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Chapter 541 – Entering The City

As the people of the Soul Refining Tribe slowly walked out, someone suddenly kneeled down, and soon, every tribe member kneeled down at the direction Wang Lin flew to.

In their hearts, Wang Lin was the ancestor of the entire Soul Refining Tribe. As long as he was there, the Soul Refining Tribe would never be destroyed.

Ouyang Hua also kneeled down. These past four years had flashed by in his mind. His cultivation had soared into the sky in these past four years, and all of this felt like a dream to him.

Looking at the more than 5,000 tribe members behind him, the only word Ouyang Hua could use to describe his feelings toward Wang Lin was respect!

Wang Lin walked away step by step and gradually disappeared from everyone’s view, but no one stood up.

Five kilometers outside the Soul Refining Sect, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a golden purple light flew out. It turned into a giant beast with a 30-foot-wide body that was golden purple in color, and its sharp mouth was very oppressive.

It was the mosquito beast!

It awakened half a year ago, so its strength has increased greatly. Right now even a normal Soul Formation cultivator would not be a match for it.

Wang Lin calculated that the mosquito was about as strong as a peak late stage Soul Formation cultivator.

Aside from the Golden Spirit Root, it also had to do with the bloodline of the beast. There was now a beast king aura slowly expanding from its golden-purple body.

If one wasn’t looking carefully, it would be very hard to detect this aura.

According to ancient god Tu Si’s memories, these beasts didn’t live by themselves but lived in groups. If they lived in groups, then there must’ve been a leader.

This beast was evolving in the direction of a leader.

However, right now it was still far from being one.

It has to be said that the mosquito hoard from the memories was something even ancient god Tu Si dreaded and avoided.

After the mosquito beast appeared, it immediately let out a sharp roar. This roar echoed across the land and immediately caused Thirteen and Hu Pao’s expressions to become pale. Clearly, with their cultivation, they couldn’t withstand the piercing power of that roar.

After letting out the roar, the mosquito beast landed next to Wang Lin and began rubbing him with its mouth like it was trying to please him.

Wang Lin faintly smiled and rubbed the mosquito before jumping up and landing on its back.

Then Wang Lin calmly said, “The two of you also come up!”

Thirteen clenched his teeth. He secretly thought that he couldn’t disgrace himself before the ancestor and jumped up. When he landed, a cold aura entered directly through his feet.

His body refining technique had no effect on this cold aura, so he felt his entire body become sore. If it wasn’t for his determination, he would have already collapsed.

After Hu Pao saw Thirteen, he was naturally unwilling to fall behind and jumped up as well. When he landed, the cold aura invaded his body too.

After barely being able to withstand the cold aura, Hu Pao bitterly smiled. He thought that the ancestor was indeed strong, because just a beast tamed by the ancestor was already this terrifying.

Afte Wang Lin saw Thirteen’s and Hu Pao’s performance, he smiled with a hint of adirmation in his eyes. With a thought, the mosquito beast charged out as fast as lightning.

Powerful winds immediately hit the three of them. The wind had no effect on Wang Lin; it actually made him feel very comfortable.

As for Thirteen and Hu Pao, they felt like they were being hit by a powerful hurricane. If they lost focus for a moment, they would be blown far away.

Thirteen let out a low roar as he quickly cycled all the demonic spiritual energy in his body to continuously activate the body refining technique to resist this wind. Hu Pao did the same as he closed his eyes and use the demonic spiritual energy in his body to resist the wind.

This place was 15 million kilometers from Ancient Demon City, so it was going to take the mosquito beast some time to get there. Wang Lin wasn’t in a rush, so he didn’t waste the celestial spiritual energy in his body to use the greater teleportation skill.

As the mosquito beast rushed across the sky, every tribe it passed activated their protection formation. In their eyes, the mosquito was simply too strong. It was already creating sonic booms just by flying across the sky. The thunderous roars it let out made it seem like thunder was descending upon the earth, creating an overall very shocking scene.

Before, when Wang Lin first entered the Demon Spirit Land, he didn’t know about the existence of the formations and tribes. The formations also had the ability to hide the people within, so he wasn’t able to find anyone. However, now he had a certain understanding of the Demon Spirit Land, so looking down now, he saw countless tribes.

There were strong and weak, large and small ones, and the population varied greatly between the tribes.

“If my Soul Refining Tribe can unite all of the tribes in the Demon Spirit Land, it will become a force that will even shock the nine countries here!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold.

After seven days, Ancient Demon City appeared in the distance. When they were 50 kilometers away from the city, Wang Lin put away the mosquito beast, and he, Thirteen, and Hu Pao landed on the ground.

Thirteen had a steady temperament. The farthest he had ever traveled in the past was just a few tens of thousands of kilometers away from his tribe, but now he was in a place that was 15 million kilometers away. Not even in his wildest dreams would he ever have imagined that he would one day come to this place. Still, he only allowed himself to feel a slight bit of excitement before quickly suppressing the feeling. His face was emotionless and his eyes were cold, not revealing the slightest hint of the emotions he was experiencing.

His expression was similar to Wang Lin’s. Four years ago, he was not like this. His respect for Wang Lin made him unknowingly copy Wang Lin.

This was one of the cities of the Sky Demon Country, Ancient Demon City!

In the eyes of all those tribes, Ancient Demon City held the might of the heavens. It was a sacred place and was the dream of everyone.

All of this might have had an effect on Thirteen before, but to him, Wang Lin was the might of the heavens, the tribe was his sacred land, and his dream was to obtain Wang Lin’s recognition!

As for Hu Pao, he still couldn’t compare to Thirteen. When he saw Ancient Demon City, he couldn’t help but kneel down and silently worship it.

After a bit, he quickly regained his senses. He then stood up and revealed an expression of shame. When he saw Thirteen’s cold expression without a trace of the excitement he had, he felt he had lost. He took a deep breath, spat at Ancient Demon City, muttered a bit, and showed a clear look of disdain on his face.

Wang Lin smiled at Thirteen and Hu Pao’s actions, then he took a step and moved forward like a cloud of smoke.

Thirteen and Hu Pao quickly followed.

The three of them quickly crossed 50 kilometers and arrived before Ancient Demon City!

Ancient Demon City was very large, so one couldn’t see the end of it with one glance. Although it was the largest city Wang Lin had come across thus far, he had seen planets and nebulas. No matter how large the city was, it just couldn’t compare.

When entering the city, he didn’t hide his celestial spiritual energy and was very calm.

This was the northern gate, and with how many people were going in and out of the city, there were naturally guards stationed here.

Wang Lin knew that in the cultivation world, everything relied on power and that it was not good to be too low key. The line here was very long, and if he waited, it would take hours before he could enter.

He simply bypassed the line and walked directly to the gate with Thirteen and Hu Pao following after him. Compared to Hu Pao’s nervousness, Thirteen’s coldness made him look even more calm.

Wang Lin suddenly approaching the gate caught the attention of the guards. All of these guards were demon soldiers under the general of the left wing of Ancient Demon City.

All of their cultivation levels were equal to cultivators’ Foundation Establishment stage, and in their eyes, Wang Lin was a normal savage without any demonic spiritual energy inside him.

But Thirteen and Hu Pao, who were behind Wang Lin, were filled with demonic spiritual energy and should be at rank 3 or above.

To have these kinds of people as his guards, Wang Lin became more mysterious in their eyes. However, just this wasn’t enough for the guards to break the rules.

When Wang Lin closed in, one of the soldiers wearing black armor stepped forward. He swung his spear to point at Wang Lin and coldly said, “Back away!”

“Presumptuous!” Without waiting for Wang Lin to speak, Thirteen stepped forward and threw a punch. In his mind, anyone who dared to disrespect Wang Lin was his enemy.

He didn’t hold back at all on this punch, and the Giant Demon Clan’s body refining method made his body as strong as metal. This punch was like a flying sword as it broke the sound barrier. Even the space around his punch bended as it rushed toward the demon soldier.

That demon soldier’s expression changed greatly. In his eyes, Thirteen’s punch came toward him like a meteor and contained a mysterious power within. He wanted to dodge, but he found something holding him in place. He felt like his entire body was underwater and his movement slowed down.

But this person had been through many battles and was very experienced. He quickly moved his spear before his body and took a big step backwards.

Thirteen’s fist landed on the spear. With a muffled bang, cracks appeared on the spear, then it turned to dust due to the force it was hit by.

The demon soldier’s face turned pale. Although the force restricting him had disappeared, he was forced back several steps and blood came out from the corner of his mouth.

If it wasn’t for the other demon soldiers catching him, he would have been injured much more seriously. However, even the people who caught him trembled and their faces turned pale. They had clearly been injured as well due to helping that soldier absorb some of the force of the punch.

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