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Chapter 526 – Man In Black

There was a demonic flame flickering in his eyes. His clothes moved without any wind, and slivers of demonic aura diffused into the air.

When Ouyang Hua saw all of this, he couldn’t help but be shocked. He sucked in a breath of cold air as he took a few steps back and muttered to himself, “Rumor has it that the first time a foreigner comes into contact with a demon spirit crystal, there is a change in the demonic energy in their body!”

The demonic force that the demon spirit crystal left inside his body made him feel very comfortable. This feeling was very intoxicating.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and the demonic flames in his eyes disappeared, then the demonic aura around him disappeared as well as if nothing abnormal had happened.

“This celestial spiritual energy filled with demonic energy is too strange. After absorbing this energy, it formed its own area. I can faintly feel that this aura should be able to be combined with celestial spiritual energy and thus increase one’s cultivation. However, right now this demonic energy is too small and impossible to test.” Wang Lin pondered for a moment before touching his bag of holding. More than a dozen bottles flew out and landed at Ouyang Hua’s feet.

Ouyang Hua trembled, then he checked each bottle before putting them away. He was currently very excited.

“You can leave. I’ll need to cultivate here. When tomorrow arrives, I’ll leave by myself!” said Wang Lin calmly. He then no longer bothered with Ouyang Hua as he began to feel the demonic spirit crystal that had formed inside his body.

Ouyang Hua quickly nodded, then he respectfully clasped his hands at Wang Lin before leaving.

Soon, this place became silent, but occasionally there would be laughter coming from the fire in the distance.

Wang Lin’s entire focus was on his dantain. He was feeling the demonic spirit crystal.

“If I have a lot of these, even if I can’t fuse them with celestial spiritual energy, they will still become another force. There are at least 1,000 cultivators that came in, and I believe everyone’s goal is this demonic spirit crystal.

“The killing between cultivators is probably to steal the demonic spirit crystals inside each other. I just don’t know what other effects this demonic spirit crystal has.

“This demonic energy must have other uses, or else there is no way it could have caused so much bloodshed over the countless years.

“I’m afraid there are still secrets I don’t know hidden within it. Only when I solve all of these mysteries can I decide my future direction. 500 years is not long, but it is not short either; however, if absorbing more demonic spirit crystals can help increase my cultivation, then I might as well just let myself loose and go in a killing spree like back in the Sea of Devils!”

A flash of cold light appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes, and he licked his lips.

Time slowly passed and it was now late at night. Although the fire was still going, most of the villagers had returned to their homes.

Only the women and children went to rest, while all the male grabbed various weapons and gathered at the entrance of the valley.

Ouyang Hua was among them. His eyes were very serious as he stared outside the valley.

Shortly after, he turned around to look at the gourd-shaped area deep within the valley. That was where Wang Lin was cultivating.

“I hope this formation can hold against the demonic spirits. I wish that Supreme Celestial would lend a hand…” Ouyang Hua let out a sigh. The reason he invited Wang Lin into the valley aside from the fact that he couldn’t stop him was because the formation had been severely weakened. He wasn’t sure if the formation could still hold, which was why he did all he could to make Wang Lin stay. He even told Wang Lin a lot of secrets and was even willing to exchange the demonic spirit crystal, which was the heart of their village.

Ouyang Hua had a reason for doing all of this, and that was when the village was facing danger, Wang Lin would lend a hand.

He looked at the villagers around him before letting out a sigh and saying, “I don’t need to say what needs to be done on the night of demon spirits. If we can hold out for the night, then everything will be safe!”

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes while cultivating and raised his head to look up into the sky. Although the sky was still completely dark, to Wang Lin, there were changes.

Inside this darkness was a purple aura, and there were bursts of demonic energy with varying strengths spreading across the horizon.

This valley wasn’t its target, only a place it was passing by.

While staring at the sky, Wang Lin revealed a determined expression. He pressed his hand on his forehead and his origin soul left his body. He then flew out of the valley, passed the formation, and went directly into the sky.

The origin soul didn’t stop as it charged toward the direction where the surge of demonic energy was coming from.

The closer he got, the stronger the pressure from the demonic energy became. The scope of this demonic energy was simply too large, so it was impossible to see where it ended.

Along the way, all of the land that the demonic energy passed by would be left barren and the animals would let out miserable groans before turning to white skeletons.

Upon seeing all of this, Wang Lin frowned slightly.

At this moment, if one looked at the demonic spirit land from above, they would see a purple aura spreading out from a central location. The range of this was too large, and that is large when compared to the entire demonic spirit land.

Wang Lin’s sliver of origin soul quickly retreated after checking. However, at this moment, his origin soul suddenly stopped, and he spread out his divine sense and pierced deep into the demonic energy wave.

He saw that in the depths of this demonic energy wave, beside the endless waves of demonic energy, there was a person!

This person was wearing a black robe, had a cold complexion, thin lips, and overall looked very vicious. Right now he had a black sword in his hand, and as he swung his sword, there was a strange, purple aura surrounding it.

At the same time, this person was madly absorbing a large amount of demonic energy.

At the moment Wang Lin’s divine senses swept by, the man slowly raised his head and looked toward Wang Lin before revealing an extremely cold smile.

“You’re cultivation isn’t bad to be able to find my existence. I originally wanted to surprise you!” The black-robed man pointed his sword and said, “Meeting me was your misfortune. Even if you hand over your demonic spirit crystal, it is pointless. You are my prey!”

Wang Lin’s origin soul coldly looked at the person and then flew back without a word. The black-robed man didn’t stop but revealed a smile of contempt.

“A mere mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator. No matter what sect you are from, you will die today for sure! After absorbing his demonic spirit crystal, I should barely meet the requirement to enter the Sky Demon City.” A hint of fervor appeared in his eyes.

Inside the valley, Wang Lin’s origin soul returned and his eyes turned cold.

“He is the first planet Tian Yun cultivator I met here. He is at the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation, but it will not be so easy if he wishes to kill me!”

Outside the valley, the demonic energy wave surged forth like a tidal wave toward the valley. The formation around the valley immediately lit up; it seemed to be holding off the pressure of the demonic energy.

But the pressure of the demonic energy didn’t only hit once, it lasted for a while. The light around the valley began to flicker and show signs of not being able to withstand it much longer.

Although it was still quiet inside the valley, there was tension in the air.

All of the adult males were standing at the entrance to the valley and clenching their weapons. Sweat covered their palms, and as they stared attentively at the entrance to the valley, their breathing became rough.

Ouyang Hua was standing before everyone. He had his hand raised and was chanting a complex language to maintain the formation.

The night of demon spirits happened every three months, and with how long Ouyang Hua has been around, he was usually confident in the formation, but today he was very uneasy. The formation had been weakened greatly by Wang Lin, so he had no idea if it would be able to hold against tonight’s demon spirits.

Once the formation breaks, all life inside the valley will be devoured by the demon spirits hiding inside the demonic energy.

As waves of demonic energy hit the formation, the formation seemed to not be able to hold out much longer, and there were even cracks appearing on it.

Just at this moment, a loud rumble could be heard. This was clearly from someone smashing into the formation, which caused more cracks to appear!

The people inside the valley could clearly feel the power of the collision. Many women and children were awakened by the shock.

Far away from the valley, the man in the black robe waved his sword and splattered blood everywhere. A completely black beast that was about one meter long and had a single horn had appeared. At almost the instant it appeared, it was cut in half by the black-robed man.

After killing the beast, the black-robed man took one breath and a strand of demonic energy came from the body of the mysterious beast and entered his body.

A very comfortable feeling immediately filled his body. Shortly after, his eyes lit up and stared at the valley in the distance. He revealed a cruel smile as he waved his sword and threw it toward the valley.

The black-robed man’s body floated into the air, then he landed on the sword and charged directly toward the valley.

Inside the valley, Wang Lin stood up, took a step, and turned into a cloud of green smoke before reappearing in front of Ouyang Hua and company.

His appearance was completely silent; this caused the expressions of all the villagers to change greatly, and they unconsciously stepped back.

Ouyang Hua revealed a joyous expression and he quickly said, “Supreme Celestial, save us!”

Just as he finished speaking, the sword flew in from the distance along with the black-robed man’s cold voice.

“The hunt begins!”

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