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Chapter 619 – Get Down For Me!

The cultivators of the cultivation union flew toward the Soul Refining Tribe.

Before them was an endless, black cloud. This cloud was too thick; forget sight, even their divine senses were immediately knocked away by it. In fact, if they were a bit careless, their divine senses would be devoured by the soul fragments inside!

Sharp, ghostly wails that could shock the heart came from inside the black cloud!

It was impossible to see what was inside due to the black cloud, and this huge, black cloud would stop most people in their tracks!

The man in gold’s expression sank when he saw this. He let out a cold snort and said, “Wang Lin’s place only has this one layer of protection. Once we break through this we can easily capture that child!”

There were several people beside him. All of them had gloomy expressions and were unable to say a word as they stared at the dark cloud.

Sun Yunshan revealed a hint of mockery in his eyes. He learned a bit about this matter from his sister. Most of the small teams thought that this was an easy chance to earn merit, because the ancestor sent out a celestial guardian. All of them were fighting for this chance.

The messenger who brought back news of Wang Lin’s location did mention that the location was surrounded by a powerful cloud. However, the people fighting for this chance didn’t pay too much attention to this.

They still believed that nothing would be a problem with the celestial guardian here.

Sun Yunshan looked around. Including himself, there were almost 20 people here. Most of them were at the early stage of Soul Transformation, and only a few of them were at the mid stage of Soul Transformation. There was only one late stage Soul Transformation cultivator. It was Uncle Feng, who remained silent the entire time.

Sun Yunshan looked at the grey-haired old man not far away from him and only felt sadness. This was martial Encle Feng. He was Sun Yunshan’s father’s junior apprentice brother, and he came here to protect Sun Yunshan.

However, he could have never imagined his little sister would have secretly followed them here… and caused him to land himself in such a dire situation. The ancestor even wiped Martial Uncle Feng’s memory with a secret spell and turned him into a puppet. He had a celestial seed planted in him by the ancestor, so he no longer had control over his life and death.

The man in gold shouted, “This black cloud is merely a bluff! Number 10, go break this black cloud for me!”

An early stage Soul Transformation cultivator behind the man in gold had an ugly expression. He hesitated but didn’t dare to disobey. He let out a sigh and respectfully said, “Subordinate obeys!”

This cultivator clenched his teeth and charged toward the black cloud. However, the closer he got, the pressure that could shake the origin soul became even stronger. There were also those ghostly wails that charged out like sound wave spells.

This cultivator could no longer close in when he was 10,000 feet away from the black cloud. He felt that if he forced himself to continue, he would die for sure!

When he saw the cultivator stop, the man in gold’s face filled with hostility. He shouted in a cold tone, “Number 10, do you dare to disobey an order!?”

The cultivator’s face became better after he heard this. He let out a sigh and thought, “Forget it. This life that barely resembles a human life should come to an end. If I can die here, I will be relieved from this torture!”

He let out deep breath as he took a step and charged forth like a meteor!

In the blink of an eye, he entered within 10,000 feet of the black cloud, and just at this moment, the black cloud suddenly moved.

The black cloud surged like raging waves and formed mushroom-like shapes as it continued to expand outward.

The sharp wails became even stronger as they echoed across the sky. As the clouds churned, a series of heaven-shaking roars came from within. At the same time, the black cloud quickly turned into a large mouth that could devour the world. It devoured the cultivator without any hesitation, leaving nothing behind.

Almost all of the cultivators of the cultivation union were shocked by this. Although they were very far, they felt like they were right next to the black cloud. Their clothes were instantly soaked with sweat. It was as if number 10 wasn’t the only one devoured by the black cloud.

The calm celestial guardian’s eyes suddenly lit up as he carefully looked at the black cloud and revealed a puzzled expression.

“Team… Team Captain, this black cloud…” A man beside the man in gold was filled with fear.

The man in gold’s expression became even darker. He pointed at the old man not far away and said, “Number 3, you go!”

This white-haired old man was Sun Yunshan’s martial uncle. His expression was filled with confusion. He didn’t say a word as he stepped forth.

Sun Yunshan clenched his fist. He then looked at his Martial Uncle Feng leaving and his heart bled.

The old man arrived 10,000 feet away from the black cloud in just a few steps. Just as he was about to continue, the black cloud suddenly sped up and churned. In an instant, the black cloud split open, leaving a clear road in the middle.

A cold-looking young man walked out step by step. He glanced at the old man before looking at the people of the cultivation union. Then he calmly said, “My ancestor welcomes everyone!”

The man in gold’s expression suddenly changed and he shouted, “Number 3, kill him! We can enter using this path!”

The cold-looking young man was Thirteen. His expression was neutral without any emotion. As for the old man, he rushed toward Thirteen in a flash.

However, just as he was about to close in, a strand of black cloud suddenly rushed out. It surrounded the old man, pulling him back into the black cloud. The old man disappeared without a trace.

This scene was like a hammer that struck hard on the hearts of the people of the cultivation union. This was especially true for Sun Yunshan as his eyes turned red.

Thirteen extended his right hand and said, “This way!”

With that, he turned around and walked away.

The man in gold’s expression was filled with uncertainty. He subconsciously looked back at the man in black and his heart felt more calm. He sneered and said, “Let’s go. I want to see what tricks this Wang Lin has up his sleeve!”

The group quickly flew forward and continued along the path opened up by the black cloud.

As they entered, the path behind them was slowly closed by the black cloud.

After a short period of flying, the man in gold suddenly stopped. His eyes were filled with shock and his expression became very ugly. The people behind him were all dumbfounded by what they saw before them.

What appeared before them was a huge tribe that had a lot of people. At this moment, all of them raised their heads and looked at them with cold gazes.

The gazes of these countless people gathered on the people of the cultivation union. Although their cultivation levels were high, they were still shocked.

At the center of the tribe there was an open space five kilometers in radius. At the center lied a tall tower. A powerful sense of majesty spread out from the tower and surrounded the area.

These people felt like they could barely breath under this pressure.

Thirteen stood outside the empty area and respectfully said, “Ancestor, I have brought the guests here!”

“Fellow cultivators came filled with killing intent. Could it be that I have offended you all?” Wang Lin’s voice slowly came from the tower. Although his tone was modest, his voice seemed to contain devilish power behind it. His voice slowly diffused across the entire Soul Refining Tribe.

Wang Lin gradually learned bits of the Heavenly Devil Sound spell as he gradually strengthened the imprint on the scattered devil. At this moment, the spell was spread by sound. Everyone in the cultivation union, aside from the man in black, had the spell fill their minds.

The man in black’s cultivation level was rather high, so he didn’t get lost within this sound. His eyes became very bright as he stared at the tower. His face revealed bewilderment and uncertainty once more.

The man in gold’s origin soul shook. His eyes involuntarily revealed a hint of confusion and he subconsciously said, “You didn’t offend…”

“If that is the case, you all are too presumptuous to still come looking for me for trouble!” Wang Lin’s voice was filled with his cold intent.

At this moment, all of the members of the Soul Refining Tribe shouted, “Impudent!”

Everyone in the Soul Refining Tribe said that word at once, and the sound fused with the wailing from the black cloud. This was even louder than roaring thunder when it landed in the cultivators’ ears. It was as if countless sharp swords had stabbed into their hearts. It caused their ears to buzz and their origin souls to shake!

Blood came directly out of the mouths of a few that had low cultivation levels. It was clear that their insides were shaken and their origin souls were injured. This shout also cleared everyone’s minds.

The man in gold’s expression changed greatly. He subconsciously backed up and his face filled with shock.

If he was like this, then the surrounding cultivators were even worse off than him. Every one of them sucked in breaths of cold air. Their hearts were filled with shock and they realized that things were not good.

As for Sun Yunshan, the excitement in his heart far outweighed the shock. He was secretly shouting in his heart!

“It’s him, it really is him!”

As the man in gold retreated, he screeched, “Celestial Guardian, attack!”

After he said that, the eyes of the man in black suddenly shined brightly. He stepped forth and arrived above the tower with one step. Then his right hand formed a seal and he slammed it down!

This slam seem to contained the power to pull up a mountain. A golden symbol appeared in the sky and charged toward the tower.

A cold snort came from within the tower, then Wang Lin’s figure came out. He didn’t even look up as his hand released a black light and reached into the sky. He calmly said, “Come down for me!”

After his hand reached out, cracks suddenly appeared on the golden symbol. Following a series of crackling sounds, the golden symbol collapsed. The man in black’s expression suddenly changed greatly, and for the first time, his face was filled with terror. He wanted to dodge, but his body was immediately caught by a power that could steal lifeforce. He was ruthlessly pulled down from the sky.

With a loud boom, the man in black’s body smashed into the ground.

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