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Chapter 497 – Celestial Guidance Spell

The roar pierced through the flag and echoed in Wang Lin’s origin soul. Although the sound didn’t exit his body, the Qilin jumping at the All-Seer suddenly trembled and stopped moving. Its large head suddenly turned, then its eyes became unimaginably bright and it started scanning the crowd.

However, at the moment the Qilin inside the soul flag let out that roar, Wang Lin had already activated the soul flag to hide any trace of the Qilin, so Ling Tianhou’s Qilin wasn’t able to find anything.

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou frowned.

At this moment, with the serpentine sword held by the All-Seer and the Qilin beast stopped, the medium quality celestial spell, Celestial Guidance, unleashed its full power.

Bursts of seven-colored light came out from the hole in the sky. At the same time, the songs of nature echoed through the clouds.

One by one, illusions suddenly appeared and moved around in the sky. One of the illusions stood in the middle. This illusion was wearing a golden gown and gave off a monstrous amount of celestial spiritual energy. Although it was an illusion, a sense of heavenly pressure was emitted from its body.

As it floated in the sky, it looked down, and its gaze fell on the more than 10,000 Da Lou Sword Sect disciples. He didn’t open his mouth, but an powerful voice echoed the sky.

“I’m the illusionary body of the Celestial Realm’s eternal messenger. I’m here to guide the lower realm cultivators!” This phrase seemed to have been said countless times. The messenger then raised his hand and waved it. At this moment, the space where the Da Lou Sword Sect disciples were floating trembled and then was sealed off by a golden light!

This scene caused all of the surrounding cultivators who came to the celebration to be shocked. The powerful cultivators all revealed shocked expressions.

“The Celestial Realm is already destroyed, so why does the Celestial Guidance Spell still summon a celestial general as a guide? If those people are really taken away, where will they go? Will they be taken to the broken Celestial Realm? Or to a place no cultivator has been to before?”

Countless questions appeared in the surrounding cultivators’ hearts.

At the same time, the All-Seer suddenly became infinitely more mysterious in their hearts.

“How could a medium quality celestial spell be found by the All-Seer on a deserted planet? There is definitely a problem here!”

Just as various cultivators were guessing, Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s face became very gloomy and he shouted, “Old man All-Seer, I brought my disciples here to congratulate you, yet you stooped so low as to act against them. What is the meaning of this?!”

He waved his right hand and the serpentine sword flew back to him. He gave up on trying to stop the spell and wanted to see exactly what the All-Seer wanted to do.

The All-Seer’s expression remained the same. “Isn’t letting your disciples experience what the Celestial Realm was like before it was destroyed a good thing?”

As the two of them spoke, more than 10,000 Da Lou Sword Sect disciples flew toward the hole in the sky without any control over their bodies and disappeared one by one.

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s expression was still gloomy as he stood there, staring coldly at the All-Seer.

It wasn’t until the last Da Lou Sword Sect disciple disappeared into the hole that the strange scene in the sky slowly disappeared and returned to normal.

The All-Seer raised his head to look at the sky and gently smiled. “Although this medium quality celestial spell has no attack power, it can still send people away even after the Celestial Realm has collapsed. As for where they are sent to, I have no idea!”

“You!!!” Sword Saint Ling Tianhou looked at the All-Seer, and his face became even more gloomy.

The All-Seer looked at Ling Tianhou and smiled. “Sword Saint doesn’t need to worry. In three days, all of your disciples will reappear back here. At that time, you will have to let this old man borrow a few people to question. I want to see where exactly they went and what they saw.”

Sword Saint Ling Tianhou pondered for a bit, then he let out a cold snort and no longer said anything.

He knew very well that the All-Seer wouldn’t act against his disciples personally in this kind of situation, or else the All-Seer would lose all the respect he had. If the All-Seer said they would be back in three days, then they would be back in three days.

The All-Seer did all of this to make Sword Saint Ling Tianhou look bad.

At this moment, some of the more talented people stared at the sky, thinking of something, and there were few secretly imitating the celestial spell.

Wang Lin raised his head to look at the sky and began to ponder. This medium quality celestial spell was very mysterious to him, and it was impossible to learn it with just one demonstration. However, it did let him gain a better understanding of celestial spells.

The scene created by the Celestial Guidance Spell was obviously not created by the All-Seer. In truth, this spell was an eternal existence. One just needed the method to open the passage and have the qualifications to use it. Anyone who meets these two requirements can use it anywhere to take away people they want to guide to the Celestial Realm.

After the All-Seer demonstrated this spell, he didn’t announce that this dao teaching session was over. Instead, his eyes revealed a mysterious light and he slowly said, “Today, aside from celebrating my birthday, I also want my fellow cultivators to be witnesses. I have a total of seven divisions of disciples, and only the Yellow and Purple Divisions don’t have anyone holding the title of true disciple. Today is when the true disciples of those two divisions will be selected!”

After he said this, the surrounding cultivators’ gazes turned to the Yellow and Purple Divisions. However, most of them were looking at the Yellow Division; not many looked toward the Purple Division.

After all, everyone knew that the Purple Division was too weak.

There were six people in the Yellow Division. The Third Brother of the Yellow Division held the title of true disciple. However, 30 years ago, he disappeared on his journey outside the sect and was never heard from again.

At this moment, all six people of the Yellow Division had expressions as calm as a pond of water without any ripples. The middle-aged woman standing at the end of the line walked forward and respectfully said to the All-Seer, “Disciple gives up!”

After she said that, other disciples of the Yellow Division also walked out and gave up until there were only two people remaining.

Of the remaining two people, Wang Lin only had a small impression of one of them. It was the one who obtained the sword from the All-Seer earlier, Kunpeng Zi!

Aside from Kunpeng Zi, there was an old man standing next to him. This person’s face was covered in wrinkles, and he looked extremely abnormal. Although he was wearing a yellow robe, he still looked like a skinny monkey.

He was Yundao Zi, the oldest disciple of the Yellow Division, and he held the true disciple title for 800 years before their Third Brother took it from him. However, this person had no competitive spirit, so he lived a very carefree life.

At this moment, he looked at the All-Seer, took a step forward, and respectfully said, “Disciple also gives up. The person most suited to receive the true disciple title for the Yellow Division is Second Brother, who received the celestial treasure from Master.”

The All-Seer looked meaningfully at Yundao Zi. This look caused Yundao Zi to quickly lower his head and remain silent.

The All-Seer then shouted, “Kunpeng Zi!”

“Disciple is here!” Kunpeng Zi’s body trembled as he quickly walked forward a few steps and stood up straight.

“You are the Yellow Division’s true disciple. If you can maintain that title for 1,000 years, I’ll teach you a low quality celestial spell. The Heavenly Fate Seven Disciples are not simple; they are the symbol of my Heavenly Fate Sect and are the true disciples of the sect. Can you hold this title well?” The All-Seer’s voice was filled with majesty.

The surrounding cultivators didn’t react much, but Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s mouth moved. He revealed a look of disdain as if he was saying “Heavenly Fate Seven Disciples… hmph…”

Kunpeng Zi knelt down in the air and kowtowed toward the All-Seer. “Disciple will remember Master’s words!”

The All-Seer nodded, then he pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. A yellow light appeared, causing the All-Seer’s eyes to become extremely bright. Soon, a yellow crystal appeared in his hand.

“I believe you aren’t unfamiliar with this item. It is the symbol of the Heavenly Fate Seven Disciples. Go into closed door cultivation for several years to study this. When you come out, I’ll give you another life-saving treasure!”

Kunpeng Zi took a deep breath and worked hard to suppress the excitement in his heart. Although he knew for a while that he would get the title, he still felt like he was dreaming.

In truth, he understood in his heart that the other disciples of the Yellow Division weren’t weak, and each of them was good at hiding their cultivation. Unless they were to fight for real, it would be impossible to see through each other’s cultivation.

If they were to fight, he had no confidence in winning, and most importantly, the Yellow Division had senior apprentice brother Yundao Zi.

Kunpeng Zi had already followed Master for more than 2,000 years, but when he joined, senior apprentice brother was already there. He didn’t know exactly how long senior apprentice brother had followed Master for.

However, although this senior apprentice brother was a bit arrogant and didn’t talk to anyone, he also had no interested in the position of true disciple; he didn’t even try to fight over it.

Wang Lin silently watched this from the side. His gaze was on Yundao Zi more than the others.

But what Wang Lin found most strange was that after the All-Seer took out that yellow crystal, Yundao Zi’s eyes shrank by an almost unnoticeable amount. The calm in his eyes suddenly collapsed and was replaced with fear. However, the fear was quickly replaced by calmness; it was as if what happened earlier didn’t happen.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Lin had been paying attention this whole time, he wouldn’t have noticed this small detail.

After looking for a long time, Yundao Zi turned toward him and revealed a faint smile.

This faint smile was a bit strange; it was as if he had seen through everything.

“Next up is the true disciple title for the Purple Division. Wang Lin, Zhao Xinmeng, Bai Wei, are the three of you ready?” The All-Seer looked at Wang Lin and nodded with a smile.

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