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Chapter 529 – Erased

As the ghostly figure rushed over, Wang Lin’s face sank, and without a word, he opened his mouth to spit out a ray of black light. After a flash of the black light, a 30-foot-long flag appeared in his hand. After shaking the flag, the few remaining primary souls flew out.

The ghostly figure was startled and its ghostly eyes lit up. Instead of rushing toward Wang Lin, it changed its target to the Soul Transformation primary souls.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he moved forward. He moved past the ghostly figure, tossed out the beast trap, and his index finger pressed down on the black-robed man!

The black-robed man’s face darkened, then his left hand reached out toward the ghostly figure and he shouted, “Return!”

The ghostly figure let out a roar and seemed very unyielding. The man secretly cursed. He was in no condition to keep controlling the ghostly figure, and Wang Lin’s figure was closing in like lightning.

Wang Lin’s right index finger pointed at the air, and at this moment, the celestial spiritual energy inside his body began to gather at the tip of his finger!

Demonic Finger!

The second of the three killing spells!

With the power of one finger, the sky changed color and an endless surge of demonic spiritual energy came from his body. At this moment, the demonic spiritual energy spread out like crazy.

Without the black-robed man to control it, the ghostly figure quickly charged toward the primary souls Wang Lin released. In its eyes, these soul fragments were very nutritious, and maybe after devouring them, its own ghostly energy would increase greatly!

“Demonic Finger!” The black-robed man was able to immediately recognize Wang Lin’s famous move. This move was used against the fourth disciple of the Purple Division and left a powerful impression on everyone.

The black-robed man’s eyes lit up. His right hand couldn’t leave his chest because he would lose control of the ghostly figure if it did. Right now, in the moment of danger, he quickly backed up and spat out another black cloud.

A wave of fishy smell came out with the black cloud. The poisonous, black cloud quickly scattered in an attempt to stop Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a cold snort as two grey symbols flashed on his forehead and covered his entire body. The life force seals appeared once more.

At the moment they covered his body, Wang Lin moved like lightning through the poison cloud. When the poison cloud touched Wang Lin’s body, it dissipated.

The black-robed man continued to back up and spit out endless black clouds in an attempt to stop Wang Lin. His plan was to teleport toward the ghostly figure he released earlier.

However, who would have thought that this poison would have little effect on Wang Lin? Just at the instant he was about to teleport, Wang Lin’s figure charged through layers of the poison cloud. What came with Wang Lin was that powerful finger filled with endless demonic spiritual energy!

Demonic Finger!

The black-robed man’s expression changed. He couldn’t dodge it in time, so he quickly raised his left hand to form a seal. He then pressed this seal toward Wang Lin’s finger to stop Wang Lin’s approach.

Their fingers touched in an instant. However, they didn’t directly touch; there was a three inch gap between their fingers!

There was something strange going on in those three inches of space!

Wang Lin’s demonic spiritual energy spread out from the tip of his finger and collided with the black energy coming from the black-robed man’s finger. At this moment, a very dark, black ball appeared between their two fingers.

This small ball was made purely of Wang Lin’s demonic spiritual energy, and the black energy came from the black-robed man. There were thunderous rumbles coming from inside the ball and black lightning moved along the outside.

At this moment, it was as if everything in the world had frozen and all of the light gathered on Wang Lin and the black-robed man.

Wang Lin was floating in the air and his clothes were moving without any wind. His hair was most eye-catching, as it gave off this elegant, flowing feel.

The black-robed man was the opposite. His face was gloomy and his eyes sparkled with lightning. He stood on the ground with his left hand up in the air. His clothes were flapping backward as if being hit by a crazy wind, and even his hair was flowing backwards.

The thunderous roar inside the small ball between them became even louder. The celestial spiritual energy inside Wang Lin’s body surged like crazy as it converted into demonic spiritual energy and was injected into the small ball.

As for the black-robed man, he was secretly cursing. He had to inject all of the demonic spiritual energy he had gained so far into the small ball, because if he lost control of the small ball, he would suffer the backlash.

The black-robed man’s face was fierce. He didn’t open his mouth and instead sent out a divine sense message. “I don’t believe a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator like you has more celestial spiritual energy than me, who is at the late stage of Soul Transformation. Since you want to fight with me, then let us see who lives and who dies!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were as bright as torches as he responded. “You have the ghost absorbing your celestial spiritual energy; how could you be a match for me?”

The black-robed man let out a cold snort and stared at Wang Lin. He then clenched his teeth and suddenly lifted his right hand from his chest. At the moment he did so, the ghost that was trying to devour the primary souls suddenly let out a roar and stared at the black-robed man.

The black-robed man’s hand paused for a moment, but then he immediately lifted it some more. When he lifted his hand, there was a sticky, black filament connecting his fingers to his chest.

At the moment he raised his hand, the ghost let out an angry roar filled with resentment. Its body gradually disappeared, but just as it was about to completely fade away, its ghostly eyes lit up. It looked at the black-robed man’s current situation and then at Wang Lin. It seemed to have made a certain decision, and before it disappeared, waves of black light came from its body.

The black-robed man’s expression changed, and just at this moment, the black light shone very brightly. Under this black light, the ghost stopped disappearing. Right when the light started shining, the ghost immediately turned, charged out through the wave of demonic spiritual energy, and disappeared into the horizon.

As for the primary souls, they chased after the ghost in a flash.

This scene happened very fast, so fast that even the black-robed man was startled, but he immediately let out an angry roar. He stared at Wang Lin with his eyes even more bloodshot than before and shouted, “It’s all because of you! If it wasn’t for you, how would that heavenly ghost escape?!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he said, “Serves you right!”

The black-robed man’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he said, “Little bastard, you are dead!” Now that the ghost wasn’t absorbing from him anymore, he used all of the ghostly celestial spiritual energy he had cultivated with his sect’s cultivation method and infused it into the small ball.

“Wang Lin, accept your death!” With that, he infused 90% of his ghostly celestial spiritual energy into the small ball. At this moment, the thunderous roar from the small ball echoed across the heavens. It was as if the small ball between their fingers was no longer a normal thing but the legendary divine retribution lightning.

As the black-robed man’s ghostly celestial spiritual energy entered the small ball, it became obvious that celestial spiritual energy inside Wang Lin’s body was not enough, causing the small ball to slowly press toward Wang Lin.

The black-robed man revealed a vicious look as if he could already see Wang Lin being hit by the small ball. Wang Lin’s whole body would collapse and his blood and flesh would be scattered everywhere. Even his origin soul would be completely scattered, so there was no chance of it returning to the reincarnation cycle!

Kill all life force, destroy any chance of entering the reincarnation cycle, and erase all traces of his existence!

But just at this moment, the black-robed man was startled because when he looked at Wang Lin, what he saw was not fear or indifference. Instead, it was a mysterious expression, a smile that was not a smile, a mocking expression…

This expression caused his heart to tremble.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the small ball as he said, “God Slaying War Chariot, release!”

With that, in almost an instant, a roar that pierced the heavens and was filled with an unyielding nature came from where Wang Lin threw the beast trap earlier.

It was like a primordial beast that dared to fight against the heavens, dared to devour celestials, and would never yield in its life!

The black-robed man’s expression suddenly changed greatly!

What followed the roar was the spirit beast’s giant body. At almost the instant it appeared, it let out another roar.

Wang Lin shouted, “Kill his person!”

The spirit beast let out a roar. Its eyes were extremely cold as it stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was already prepared for this beast to not listen to him. He let out a cold snort and spat out one word.

This word was extremely complex, and others wouldn’t be able to tell what it even meant. However, this word was something Wang Lin had learned from the inheritance of the war chariot left behind by the celestial that created it, the Nine Word Mantra!

This Nine Word Mantra was especially used to control this beast. With each seal released, one more of this mantra could be used!

How could a celestial let the treasure he was refining rebel against him? He had already planned for it ahead of time!

With one word, the unyielding beast’s body trembled. Its gaze flickered and moved toward the black-robed man as if it had transferred all its rage toward him instead.

All of this, from the moment the spirit beast appeared to when it began to attack, happened in an extremely short period of time.

As the spirit beast roared, it moved as fast as lightning toward the black-robed man.

The black-robed man’s face changed like never before. He had already used all of the ghostly celestial spiritual energy inside his body, making it impossible for him to dodge. If he tried to dodge, he would immediately suffer from the backlash of the small ball filled with destructive aura!

But now, with that fierce beast coming his way, if he didn’t dodge, he would die. He quickly jerked his head back, viciously looked at Wang Lin, raised his left hand, and slapped his own forehead.

His entire body trembled, then his origin soul left his body and began fly off into the distance like crazy.

At the moment his origin soul left his body, his body fell down like a lifeless puppet. The small ball pressing against Wang Lin suddenly paused and then quickly charged toward the body of the black-robed man.

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