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Chapter 519 – Token

This trembling didn’t last very long, but the effect was beyond imagination. Right now all of the objects without an owner shook violently.

Not all of the cultivators on these cultivation planets knew where this red light was coming from. In fact, most cultivators had made up their own ideas about this red light that appeared once every 5,000 years.

Only those few really powerful cultivators knew where this red light came from and that the East Demon Spirit Sea near planet Tian Yun had opened.

The red light spread out everywhere, but this wasn’t the end of the tide phase; it was only the beginning.

The red light paused for a few moments before it began to flash violently. This time it didn’t spread out but withdrew at the same speed that it spread out.

It was like the unstoppable tide had begun to withdraw with an unimaginable force.

If it was only the red light returning, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but what came with it were the endless treasures, spirit stones, celestial jades, and all the ownerless items.

Some strange beasts and powerful life forms that lived in the void of space were pulled in as well.

Everything that was pulled by the tide was rushing through space and being pulled back toward the East Demon Spirit Sea at a crazy speed.

The speed at which the light retracted was a bit slower than when it expanded, but not by much. From another angle, one could clearly see that with the East Demon Spirit Sea as the center, the red light quickly retreated like the tides from an unimaginably vast area.

At this moment, the red light went through the stars, space, and planets like the concept of distance didn’t exist for it. After only three breaths of time, the cultivators outside the East Demon Spirit Sea all saw red light shockwaves rushing back like tens of thousands of galloping horses.

This shockwave was a circle that was closing in on the East Demon Spirit Sea.

Wang Lin’s pupils suddenly shrank and his eyes revealed a powerful sense of shock. The scene of the tide spreading out had already given him a feeling that this wasn’t real. When he saw the tide coming back, he couldn’t help but let out a big breath.

Actually, not only Wang Lin, but everyone who was seeing the tide phase for the first time felt the same amount of shock Wang Lin was feeling. Some of them had been so mesmerized that they lost control of their dao hearts.

At one moment, the red light still looked like it was far in the distance, but in the next moment, the red light had already passed by all the cultivators.

At the same time, all of the jades, spirit stones, celestial jades, treasures, and various things that would make everyone’s eyes red moved at an extremely fast speed past the cultivators.

There were even some corpses, large beasts, and large magic treasures that passed by as well. However, all of these things were wrapped in the red light, and the red light had the mysterious power to make all of them incorporeal. Thus, all of these things passed through all the cultivators without causing any disturbance.

It was as if at this moment, everything before them was an illusion.

Wang Lin personally saw a giant demonic beast with a single horn that emitted black lightning and had a cultivation level similar to an Ascendant cultivator go through his body at a speed so fast he had no chance to dodge at all.

At the moment it passed through him, Wang Lin took a deep breath. He suddenly turned around and carefully looked at the passing red light to catch a glimpse of as many treasures as he possibly could.

“Heaven Metal Soil… Exquisite Mix Liquid… Ink Stone… Ling Xi Horn…” Wang Lin only got a vague look and his heart skipped a beat. All of these things were pretty good materials for refining the ancient gods’ treasures.

“There is also… this is… this is…” Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly became serious as he stared at a ray of red light in the distance. Inside the red light was a large sword.

This sword was like a wooden board coated in gold. However, there was rust on the sword, and some parts were even broken off.

In the blink of an eye, the sword disappeared among the red lights.

Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly shined brightly.

All of the surrounding cultivators’ eyes lit up and they made their own plans as they stared at the various treasures passing by.

The tide phase was about to end, but just at this moment, another ray of red light came from the distance.

This ray of light was extraordinary, and it closed in in the blink of an eye.

At the moment this ray of red light appeared, the All-Seer’s calm face suddenly changed.

He suddenly turned around, and his eyes were like lightning as he stared at the incoming ray of red light.

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s eyes glowed brightly like a torch as he stared at the red light going deep into the East Demon Spirit Sea.

At this moment, not only those two, but among all the cultivators, various ancient figures charged out.

These ancient figures were all famous old monsters of planet Tian Yun. Their original purpose was to just bring their younger generations here, but after seeing that last ray of red light, and especially after seeing what was inside, they all seemed to have become tens of thousands of years younger and charged out.

This shocking scene suddenly attracted the gazes of all the surrounding cultivators. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the incoming ray of red light.

This ray of red light was so fast that it passed by all the cultivators in the blink of eye as it charged into the East Demon Spirit Sea.

If it was only fast, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the red light stopped divine sense from peeking in and the eyes from seeing through. All of the spells that attempted to see what was inside were blocked, making it impossible to see what exactly was in there. It was so well hidden that it even caused people like the All-Seer’s and Ling Tianhou’s expressions to change.

At the moment Wang Lin’s divine sense touched the red light, it was like it was trapped in a maze, and it immediately collapsed. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was decisive and gave it up immediately, he would have definitely been injured by the collapse.

All the surrounding cultivators’ faces were pale; some of them even coughed out blood and looked weakened. They clearly weren’t fast enough at withdrawing their divine senses and were injured by the red light.

“Don’t use divine sense to check; this is not something you juniors can see!” At this moment, among all the old monsters, a skinny old man’s voice echoed across the area.

At this moment, that ray of red light had passed through everyone and was about to enter the East Demon Spirit Sea. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and three strands of grey gas appeared between his brows. The three strands of grey gas turned into three tattoos and rapidly flashed on Wang Lin’s forehead.

At the same time, the three tattoos seemed to have melted and quickly formed a border around his eyes.

At the moment the border formed, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up like the moon in the night, and the light extended half an inch out from his eyes.

His gaze looked like it would pierce through heaven and earth. It directly charged through the void, caught up to the red light that was about to disappear, and pierced directly into it.

He wanted to see what exactly was in there!

Wang Lin’s gaze pierced deep into the red light and went deep inside, but he only saw red light. On top of that, a mysterious force attacked him, sending waves of pain back to his body.

Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly became bloodshot and tears began to flow; there was even blood mixed in.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and let out a roar. The borders around his eyes began to emit strands of grey gas. However, the grey gas didn’t spread out but went into Wang Lin’s eyes.

In almost the blink of an eye, Wang Lin’s bloodshot eyes carried a thick shade of grey.

As a result, his gaze inside the red light that was about to disappear seemed to be revitalized, and it broke through layers of red light and collided with the mysterious force within.

Finally, at the instant the red light disappeared into the East Demon Spirit Sea, Wang Lin’s gaze finally broke through the red light and saw the thing that caused the All-Seer and everyone else’s expressions to change!

It was a token!

A glittering, golden token with symbols carved on it!

At the moment he clearly saw the token, a large amount of blood came out from his eyes and heart-piercing pain entered his body. Wang Lin closed his eyes.

When he reopened them, that ray of red light had already disappeared inside the East Demon Spirit Sea.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes were completely bloodshot, but there were strands of grey moving inside them, giving his gaze a very demonic feel.

In the distance, the girl named Yao Xixu, who was sitting on the blood red jade, accidently looked over at Wang Lin. At the moment she saw his gaze, her body trembled involuntarily and her face turned pale. She quickly lowered her head and her heart trembled violently!

“That gaze… I know why father wants me to pay attention to this person now…”

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