators.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he coldly looked at the the eight of them. The eight of them suddenly sat down in the lotus position. The positions they sat in created a formation that contained a sense of heavenly law. Their hands continuously formed different seals.

Then an aura filled with celestial spiritual energy exploded forth from their bodies. The aura fused together in a strange manner above them. It turned into a phantom in the sky that gave off bursts of celestial spiritual energy.

This phantom gradually became solid and suddenly turned into a middle-aged man. This man was wearing a green robe, had a head of flowing hair, and held a green longsword in his hand.

An aura like the heavens’ might spread out from this phantom. At this moment, all of the surrounding cultivators knelt and respectfully said, “Lower realm cultivators greet Celestial Emperor…”

The old man’s laughter came from within the castle. His tone was filled with arrogance as he shouted, “Wang Lin, this old man won’t lie to you. I am originally from the Celestial Realm! After the Celestial Realm shattered, I arrived here due to luck. All of my spells are real celestial spells; they are not things you can resist! It is not too late for you to leave now, but if you truly provoke me, you will without a doubt die!”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light when he saw the phantom of the middle-aged man holding the green sword. He raised his right hand and the sky darkened. The underworld river descended and circled around Wang Lin, then it charged directly at the phantom of the middle-aged man.

At this moment, the celestial spiritual energy within the eight celestial guardians exploded forth like a raging storm. The celestial spiritual energy entered the phantom through the seal in their hands.

Then an unimaginable majesty suddenly spread out from the middle-aged man. The phantom’s eyes seemed to gain intelligence as he stared at Wang Lin, then he pointed his green sword at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s pupil’s suddenly shrank. Although the action of pointing the sword had no attack power, Wang Lin had the urge to retreat. He felt as if his origin soul would collapse if he didn’t retreat!

This kind of feeling was extremely strong, but it wasn’t something Wang Lin hadn’t encountered before. The divine retribution back then also had this power!

Wang Lin cultivated against the heavens and had a very firm dao heart. He forced himself to not retreat, and not only that, he even took a step forward!

However, he had only taken a half a step when the eight celestial guardians coughed out blood and their eyes dimmed. The blood they coughed out contained all of the celestial and life energy in their bodies!

These eight mouthfuls of blood were absorbed by the middle-aged man. Suddenly, his gaze toward Wang Lin became even more intelligent!

At the moment Wang Lin’s step was about to land, he opened his mouth and spoke a silent word!

This word was silent, but Wang Lin’s ears were filled with an unimaginable rumble. Wang Lin took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

His foot suddenly landed!

At the moment his step landed, the eight celestial guardians’ bodies trembled and their eyes went completely dark.

At the same time, the underworld river swept by. The phantom of the middle-aged man trembled before shattering.

That terrifying feeling completely disappeared.

“What a powerful illusionary attack…” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he let out a cold snort. He began moving forward once more and fused with the underworld river. The underworld river moved like a yellow dragon and directly passed by the eight celestial guardians sitting on the ground.

At the moment he passed by, the bodies of the eight celestial guardians collapsed. They were trapped inside the underworld river and could never escape.

Eight broken jades flew out and were caught by Wang Lin, then he threw them into his bag of holding. An angry roar came out from the castle and a strand of very pure celestial spiritual energy exploded forth. The strand continued to condense as it shot out toward Wang Lin.

The underworld river around Wang Lin suddenly rose up and formed a pillar that could support the heavens. Wang Lin was inside the underworld river when the strand of celestial spiritual energy entered the river and disappeared within.

Wang Lin was inside the underworld river as he softly said, “Activate!”

The underworld river suddenly scattered and turned into a vortex. It swept the area, causing the white castle to suddenly collapse. The sounds of earth rumbling echoed across the land.

The short old man charged out and floated in the air. The three women that were cultivating with him also flew out and coldly watched from the sidelines.

The short old man looked extremely shifty. He didn’t look like a cultivator at all and instead looked like a thief. He was filled with anger as he shouted at Wang Lin, “Wang Lin, I have endured many times because I didn’t want to become your enemy, but you are really ungrateful! Considering it is difficult for lower realm cultivators to reach your cultivation level, I’ll leave you a path of survival. Leave now, but if you continue to enrage me, then don’t blame me for ruthlessly killing you!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold, but he didn’t speak. Instead, he pointed his finger forward and a Finger of Death charged at the old man.

The old man’s expression changed and a trance of solemnity flashed across his eyes. He took a deep breath and then suddenly spat out thick celestial spiritual energy. It formed a celestial fog that immediately surrounded the finger of death. There were sizzling sounds coming from within, and then they actually cancelled each other out.

“Wang Lin, you forced me!” The short old man’s expression was gloomy as he touched his bag of holding and took out a fist-sized blue jade. The old man formed a seal and shouted, “Celestial seed!”

The blue jade immediately shook and began to move in a strange manner. It then turned into countless blue threads and let out a sharp hum as the threads spread out like dancing snakes.

The moment the blue threads appeared, the surrounding cultivators’ expressions became ugly. Their eyes were filled with fear.

Looking at the countless blue threads, Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with light, and he slowly said, “Celestial beast feed!”

Although the surrounding cultivators had no idea what Wang Lin was talking about, the short old man’s expression changed once more. He exclaimed, “You know!”

Wang Lin had a feeling that he had seen it before when he saw the blue threads inside Sun Yunshan. Thinking about it carefully, this was clearly the celestial beast feed he encountered in the Celestial Realm when he teamed up with a Da Lou Sword Sect disciple! He didn’t explain this to Sun Yunshan.

The old man couldn’t be bothered with why Wang Lin recognized this. After he obtained the celestial beast feed, he still wasn’t able to completely control it. Now that he had taken them all out, it was clearly an act of desperation. Normally, with his mid stage Ascendant cultivation, he shouldn’t be like this. However, he had his own difficulties that he couldn’t speak of, so he acted like this.

“Devour him!” As the short old man shouted, his hand formed a seal and pointed at the countless blue strands.

Hundreds and thousands of blue threads rushed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin wasn’t unfamiliar with this scene. Back then he faced an army of celestial beast feeds hundreds and thousands of times larger. Right now there were merely one thousand, so he wasn’t nervous at all.

He slapped his bag of holding and a normal soul flag appeared in his hand. Before he came here, he already had his doubts, so he was prepared. He shook the flag and the qilin he obtained in the Soul Refining Sect appeared!

Although this beast was only the soul of a qilin, it still had some inheritance. Now that it appeared, it let out a roar. Its body trembled and its large head suddenly locked onto the incoming celestial beast feed.

The qilin’s eyes suddenly released a burst of golden light. Its gaze was like a demon who had been starving for tens of thousands of years and had finally seen food!

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