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Chapter 530 – Soul Search Spell

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble!

There was a thunderous, rumbling sound. The small ball closed in on the black-robed man’s body, causing his clothes to instantly disappear. His skin quickly collapsed, then his flesh and blood turned to dust before finally his bones disappeared as well. Now besides his origin soul, everything else about him had completely disappeared from this world.

The spirit beast missed and let out an angry roar. It wanted to chase after the black-robed man’s origin soul, but it couldn’t because of the war chariot’s leash, so it began to roar in anger.

Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and grabbed the war chariot. He quickly chased after the black-robed man’s origin soul. The spirit beast was extremely happy as it quickly passed Wang Lin to chase after the origin soul.

A person and a beast were working together so well for the first time. With Wang Lin moving the war chariot, it increased the movement range of the spirit beast by a lot.

After chasing for a bit, the spirit beast seemed like it couldn’t wait any longer. It turned its large head around to look at Wang Lin, and after letting out a roar, it charged at him.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but both of his pupils suddenly shrank.

The spirit beast’s speed was very quick. With a cold expression on his face, Wang Lin decided that if the beast took one more step, he would punish it without any hesitation.

The spirit beast suddenly paused while closing in and revealed a hint of sadness.

Wang Lin suddenly realized something and the coldness in his eyes disappeared. He nodded at the spirit beast, then the spirit beast looked at Wang Lin and suddenly jumped at him. It didn’t attack Wang Lin but wrapped around him and threw him up. It then moved like lightning and appeared under Wang Lin’s feet before carrying him away at a frightening speed.

Wang Lin was suppressing the joy in his heart because this was the first time the spirit beast was willingly carrying him. The celestial who created the war chariot recorded in the jade that this treasure was different from others. Although the mantra was very powerful, if one wasn’t acknowledged by the spirit beast, only a portion of its true power could be used.

Only after making the beast truly acknowledge him could the full power of the war chariot be used.

“The beast hasn’t acknowledged me; it is only eager to devour that origin soul. It considers me too slow, so it decided to carry me, but this is still much better than before!”

The spirit beast’s speed was extremely fast. It can be said that this beast’s speed wasn’t any slower than when Wang Lin uses the silver dragon star compass in space.

The spirit beast created many afterimages as it disappeared into the distance at an unimaginable speed.

The black-robed man was quickly flying away. There was a small crystal located at his dantian, and there was some demonic energy slowly being released from it.

His hatred toward Wang Lin increased to a monstrous degree while he escaped. He swore that once he found a body to possess and returned to full power, he would find a way to cruelly kill Wang Lin!

As he was escaping, his expression suddenly changed. He turned his head to see the spirit beast that seemed to have locked onto him quickly chasing after him.

The black-robed man’s origin soul revealed a look of fear, and he was just about to change direction when the spirit beast let out a roar that seemed to travel directly through space.

The black-robed man’s origin soul suddenly trembled. It couldn’t help but stop for a moment, which allowed the spirit beast to close in. The spirit beast’s eyes were filled with greed. It knew that if it devoured this origin soul, its strength would increase. If it could get strong enough, it would be able to break free from this damn prison and live a carefree life as it wandered around the large universe!

With this idea in mind, the spirit beast worked extra hard. It opened its mouth and a wave of fishy smell came from inside it. This was a soul breath; it caused the black-robed man’s origin soul to immediately stiffen. If it was a nascent soul, it would have already lost all power to resist.

However, the black-robed man’s soul wasn’t a nascent soul but an origin soul. It was also the powerful origin soul of someone who was at the late stage of Soul Transformation and ready to step into the Ascendant stage.

As a result, although this breath was effective, it couldn’t completely freeze him. He moved at an impossible angle and managed to escape the jaws of the spirit beast. He was about to permanently damage his origin soul by using his origin soul’s essence to escape.

But just at this moment, Wang Lin moved; however, what he moved wasn’t his body but the Soul Lasher.

The whip moved like a shadow and quickly wrapped itself around the black-robed man’s origin soul. Wang Lin pulled the origin soul back into his hand and sealed it within a soul flag.

The spirit beast was suddenly outraged and turned its head to devour Wang Lin. Seeing its delicious food being stolen made it almost as angry as it was when it was captured, sealed, and refined by that celestial.

Wang Lin secretly sighed, then his eyes became cold and he softly said one word.

With this one word, the spirit beast’s eyes suddenly turned bloodshot and it let out an angry roar. It gave Wang Lin a merciless look before its large body returned to the war chariot.

At the moment its body returned to the war chariot, it didn’t give Wang Lin any time to react before turning back into the beast trap and flying back to him. A powerful suction force suddenly came from the beast trap.

Wang Lin bitterly smiled. Whenever the beast threw a temper tantrum, it was a headache to deal with. Wang Lin sat down in the lotus position with a piece of celestial jade in his hand to counteract the suction force.

This time, the amount of celestial spiritual energy it absorbed was far greater than before. This showed just how angry the beast was.

Although having celestial spiritual energy being absorbed was a side effect of the beast trap, after being fused with it for so long, the spirit beast had more or less gained some control. However, its control was limited, so at the most it could only make the trap suck away a bit more celestial spiritual energy than usual.

After a long time, Wang Lin took a deep breath, and the suction from the beast trap slowly disappeared. It seemed the spirit beast couldn’t make it to suck more and could only unwillingly give up.

After putting away the beast trap, Wang Lin revealed a bitter smile. He closed his eyes to go back into cultivation and didn’t open them until he had recovered all of his celestial spiritual energy.

“This spirit beast…” Wang Lin shook his head. The sky was now bright and the wave of demonic spiritual energy that lasted the night was gradually disappearing.

Wang Lin stood up, then his right hand slapped his bag of holding and took out the soul flag holding the black-robed man’s origins oul. He shook the flag, causing the black-robed man’s origin soul to appear, and his hand moved like lightning, catching the origin soul in his palm.

At the same time, the celestial spiritual energy inside Wang Lin’s body formed threads that entered the origin soul to form a restriction. If this person wanted to self destruct, the threads would create a buffer.

Although he couldn’t completely seal the black-robed man’s origin soul due to the difference in cultivation levels, this allowed him to detect the attempt at self destruct ahead of time and seal the origin soul within the soul flag.

“I won’t accept this!!! If it wasn’t for that spirit beast magical treasure and the soul fragments to lure the heavenly ghost away, you wouldn’t be a match for me at all! You would have died for sure!” After the black-robed man’s origin soul was released, it immediately roared in anger, and his eyes were extremely vicious.

He knew that he had been captured and would have no chance of survival. He also noticed the restriction in his origin soul, so he knew it would be useless to self destruct. Thus, he decided to vent as he pleased.

Wang Lin didn’t waste any time with him and directly asked, “What is the demon crystal?”

The black-robed man’s origin soul sneered and said, “Shameless person. First you force me to compete with you in spells, then you took advantage of the moment that I was defenseless and sneak attacked me. Is this how the Heavenly Fate Sect acts?”

Wang Lin frowned and he squeezed his right hand. The origin soul let out a series of miserable screams and it weakened, but the black-robed man’s gaze was still vicious.

The origin soul sneered and looked at Wang Lin. “I, Lou Yun, am a disciple of the Heavenly Ghost Sect. I cultivate the path of the heavenly ghost and naturally have my own ghost spirit. If you kill me, then my master, Daoist Ghost, will find out, and he will avenge me! He is someone who even the All-Seer talks to as a peer! Wang Lin, have you carefully thought about this!?!?!”

Wang Lin coldly looked at the person. He was losing his patience, so he raised his right hand and hit the origin soul. The origin soul that had already lost its body almost collapsed and weakened a lot due to this blow.

“My master won’t forgive you!” The viciousness in Lou Yun’s eyes reached its limit.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as his left hand pressed against this person’s forehead and he softly said, “Soul search!”

There were many restrictions to the soul search, but with Wang Lin’s current cultivation level and the use of celestial spiritual energy, it wasn’t very difficult. Also, with how weakened the origin soul was now, there weren’t any obstructions.

Bursts of miserable screams came from Lou Yun’s mouth. The soul search spell was a very tyrannical and harmful spell. When this spell is used on someone who has a body, they feel less pain, but when used directly on the origin soul, the pain is many times greater.

Lou Yun’s painful screams gradually weakened. After one incense stick of time, his screaming died out and his origin soul was almost transparent.

Wang Lin raised his left hand and reached directly into Lou Yun’s dantian. When he withdrew his hand, there was a crystal in it.

Wang Lin revealed a pondering expression as he sealed Lou Yun’s origin soul into the soul flag. He had uses for this origin soul; he planned to refine Lou Yun’s origin soul into one of the primary souls of the soul flag.

After putting the soul inside the soul flag, Wang Lin’s body moved like lightning into the distance. He was going in the direction that the primary souls chased after the heavenly ghost.

“So this land of demon spirits has such secrets hidden within. No wonder Ouyang Hua said that there is a bloodbath every time the outsiders arrive …”

“Heavenly Ghost Sect… Although this Lou Yun exaggerated, there is still truth in his words. However, this matter is something to deal with 500 years from now, so there is no need to worry about it now. This Heavenly Ghost Sect’s methods are interesting, and there are some devil restriction spells in Lou Yun’s memories I can try!”

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