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Chapter 524 – Huang Long

Ouyang Hua’s voice was rushed and filled with bitterness.

After he finished speaking, several dozen people walked out with Ouyang Hua leading the way. Although there was a wide age range among these people, all of them were male, and they had a large amount of green liquid smeared over their bodies.

After Ouyang Hua walked out, he looked at Wang Lin, who was 10 steps away, and revealed a complex look in his eyes. The he secretly let out a sigh before clasping his hands respectfully at Wang Lin and saying, with the voice of someone who has given up, “This old man Ouyang Hua didn’t know you were a Supreme Celestial. Everything that just happened is my fault, and I’m willing to take responsibility for it. I beg Supreme Celestial to be virtuous and not destroy the formation, because it will expose my village to the demon spirits and we will become their food.”

The dozens of people behind Ouyang Hua all looked at Wang Lin with terror in their eyes.

Wang Lin looked at everyone before raising his hand and forming a seal. He pointed at the air and countless ripples immediately appeared there before slowly dissipating.

Without the existence of the ripples, the formation immediately began to recover. The dissipation of the protective force slowed down until it finally stopped.

Ouyang Hua finally let out a sigh of relief. His gaze toward Wang Lin now contained a hint of respect along with a complex feeling.

Ouyang Hua quickly said, “Supreme Celestial, time is getting late and the demon spirit night is about to arrive, so it’s best we go inside to talk.” Then he bit the tip of his right finger to squeeze out a drop of blood and then pressed it against a wall to the right.

In an instant, the mountain began to rumble like a giant that was waking up. As the rumbling got louder, the side of the cliff began to distort like a painting until it split in half like it had been cut up by a pair of scissors.

A straight tunnel leading directly into the valley passed by Ouyang Hua’s group and stopped right before Wang Lin.

Ouyang Hua respectfully said, “This way, Supreme Celestial!”

Wang Lin didn’t waste any words and he indeed did have too many questions he needed to ask. He raised his foot and took a step forward.

Inside the valley, it gave the feeling that even in the darkest night, there was still hope. This place looked like a living area for cultivators. However, there were only countless houses without the cultivators, jades, and magic treasures.

The environment inside the valley was very green and filled with foliage. Although the sun was setting, the entire area still looked green.

Wang Lin’s gaze went through the houses and he saw people hiding inside.

Almost every house had people hiding inside, and they were all women and children. They weren’t topless like the men but had their bodies covered up.

As for those children, some peeked out the windows when their mothers weren’t looking. Their eyes were clear, distinct, and were filled with curiosity.

When Wang Lin saw this, his step suddenly stopped.

Everything before him was too different from what he saw before. Although he didn’t care for good or evil and did everything following his own heart, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh of shame.

With his Soul Transformation cultivation, he spent so much effort to break that formation. He could have never expected this place to just be a village!

Everyone beside the old man named Ouyang Hua was a mortal…

Wang Lin’s divine sense swept across the valley.

Ouyang Hua and the people following him were still frowning. When they noticed Wang Lin stop, their hearts trembled. There were even some tribe members who bit hard on their lower lips and clenched their fists.

In their view, this was their home, and for their home, they would give up everything, even their lives!

Ouyang Hua quickly went up next to Wang Lin and bitterly said, “Supreme Celestial… you?”

Wang Lin turned around. His gaze swept past the people behind Ouyang Hua. With Wang Lin’s mental strength, he could instantly tell what they were thinking.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before clasping his hands at these people and saying, “I have bothered you, and so I won’t be entering the valley!” With that, he pondered a bit and touched his bag of holding. Three jade bottles appeared. He threw them forward and they floated to the ground.

“There are a few dozen pills inside these jade bottles. They have the effect of helping one recover and stabilizing one’s foundation. This is my gift for barging in here.” Wang Lin let out a sigh as he shook his head and walked out of the valley.

Ouyang Hua’s eyes lit up like they had never done before. He stared at the jade bottles as he walked forward and grabbed them. After opening one and taking a sniff, his expression couldn’t help but change, then he put them away.

He turned around and began speaking to his tribe in another language. All of them nodded and some of them even smiled at Wang Lin with good will and continued to clasp their hands at him.

When Ouyang Hua finished speaking, those dozens of people scattered and returned to their houses. Soon after, there were a lot of festive sounds coming out of the houses.

Inside the valley, the children ran out of the houses to play and the females all walked out.

In almost an instant, the emptiness the valley had before disappeared and it was now filled with life.

“Supreme Celestial, wait, wait!” said Ouyang Hua as he rushed up. His expression was extremely sincere.

Wang Lin didn’t speak as he continued to step forward and was about to leave the valley. He had already decided to continue flying east to see what mysteries this place contained. He also wanted to see exactly what the Ancient Demon City 15 million kilometers away was like.

As for questioning these people, Wang Lin had lost interest. The children’s innocent eyes and the women’s fearful gazes made Wang Lin remember a lot.

Ouyang Hua didn’t dare to get too close and loudly said, “Supreme Celestial, tonight is the night of the demon spirits. No matter how powerful you are, you won’t have enough energy to last against the large amount of demon spirits. How about you stay here for now? If you still want to leave, it won’t be too late tomorrow!”

This was the second time Wang Lin had heard the words “night of the demon spirits” from Ouyang Hua. He stopped and turned around to face Ouyang Hua.

“What is the night of the demon spirits?”

Ouyang Hua quickly said, “Supreme Celestial, this old man will naturally tell you about it in detail. How about we go to my house and talk about it?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then nodded.

Ouyang Hua’s house was at the northernmost corner of the village. There were no houses around his house, making this place very unusual.

His house was circular like a steam bun and was partially buried underground. A majority of the house was cyan colored.

The house was of decent size with a wooden bed, wooden table, and a wood chairs. There were also some other things scattered across the room. There were some decorations on the walls, and in an inconspicuous corner, there was a painting.

Standing inside the room, Wang Lin’s gaze was locked on to the painting on the wall as he silently pondered.

This painting was already turning yellow and the corners were damaged. The entire painting was also wrinkling up; it has clearly been around for a very long time.

The person on the painting was a man around his 40s. He was looking into the distance as if he was pondering something, and his hand was casually placed before his chest, making a strange seal.

Following the direction of the man’s gaze, there was the sky. There was a black cloud in the air, and illusions seemed to appear from it.

However, this painting was too old, so it was not possible to see what exactly was inside the black cloud.

Ouyang Hua respectfully stood beside Wang Lin as he followed Wang Lin’s gaze toward the painting and unconsciously revealed a look of admiration.

Shortly after, while Wang Lin’s gaze was still on the painting, he slowly asked, “How long has the formation around the valley existed for?”

Ouyang Hua pondered a bit and then slowly said, “This formation has been around for far too long, so no one remembers when it was placed. From what I can remember, I only know that countless years ago, a person named Huang Long brought my ancestors and settled them here… Rumor has it that back then, the formation had already existed for countless years.”

“Is it this person?” Wang Lin’s gaze was still on this person.

“Yes, he is Supreme Celestial Huang Long!” The adimration in Ouyang Hua’s gaze became even stronger.

“Huang Long… he really is called Huang Long…” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. After a long time, he let out a soft sigh and gently rubbed the area between his brows.

“Huang Long…. What the hell is going on…” Wang Lin seemed to have forgotten about Ouyang Hua’s existence and his gaze was still locked on to the painting.

The male on the painting was very handsome and was filled with a celestial aura. If someone said that he was a celestial, people would believe it.

“Huang Long…” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a look of confusion. This kind of gaze was very rare from Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s heart has always been strong, but at the moment he entered the room and saw the painting, his origin soul shook!

Wang Lin pondered for a long time before slowly asking, “How do you know he is named Huang Long?”

Ouyang Hua was confused by this question. After hesitating for a bit, he asked, “You… do you know Supreme Celestial Huang Long?”

Wang Lin frowned.

Ouyang Hua quickly said, “Everything I know came from the founding ancestor, that is where I heard Huang Long’s name.”

Wang Lin pondered as he looked at the scroll and revealed a look of reminiscence. His heart seemed to have pierced through the East Demon Spirit Sea, pierced through space, pierced through the sky, and returned to his hometown on planet Suzaku.

His heart also went back several hundred years, back to the young man who had just left the valley, wasn’t accepted by the immortals, and was laughed at by everyone in the village.

After many twists and turns of fate, this young man was accepted into a sect. This sect was called the Heng Yue Sect…

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