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Chapter 618 – A New Change, The Silver Horn Thunder Beast

Wang Lin’s eyes stared at the spirit beast. After the third blood symbol was imprinted on the spirit beast, the aura it gave off even terrified Wang Lin.

The beast’s body trembled violently, and the red light inside its eyes became even stronger. The red light was so strong that it extended three inches from its eyes.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the beast. Although he looked calm, his eyes were flickering. The jade with instructions on releasing the seals on the beast talked about this before.

A majority of the power of the God Slaying War Chariot was in the spirit beast. Every one of the seven origin soul blood seals could stimulate the beast to evolve.

If the seals were not released when that simulation reached its peak, then the spirit beast would explode and die. However, if the seal was released early, the beast’s evolution would be interrupted and it wouldn’t be able to reach its peak power in the future.

In truth, none of the three God Slaying War Chariots were used before the maker died. According to his original plan, the three God Slaying War Chariots would become perfect after being activated once.

That’s why he had to release the seal once its evolution reached its peak. Only then could the power of the God Slaying War Chariot match its name!

According to the maker’s original plan, he was going to gather all of the materials and then find someone at the Celestial Emperor level to help activate them for the first time. This would ensure that there wouldn’t be any regrets with any of the war chariots!

In the jade, he even claimed that not even someone at the level of a Celestial Emperor could allow the third war chariot to be activated perfectly.

The spirit beast continued to shrink and the aura inside its body became even more terrifying. Originally there was wind in the plains, but now it was as if the wind didn’t dare to come. The sky gradually grew dark, and it was no longer clear like it was before.

Countless grains of sand were trembling on the ground as if there was some mysterious force shaking them.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up like a torch. The aura of the spirit beast before him had already surpassed the strength of an early stage Ascendant cultivator. It gradually reached the mid stage of Ascendant and continued to rise.

After several breaths of time, the body of the beast shrank from 1,000 feet to 100 feet tall. However, the red light from its eyes were now nearly seven feet out of its eyes, and a silky fog surrounded its eyes.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, then his hand formed a seal and black light appeared in his palm. His eyes were like lightning as he stared at the spirit beast.

Just at this moment, the red light from the beast’s eyes suddenly retracted. Suddenly, a powerful and nearly frenzied destructive aura suddenly began to increase inside its body!

This increase was simply too quick; it was as if there was a rapidly inflating sphere inside the beast’s body. Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with deduction as he carefully watched the beast. He pointed at the beast and shouted, “Second seal, open!”

The black light flew out, and at the moment the beast’s aura reached its peak, it landed on the beast’s body. After an instant, the beast stopped trembling and the destructive aura stabilized around its body. It then raised its head and let out a roar at the sky.

Thunderous roars suddenly came from the sky and bolts of lightning descended. This wasn’t a divine retribution, it was created by this beast.

The lightning descended from the sky and landed on the spirit beast’s body. The successive lightning bolts linked together, forming a line.

The spirit beast’s body was surrounded in a sphere of lightning. It was standing, but it gradually lied down and soon it turned into a qilin-like beast.

However, it wasn’t a qilin, but a beast even more rare than qilin in the Celestial Realm, a thunder beast! A silver horn slowly drilled out from its head under the effects of the lightning.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a hint of disappointment when he saw the silver horn. He let out a sigh and then moved forward. As his hand drew in the air, the fourth blood symbol was complete. He grabbed the blood symbol and headed straight for the thunder beast.

“According to the jade, if the second seal on the second war chariot is activated perfectly, a golden horn should appear…” He immediately closed in on the thunder beast, charged directly through the lightning, and directly pressed the blood symbol between the spirit beast’s eyebrows.

The timing he picked was the one the jade mentioned. The moment that the spirit beast evolves into a thunder beast was the only moment for imprinting in its life. This moment was specifically left behind by the maker to place an imprint on the beast.

The blood symbol imprinted between the beast’s eyebrows. At the moment it landed, there was a flash of golden light. Wang Lin was startled, but when he looked closer, there was no longer any golden light.

After the fourth blood symbol was imprinted, the thunder beast no longer looked at Wang Lin with a hostile gaze. However, there was no kindness either. After it looked at Wang Lin, it disappeared back into the God Slaying War Chariot.

Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and the God Slaying War Chariot was placed back into his bag of holding. His eyes lit up and he thought, “That golden flash can’t be my eyes going bad, but why did it happen… Even if it is a silver horn, it is still strong enough to deal with mid stage Ascendant cultivators! Although the natives here are easy to deal with, how is any cultivator who has reached the mid stage of Ascendant simple? They either have powerful spells, or amazing treasures, or both!

“As a result, although I won’t dare to say I can win against any mid stage Ascendant cultivator with my early stage Ascendant cultivation… it is impossible for them to kill me! And if I meet a mid stage Ascendant cultivator with spells and treasures weaker than mine, I’ll be able to kill them!

“As for late stage Ascendant cultivators… Simply too difficult!” Wang Lin let out a sigh.

“Whether it’s Zhuque Zi or that black-robed old man, both of them have reached the late stage of Ascendant. Even if I use the thunder beast, I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist against a late stage Ascendant cultivator’s power. Fortunately, I have Ling Tianhou’s sword energy, so if I really encounter one, I have nothing to fear!”

Wang Lin took a step forward and teleported back into the tower.

“The reason why late stage Ascendant cultivators are so powerful is because they are already at the end of the first step! Especially peak stage late stage Ascendant cultivators; they can be considered the peak of those at the first step. Only people with similar cultivation levels can match them in battle. They are not people mid stage Ascendant cultivators can resist at all… That is, unless they have an extremely heaven-defying treasure, like Ling Tianhou’s sword energy, or the fourth soul from the one-billion-soul soul flag!

“Even then, that fourth soul was still captured by Zhuque Zi, and Teacher Dun Tian still died…

“Back then the old man under the devil tower said that the wind, rain, thunder, and lightning spell was his weakest spell. That shouldn’t be false…”

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position in the tower as he pondered.

“If I have more than one million strands of slaughter energy, the one-billion-soul soul flag, the God Slaying War Chariot, and the underworld river… Can I beat a late stage Ascendant cultivator…” Wang Lin silently pondered.

“No confidence… However, with Ling Tianhou’s sword energy, if a late stage Ascendant cultivator really provokes me, I will have no choice but to use one of the sword energies!” Wang Lin’s eye became cold.

“Now I will need to properly refine the three swords I got from the Twelve Swords. These three swords were wasted on their previous owners. I studied them once before, and it seems like there is another ability hidden within them. However, this ability requires a combined attack to activate.” Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the three swords from Mo Yang, Zi Shu, and Hai Zhu flew out.

These three swords gave off a fierce spiritual aura. Wang Lin spat out a mouthful of origin energy which turned into a green mist that surrounded the three swords. He then closed his eyes and concentrated on refining them.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed. On this day, several rays of light appeared in the sky 50,000 kilometers away from the Soul Refining Tribe. Their target was clearly the Soul Refining Tribe!

Among these people there was one person wearing golden clothes that gave off a golden glow. This person didn’t look that old, and his face gave of a sense of cold arrogance.

There was one person following him. This person was a youth who wore clothes as white as snow. He was handsome, but his face was currently filled with bitterness. He looked at the Soul Refining Tribe with hesitation hidden in his eyes.

The golden-clothed man looked at the youth and coldly snorted. “What are you thinking about, Sun Yunshan?”

The white-robed youth was the person who came to the Demon Spirit Land with Wang Lin. The junior sect master of the Xuan Yuan Sect, Sun Yunshan!

When he entered the Demon Spirit Land, he had several high cultivation level elders protecting him. However, now he was by himself.

After hearing the golden-clothed man’s words, Sun Yunshan’s body trembled and he respectfully said, “Sir, this subordinate…”

Before he finished, the golden-clothed man interrupted him and coldly snorted. “No need to explain. Since you joined my cultivation union, you must obey all orders. If it wasn’t for me giving your sister face, do you think you would be part of such a good opportunity to obtain merit, like capturing Wang Lin!?”

Sun Yunshan remained silent and nodded. He thought to himself, “I don’t know if the Wang Lin in this Soul Refining Tribe… and Wang Lin from the Heavenly Fate Sect are the same person… Ah, I’m thinking too much; there is no way they are the same person.”

“The ancestor even deliberately sent out a celestial guard to capture this Wang Lin. There is no danger in this trip, but you must be careful and not let that Wang Lin escape!” After the golden-clothed man finished speaking, his gaze turned to the middle-aged man in black at the back of the group.

This man was ordinary and his expression had been calm this entire time. It was as if nothing in this world could cause his expression to change.

A string of fine ripples slowly spread out from his body and seemed to fuse with the surroundings. His aura had almost completely disappeared. Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to detect his existence at all.

To be able to melt with the heavens and earth and fuse with the void meant that this person’s cultivation had reached the early stage of Ascendant. However, this person’s Ascendant cultivation was a bit strange; there was no origin energy inside this person’s origin soul.

Wang Lin was sitting in the lotus position inside the tower when he suddenly opened his eyes. A bright burst of light released from his eyes.

“Thirteen, we have guests. Bring them here!”

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