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Chapter 522 – Elder Inside The Valley

The two of them didn’t have green liquid smeared on their bodies, but they emanated a mysterious aura. At the moment they walked out of the valley, they bit the tips of their tongues and spat out large mouthfuls of blood.

This blood wasn’t spat toward Wang Lin but on the ground outside the valley.

After doing this, they began running back into the valley. Wang Lin was calm as he casually captured the two and threw them to the side.

Then he looked at the ground covered by their blood and saw a blood mist slowly appear. At first it was faint, but it soon became very thick and quickly covered the area outside the valley.

Wang Lin was still sitting there in the lotus position as he calmly looked at the valley without using any spells.

When that blood mist reached its peak, a roar came from inside the valley. A black figure walked out from the valley and into the blood mist. This figure gave off a strange feeling.

“Return my tribe members and fuck off from my tribe’s territory! Otherwise, die!”

A cold voice came from the black figure inside the blood mist.

Wang Lin’s expression was normal as he let out cold snort. He stood up and took a step forward. With this one step, countless ripples appeared around him. The ripples vibrated violently as they spread, and Wang Lin rushed forward.

With one step, the ripples charged forward like crazy and the blood mist began to sizzle like hot water was poured on ice. Then the blood mist began to dissipate at an extremely quick rate.

This entire sequence didn’t even last more than three breaths of time. After three breaths of time, the blood mist was completely gone. The only thing remaining was someone wearing a black robe staring at Wang Lin with shock as Wang Lin walked in closer.

He was about to retreat when Wang Lin reached out and his body floated forward against his will and landed before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin coldly looked at this person and waved his right hand. He threw this person to the side and trapped him along with the other six.

After doing all this, Wang Lin examined the formation a bit before sitting back down and beginning to silently ponder.

The thunderous roar caused everyone inside the valley to become silent. This silence lasted for three days.

For three days, Wang Lin sat there motionlessly, and the inside of the valley didn’t emit any sound.

On the morning of the fourth day, the formation around the valley began to rumble and an old man with a black cane slowly walked out from the valley.

Behind him followed more than a 10 topless people. Although they all looked very skinny and sickly, their eyes were filled with intelligence.

The white-haired old man’s body seemed extremely weak. He walked out of the valley and softly said, “Foreign cultivator, you have already been here for several days. We were reckless earlier and I hope you will forgive us. This old man is named Ouyang Hua, and I am the elder of this valley. How about you return my tribe members and I’ll have a long talk with you?”


“From as far back as this old man can remember, I was already living here. I have no idea how long it has been since then…” Ouyang Hua was sitting outside the valley. Before him was a table and with some fruits.

Wang Lin was sitting in the lotus position on the opposite side of this old man, his expression calm.

The several trapped people had already been released and they had returned to the valley.

Ouyang Hua’s voice was bland as he said, “This old man doesn’t know exactly how big this place is, but I know that there is an extremely large city 15 million kilometers from here. That place is the Ancient Demon City! This old man began learning there, and that’s where I gained my long life. Foreign cultivator, I don’t know what you want, but it is definitely not something my small tribe can provide you.”

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as he slowly said, “Do you know where I came from?”

“When you appeared outside the valley, I knew you weren’t someone from this land. It should be said that you and your companions come once every 5,000 years, and every time you guys come, you bring along endless bloodshed… That is why I did not welcome your arrival.” Ouyang Hua softly sighed.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he asked “Do you have news of other foreigners?”

Ouyang Hua decisively said, “None right now, and I hope that there will be none in the future. Foreigner, there is nothing you need here. I have said what I needed to say, so you should leave. You can go to that Ancient Demon City; you’ll find something there.”

Wang Lin calmly asked, “What is the thing you keep saying I need? What exactly is it?”

Ouyang Hua’s face sank as he stood up, looked at Wang Lin, and said, “Foreigner, I have said all I need to say. Although you have some ability, if it wasn’t for me not wanting to get into a fight with you, I would have definitely not let you go for capturing my tribe members. Foreigner, don’t be mistaken! If you are not gone within three breaths of time, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he stared at the elder. He waved his palm in the air and a green light gathered in his hand. This green light shined violently, and with a point of his finger, it flew toward the valley.

The formation around the valley activated on its own, and as the green light arrived, there was a loud rumble.

Wang Lin coldly snorted as he slapped his bag of holding and the restriction flag appeared. He waved flag and the 999 restrictions flew out and covered the area with black fog. Wang Lin’s figure inside the black fog made him look like a demon general.

His cold eyes gave off an endless amount of pressure.

“Break the formation!” Wang Lin’s voice seemed to travel throughout all of the desolate area. With one word, the surrounding restriction gas charged out and continued to attack the formation outside the valley.

Ouyang Hua’s expression changed greatly and became extremely gloomy as he looked at Wang Lin. He sneered, then his body flashed and unbelievably collapsed into specks of light.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold. He had already noticed that the Ouyang Hua before him wasn’t the real body and was only an illusionary body. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had studied the formation for several days and had gained enough understanding to be able to almost break it, there was no way he would have returned those tribe members so easily.

His right hand formed a seal as he pointed at the formation and softly said, “Explode!”

A series of rumblings echoed across the entire valley. The formation began to tremble violently like there were dragons raging within it and began to release a bright, green glow.

At the same time, Ouyang Hua’s ancient voice came from within the valley. “Foreigner, this old man gives you three breaths of time to leave. If you don’t, I’m going to activate the attack formation! At that time, you will surely die!”

Wang Lin spat out the word, “Gather!”

With one word, the surrounding restriction gas immediately began to move and explode, creating a powerful shockwave that hit the formation.

The formation shook violently once more.

Ouyang Hua’s voice was suddenly cut off and he let out an angry roar. The entire valley suddenly released a bright flash of green light.

In the blink of an eye, this green light became extremely dense. Green ripples began to appear from the cliffs, ground, and grass around the valley.

The instant these ripples appeared, they were drawn by the mysterious force produced by the green light inside the valley.

At this moment, the green light in the valley began to move in a mysterious way. It began to drift apart like green flames, and in an instant, it formed a giant, green illusion.

This illusion was human-shaped but was tens of feet tall. Only its figure could be seen and not the exact features. The figure was filled with green light.

The moment the illusion appeared, Ouyang Hua’s voice immediately came from within the valley.

“Foreigner, you brought all of this upon yourself! Green illusion, kill him and bring his soul as the sacrifice for the today’s Demonic Night!”

With that, an inhuman roar came from the illusion. This roar wasn’t loud, but it caused the sky to change colors and the ground to immediately shake!

Although it was only for an instant, it caused Wang Lin’s eyes to narrow. He revealed a sneer as his right hand formed a seal and he shouted, “Restriction Lance!”

Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and strands of black restriction fog moved around like dragons. If one looked up, they would see the black restriction fog covering the entire sky!

With the howling that came from within the fog, it seemed like the demonic army from hell was about the descend. The surrounding black gas released an ear-piercing howl as it quickly gathered on Wang Lin’s arm.

Finally, a lance 30 feet long and as thick as his arm appeared in his hand!

There was black lightning moving around the the lance and there was thunder coming from inside it, making it even more fearsome.

There was a ghostly light on the tip of the lance. Under the sun at noon, it was extra eye-catching.

At almost the same moment Ouyang Hua finished speaking, Wang Lin threw the lance, and it shot out like a ray of black lightning toward the green illusion.

The lightning broke through the sky like a gulf in the underworld and broke through space as if it was god’s will. It was so powerful that it could damage the heavens and shatter the earth.

As it broke through space, it even attracted the thunder from the high heavens, creating a series thunderous booms that rumbled across the area.

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