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Chapter 518 – Tide Phase

The tide phase of the East Demon Spirit Sea began. As the sea began to move faster, the rumbling sounds got even louder. In the end, the rumblings linked together and seemed to extend up to the heavens and down into the void. Soon, the entire area was filled with a loud rumble.

The entire sea of floating stuff was bubbling like lava. All of the things were moving around like they were ancient ghosts trying to escape their prison.

The rumbling sound had already spread across the endless space. This sound was so loud that it echoed endlessly inside the ears of the surrounding cultivators.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious as he looked at the endless sea of floating stuff.

This was the first time he had seen this place, so everything here was foreign to him. Everything he knew about his place, he had heard from others or from Sun Yunshan on their way here.

Even the tide phase was something he had only heard about but had never seen before.

“I have to carefully observe this tide phase that only happens once every 5,000 years to see what’s so mysterious about it.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

At this moment, everyone’s gazes gathered on the endless sea of floating stuff. The rumbling sound got louder and louder until finally, a sharp roar came from inside the sea.

This roar was very painful to the ears; it was like the howling of a ghost. At this moment, all of the floating stuff trembled and began to spin due to a mysterious force.

This spinning was terrifying; it was as if the entire star system was spinning. Some of the cultivators with lower cultivation levels couldn’t help but float toward the spinning sea. If it wasn’t for the people beside them pulling them back, they would have fused with that sea.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm and his dao heart was sturdy, so he won’t be pulled in by this kind of spinning.

As the East Sea spun, the roar became even more ear-piercing than before. The roar had already surpassed the rumbling. Finally, a green gas began to spread out from all the stuff inside the East Demon Spirit Sea.

The moment the gas appeared, it began to spread out. In the blink of an eye, the outside of the sea was already surrounded by the green gas.

However, the green gas immediately began to boil and then it gathered at the center. It was as if there was a powerful force pressing from all sides, causing the green gas and the floating stuff to gather at the center in an instant.

The entire space suddenly shook as all the green gas and floating stuff gathered together to form a mysterious spring opening.

This mouth of a spring was not static but continued to grow as things gathered from all directions. It became wider and taller until it was more than 1,000 feet tall.

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s eyes revealed a mysterious light and he muttered to himself, “It has begun…”

“I wonder what will be attracted here this time…” There was a flash of seven-colored light in the All-Seer’s calm eyes.

At this moment, all of the cultivators that had seen the East Demon Spirit Sea open once before had their gazes deadlocked at the opening of the spring.

This green column was like a pillar that seemed to be holding up space itself. It kept growing taller until it reached the limit of the divine sense’s range.

At this moment, Wang Lin revealed a shocked expression. As the green column continued to grow longer, a pressure like the heavens’ might slowly began to spread out from it.

Just this sliver of the heavens’ might made Wang Lin feel like there were 10,000 mountains pressing down on top of him. There was a cracking sound coming from his body, making it seem like he was about to collapse at any time.

“Very powerful!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed an unyielding look. A grey gas appeared between his brows and then turned into a tattoo that quickly covered his body.

As a result, the pressure reached a point where he could withstand it.

Since Wang Lin was like this, it’s obvious that many of the surrounding cultivators were worse. Their faces were extremely pale, and they were forced to retreat. If it wasn’t for their elders and masters being there to withstand the pressure for them, many of them would have collapsed and died!

Just at this moment, a scene that would be hard for many cultivators to forget in their lifetime suddenly began to unfold.

The giant, green pillar suddenly collapsed and rays of red light continued to shoot out from it. The rays of red light spread out like crazy; they even went through the bodies of the surrounding cultivators and went deep into space.

As the green pillar continued to collapse, more and more rays of red light were released. The red light spread out at an unimaginable speed.

At this moment, if you look at it from another angle, the East Demon Spirit Sea, one of the three forbidden areas of planet Tian Yun, was covered in green and red light.

The green light was slowly disappearing and being replace by red light. This red wasn’t blood red; it was more like the red of the blazing sun.

This red light spread out like light from the sun with the East Demon Spirit Sea as the center; the light spread endlessly in all directions.

As for exactly how far the red light spread out, no one but a few select individuals knew.

Some of the deserted planets far away from planet Tian Yun were covered by this red light. Even the farther away planet Suzaku was affected. The current Suzaku, Zhou Wutai, was cultivating when he opened his eyes to find that the sky was completely red.

Even farther away, more planets were covered by this red light.

There was no way to clearly calculate how far this red light that only came out from the East Demon Spirit Sea once every 5,000 years spread each time.

At this moment, the red light suddenly stopped spreading as if it had reached a limit. However, a heaven-shaking thing was happening at all the places the red light reached.

Among the stars, planets, and space, everything from treasures, jades, spirit stones, celestial jades, corpses, ancient swords, treasure remnants, celestial spells, ancient cultivation treasures, and various other things, no matter where they were, as long as they were in the range of the red light and without an owner, they began to tremble!

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