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Chapter 525 – Sky Demon Country

There was a person in the Heng Yue Sect called Huang Long, and he was the sect master!

“The Huang Long of the Heng Yue Sect was only at the Formation Establishment stage. Although their appearances are the same, they can’t be the same person!” Wang Lin silently pondered.

“However, to have the same name and appearance is too strange, too demonic. No wonder this place is called the East Demon Spirit Sea; the word demon is very fitting for this place.” Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the black cloud at the corner of the painting.

Ouyang Hua stood on the side and respectfully said, “The black cloud in the painting represents the night of demonic spirits. Only by being inside the formation can you be safe.”

“What does the full moon have to do with demonic spirits?” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

“This is place is the land of the demonic spirits, so it’s natural for there to be days when the demonic spirits come out to hunt, and those days are when the moon is full.” Ouyang Hua anxiously looked outside. Right now dusk was about to be over and it was going to be night soon.

“Tonight is a full moon. Supreme Celestial will be able to see the demonic spirits hunt later.” Ouyang Hua withdrew his gaze.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. After pondering for a while, he slowly said, “What was the thing you talked about, the thing that I need and would get at the Ancient Demon City?”

After Ouyang Hua heard this, he hesitated but immediately clenched his teeth and said, “Since Supreme Celestial has asked, then I won’t waste time. The land of demonic spirits is simply too big, and rumor has it that there are total of nine countries on this land. The country we are in is the Sky Demon Country.”

“To be more exact, this place is part of the Sky Demon Country, but it’s a wasteland. After this old man awakened his power in Ancient Demon City, I could only ever reach one star. I was not qualified to stay, so I returned to my tribe as an elder to educate my tribesmen.

“In the Sky Demon Country, there is the Demon King Kun Xu. Below him are the eight great Demon Generals, 10 million demon soldiers, and more than 100 cities. That is the power of one country!”

Ouyang Hua respectfully said, “As for the thing this old man mentioned, Supreme Celestial, it is a long story. Almost everyone here knows that foreigners appear every 5,000 years.”

“Every time the foreigners arrive, they create a bloodbath. All of these foreigners go to various countries and take up different positions. The more they contribute, the higher their position will be! There are even rumors that one of the eight great generals of the Sky Demon Country is a foreigner that came countless years ago and never left.”

“After foreigners enter, they go through a mysterious change. They often kill each other as if doing so would benefit them. This point is something this old man doesn’t understand. Since Supreme Celestial is a foreigner, I believe you understand this more than me.”

Wang Lin slightly frowned. He seemed to understand but wasn’t exactly sure. After pondering for a bit, he slowly said, “You still haven’t told me what the thing I want is.”

Ouyang Hua’s body stiffened and he silently pondered.

Wang Lin quietly waited. His gaze was still on the painting.

Shortly after, Ouyang Hua let out a sigh and said, “Supreme Celestial, I won’t lie to you. Although this place has the thing you need, it is simply too important. If you take it by force, then everyone inside the valley will die one by one.”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, and for the first time, his gaze left the painting and moved to Ouyang Hua.

Ouyang Hua looked at Wang Lin and their gazes met. After a while, Ouyang Hua gradually lowered his head, but then he suddenly raised it and said, “However, if Supreme Celestial still has pills like before, then it would be fine for this old man to give you the thing you need!”

Wang Lin’s right hand touched his bag of holding and jade bottles came out one by one. These jade bottles gave off bursts of white light, and there was no less than a dozen bottles.

After flying a circle in the air, the jade bottles returned to the bag of holding.

Ouyang Hua’s eyes followed those jade bottles as they circled in the air. It wasn’t until they returned to the bag of holding that he withdrew his gaze.

After swallowing hard, he took a deep breath and said, “The pills that you foreigners bring have always been important treasures here because we don’t have any materials to refine pills. Follow me, Supreme Celestial, I’ll take you to see the thing you need!”

Ouyang Hua looked like he had made a great decision as he clasped his hands and led the way.

Wang Lin casually followed him out of the house without a word.

Although the sky had darkened, there was a bonfire lighting the valley up. The men of the valley were sitting next to the flickering fire and would occasionally laugh out loud.

As for the women, they were sitting near their men with their children in their arms. They listened to their men talk and revealed smiles of satisfaction.

The entire valley was filled with an aura of peace and safety.

This aura gave off a very warm feeling that spread across the area. When Ouyang Hua and Wang Lin appeared, it caused everyone in the valley to become silent.

That warm feeling that Wang Lin just felt immediately disappeared. All of the women held onto their children tightly as they nervously looked at Wang Lin.

However, not all of the people in the valley looked at Wang Lin with caution. There were some that looked at him with gratitude in their eyes.

Ouyang Hua’s steps didn’t stop as he passed the fire and walked into the depths of the valley. Wang Lin followed Ouyang Hua at a pace that wasn’t fast nor slow. When he passed by the fire, all of the villagers made way for him.

When one of the women was fleeing, she didn’t hold on to her child tightly enough, so the child fell. She wanted to pick her child up, but her face turned pale when she saw that Wang Lin had already arrived.

As for the child, he picked himself up. He seemed to not notice his mother’s anxious gaze and looked curiously at Wang Lin.

When Wang Lin walked past the child, he stopped for a moment and lowered his head to look at him. This child looked very stout and honest. When looking at him, Wang Lin couldn’t help but think of Da Niu’s childhood. Wang Lin let out a smile as he rubbed the child’s head and walked past him.

After Wang Lin left, the child’s mother quickly rushed forward and grabbed the child before quickly retreating. From a distance, there were sounds of scolding.

It wasn’t until Wang Lin had left for a long time that the warm feeling around the fire returned.

Ouyang Hua quickly led Wang Lin into the depths of the valley. This area was shaped like a gourd and the entrance was the valley.

Ouyang Hua currently was standing at the base of the gourd. There weren’t many tree here, and there were many strange plants growing on the ground. Stepping on the ground would create rustling sounds and give off a very soft feeling.

“Supreme Celestial, please look!” Ouyang Hua stopped moving and pointed forward.

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out, and he immediately showed a look of understanding. His gaze fell on a cliff in the depths of the valley.

This cliff was completely cyan, and when compared to the other cliffs, it immediately felt very different. However, this wasn’t what caught Wang Lin’s attention. What caught his attention was the white, crystal-like object at the center of the cliff.

This crystal was diamond-shaped and was hanging off the cliff.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a pondering light. Earlier, when he spread out his divine sense to sweep the area, he found nothing. However, now he that was up close and was able to see it, he was able to gain some insight.

There were celestial spiritual energy fluctuations coming from the white crystal, but after taking a closer look, Wang Lin had another strange idea.

“This… this isn’t celestial spiritual energy!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as he stepped forward, pointed at the crystal, and tried to sense it from a distance.

His origin soul extended from his finger to feel the energy from the white crystal. His expression suddenly changed before he withdrew his right finger and began to ponder.

Ouyang Hua softly said, “Supreme Celestial, this is the thing the ancestor said you foreigners must have. You guys call it crystallized celestial spiritual energy, but we call it demon spirit crystal!

“The role of the demon spirit crystal is to help the tribesmen recover from injuries. This is why I said that if I give you this, all of the tribe members will die one by one.

“However, the quality of this demon spirit crystal is low, so its healing ability isn’t great. Compared to your pills, I’d rather use those.”

Wang Lin didn’t say anything as he raised his hand once more and reached out. A rumbling sound immediately came from the cliff. At first it was soft, but soon it grew louder. Thunderous roars came from the cliff and were immediately noticed by the people inside the valley.

Aside from that, the thunderous roar seemed to cause the surrounding cliffs to shake as if there was an earth dragon moving around underneath them.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his right hand pulled viciously. After a few cracking sounds, the white crystal broke free from the cliff and landed in his hand.

At the moment he touched the white crystal, Wang Lin immediately felt a cold aura come out from it. This aura directly entered his body through his right arm. This white aura didn’t travel through his meridians but moved along his bones. After quickly cycling once through Wang Lin’s body, the aura gathered at his dantian. It slowly condensed into a rice-grain-sized crystal that gave off an white aura as it slowly turned, making it look like a nebula.

This white aura looked like celestial spiritual energy, but in truth, it was very different from it. Celestial spiritual energy was gentle, while this energy was gentle but contained a powerful demonic aura.

After absorbing this demonic energy, Wang Lin’s entire body went through a very noticeable change!

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