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Chapter 521 – Mountain Valley

“However, none of those can compare to the token I saw. What exactly is that token to cause people like the All-Seer’s and Ling Tianhou’s expressions to change… Ah, planet Tian Yun has too many secrets, and I can’t even begin to guess them without any knowledge…” Wang Lin let out a sigh and remained silent.

“Forget it. I can only take these things one step at a time; they can’t be rushed. Now that the original body is well hidden on that desolate planet, it won’t be showing itself. Also, back in the Suzaku Tomb, Tuo Sen only locked onto me and doesn’t know about my original body yet. I’ll need to spend the next 500 years making it stronger to prepare for the future!”

Wang Lin cleared his mind. As he was thinking, he had unknowingly flown countless kilometers. He spread out his divine sense and still found nothing.

This wasteland was too quiet. Inside Wang Lin’s divine sense range, other than himself, there was no life at all.

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal as he continued to fly.

Time slowly passed. Tens days later, while Wang Lin was flying, his expression suddenly changed and he turned to look into the distance with eyes like lightning. He took one step and his entire body moved like a meteor with speed several times faster than before toward that direction.

There was a thick forest outside of the wasteland.

At this moment, there was a person lying on the ground in the forest. This person had no clothes covering the upper part of his body, and that uncovered part was smeared with some green liquid.

He lied there completely motionless; even his breathing was so weak that it seemed to stop at times. Soon, he was so still that he seemed to have disappeared altogether. It was almost impossible for a normal person to even notice him.

It didn’t take long before the sound of running came from the forest. Soon, a beast the size of a calf with a fierce mouth charged out.

This wild beast was kind of like a wild pig, but it contained a fierceness that showed off dangerous it was. There was not a sliver of spiritual energy inside this beast.

The beast let out a roar as it jumped out from the forest. However, at the moment it charged out, the person lying on the ground suddenly jumped out as well, and he somehow had a black spear in his hand now!

This person was very quick. At almost the exact moment the wild beast charged out, the spear was already stabbing toward it. The beast didn’t expect anyone to be there, but instead of being startled, it was angry and charged toward the spear.

With a series of crackling sounds, the spear shattered. The man with green liquid smeared on his body twisted his body mid air and grabbed the blade at the tip of the spear. Without any hesitation, he mounted on the back of the beast. Then he grabbed the beast’s fur and stabbed directly into the beast’s neck.

The beast felt sharp pain, then it let out a miserable roar and began to struggle. It began to charge randomly while carrying the person on its back.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the air. He stared at the person and beast below him with a mysterious gaze.

This person and beast were the first living things he had come across in 10 days!

The beast’s eyes were bloodshot and it was letting out a series of roars, but the person on its back still had a calm gaze. His left hand was holding onto the beast’s fur firmly and he stuck close to the beast’s body to maintain his balance to stay on the beast’s back. His right hand held the knife as firmly as a mountain to make sure it stayed in the beast’s neck.

Shortly after, the beast’s eyes slowly dimmed and the blood coming out from its neck was no longer red but gave off a ghostly light. Finally, the beast fell to the ground and stopped moving.

The person on the beast let out a breath of relief and pulled out the knife. However, his expression suddenly changed as he turned around and looked at the sky behind him with a confused gaze.

Wang Lin frowned as he looked at the person. He was very shocked that although this person had no spiritual energy inside him, he had amazing enough spirit to be able to almost notice that someone was around.

With a thought, Wang Lin slowly appeared in the air as he stared at the person with a cold gaze.

The person smeared with green liquid was shocked when he suddenly saw Wang Lin appear, and his eyes revealed a mysterious light. A second later, he jumped before the beast and held the knife up. He looked at Wang Lin and said, with a raspy voice, “Beast is mine!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he said, “I’m not here to steal from you!”

That person stared at Wang Lin for a bit and nodded shortly after. He then slowly knelt down, grabbed the beast with some difficulty, and dragged it into the forest. As he dragged the beast, he stared at Wang Lin with his guard up.

Wang Lin didn’t move even after this person had moved far away. In Wang Lin’s eyes, this person was very interesting.

The person who was smeared in green liquid dragged the beast really far away. When he saw that Wang Lin wasn’t following, he let out a sigh of relief and continued to drag the beast by its fur.

He wandered around all day, and it wasn’t until the sun was about to set that he dragged the beast into a hidden valley.

At the moment he entered the valley, a faint ripple appeared. However, this ripple was very faint and quickly disappeared, so it was not easy to spot.

At the moment he entered the valley, Wang Lin’s body stepped out from the void. His eyes lit up and revealed a mysterious light as he looked around.

“Someone spent a lot of effort to place a giant formation here. It can hide the presence of all living things, so unless one is close, it is almost impossible to notice the existence of this place… Looking at the markings of the formation, it has already been here for countless years. The way the formation is placed down is different from the methods of the Cultivation Alliance, so this should have been placed down by ancient cultivators.”

Wang Lin’s eyes were like torches. He wasn’t in a rush to enter the valley, so he checked the valley from the outside before coming to this conclusion.

“This place is interesting. This East Demon Spirit Sea is clearly different from all the other places I have been to to hunt treasure.” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as he looked at the valley protected by the formation.

After observing for a while, he pointed at the air. A ray of spiritual energy quickly flew out from his finger and into the valley.

However, at the moment the ray of spiritual energy entered the valley, the formation surrounding the valley began to rumble. A green gas came out from the formation and quickly devoured the spiritual energy Wang Lin had shot out.

Shortly after, a lot of noise suddenly came from inside the valley.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He took a few steps back and then his body disappeared.

Flashes of bright light came from within the valley, and three people walked out.

These three people were all topless and had green liquid smeared over their bodies. They were holding rusty weapons in their hands, and after they walked out of the valley, they were all very cautious.

Shortly after, the three of them revealed looks of confusion. They looked at each other before walking back into the valley.

At the moment they disappeared into the valley, Wang Lin’s body turned into green smoke and quickly followed them. However, when he touched the formation, it activated again and emitted a green light.

A powerful sense of crisis surrounded the area. Wang Lin frowned and took a few steps back. After he backed off, the green light disappeared from the formation.

“Interesting!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold.

The purpose of the formation was to protect everything inside the valley and not allow anyone else inside. Once someone tries to break in, the formation will activate all its power to kill the invader!

This formation was very ingenious. After studying it for a while, Wang Lin knew that he couldn’t break it in a short period of time. His gaze darkened as he sat down in the lotus position outside the formation without saying a word.

Shortly after he revealed himself, he caught the attention of the people inside the valley. There were flashes of light and then four people walked out.

Among the four people, three of them were the three from before, and the fourth person was filled with killing intent. He was holding a black pole arm that gave off a ghostly glow.

At the moment he walked out, without saying a word, he threw the pole arm at Wang Lin. Then he let out a cruel smile and charged toward Wang Lin.

The three people behind him also let out roars and charged toward Wang Lin with their rusty weapons.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. With one gaze, the pole arm flying at him immediately collapsed.

The person with the cruel smile was startled. He stared at the broken pole arm with his mouth wide open, unable to say a word. The three people behind him also stopped.

Wang Lin didn’t waste time with them and reached out with his right hand. They immediately screamed, as a mysterious force had caught all four of them. Wang Lin threw them to the side and trapped them so they couldn’t move.

Normally, Wang Lin wouldn’t lower himself to deal with people without any spiritual energy in their bodies, but this place was simply too strange. A mere valley like his had this kind of ancient formation protecting it. All he could do was find clues from the people living inside.

After he easily captured the four of them, Wang Lin’s expression remained normal and he continued to cultivate.

It wasn’t long before an uproar could be heard from within the valley. There were more flashes of light from within the valley, and this time, two people walked out!

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