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Chapter 498 – Zhao Xinmeng

Bai Wei nodded and respectfully said, “Disciple gives up!”

Fourth Sister, Zhao Xinmeng, looked toward Wang Lin with a serious expression and softly said, “Seventh Brother, if I were to give up as well, it would be too easy for you to obtain the title. The battle between the two of us will take place today!”

The image of Yundao Zi’s fearful eyes appeared in Wang Lin’s mind, and he revealed a look of hesitation.

“Disciple, gives up!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and looked toward the All-Seer.

The All-Seer was startled. This was the first time Wang Lin had seen that kind of expression on his face. The All-Seer frowned as he looked at Wang Lin and asked, in a serious tone, “Why did you give up?”

The calm expression also disappeared from Zhao Xinmeng’s face and was replaced with a strange expression. She stared at Wang Lin and silently pondered.

The look of fear from Yundao Zi’s face still hadn’t left Wang Lin’s mind. After hearing the All-Seer’s words, he pondered a bit before answering, “Disciple’s cultivation level isn’t high enough to compete with Fourth Sister’s…”

“Wang Lin!” The All-Seer cut Wang Lin off, then he gave him a meaningful look and said, in a serious tone, “Master would like you to try to fight for it once! My disciples should not be cowards. Also, you shouldn’t be bewitched by others and have your heart filled with unnecessary things. You just need to remember that you should follow your desires on everything. I’ll give you half an incense stick of time to think about it carefully. If you still decide to give up, then I won’t stop you!” The All-Seer frowned. After that, he looked at Yundao Zi, and his expression turned gloomy.

When Yundao Zi noticed his master’s gaze, his heart trembled and he quickly lowered his head.

The All-Seer’s words landed in the disciples of the other six divisions. Their gazes, which were filled with confusion and reevaluation, all fell on Wang Lin.

Because in their eyes, it was extremely rare for their master to try to change someone else’s mind. In the Purple Division, aside from Sun Yun, Wang Lin was the second person this happened to!

Half an incense stick of time slowly passed by. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he looked toward the All-Seer, respectfully clasped his hands, and said, “Disciple will fight for it once!”

The All-Seer revealed a look of joy and nodded. “Good!”

Zhao Xinmeng looked at Wang Lin and softly said, “Seventh Brother, let’s start!”

One by one, purple stars suddenly appeared around her and began to orbit around her.

Wang Lin stared at the stars. On planet Tian Yun, it seemed like magical treasures weren’t used much when fighting; people used spells instead. Although he hadn’t fought much since he got here, everyone he met used spells as the main method of attacking.

The stars orbiting Zhao Xinmeng all began to gather toward her finger as she moved through the air. Almost in the blink of an eye, her entire right arm was covered in a thick, purple light.

Even the rest of her body was coated in a layer of purple light, giving her a mysterious feeling.

“Seventh Brother, I know you don’t know what my dao is, so I’ll tell you today! My dao is the Demon’s Shadow. As long as I seen a spell once and its requirements are not beyond my cultivation, I can imitate it, though it won’t be at full power! This spell is what I created from imitating your demonic finger. I call it the purple demonic hand!”

As she spoke, she waved her hand forward. The purple light suddenly left her arm and flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s body flickered as he quickly backed up. At the same time, he raised his right index finger. The celestial spiritual energy inside his body moved and a purple flame quickly appeared on the tip of his finger.

At the moment the flame appeared, a monstrous demonic aura appeared and surrounded the area.

“This child, is he really a fit for my dao…. Back then he left me with one phrase. My dao is the dao of heaven’s fate. Only by finding people who fit my dao will I have a chance of stepping into the third step…” The All-Seer’s expression remained normal as he paid extra attention to Wang Lin’s right index finger.

“If this child really is a fit for my dao, then I, the All-Seer, am willing to risk it once at any cost! It has been more than 30,000 years since I encountered him, and I have lost a majority of my disciples since then. For me to do this, am I right… am I wrong…” The All-Seer stared at Wang Lin with a melancholy gaze.

Wang Lin’s eyes were serious as he said, “Demonic Finger!”

The purple flame on his finger suddenly flew out and collided with Zhao Xinmeng’s purple demonic hand.

When the purple stars completely merged with the purple light, a series of crackling and popping sounds could be heard. A mysterious change was happening inside.

The demonic energy coming from the light was several times more intense than Wang Lin’s demonic finger. This was clearly created due to some mysterious change from the two spells colliding.

Zhao Xinmeng quickly backed up and slapped her bag of holding, then a pearl appeared in her hand. She revealed a sly look as she softly said, “Gather!”

After saying that, the demonic energy that was spreading out suddenly paused and began to move toward the pearl in her hand. Soon, all of the demonic energy was completely absorbed by the pearl.

The originally white and flawless pearl was now completely dark; it was as if there were vengeful souls inside, and it gave off waves of cold energy.

Zhao Xinmeng held the pearl and smiled. “Seventh Brother, I won’t fight you for the title of true disciple, but this demonic energy must belong to me!”

Wang Lin looked at the pearl and said, with a serious tone, “You created the purple demonic hand to make me use the demonic finger and then absorb the demonic energy from it. Senior apprentice sister, if you had asked me directly, I wouldn’t have minded, but now it is impossible for you to obtain that demonic energy!”

At the moment Wang Lin finished speaking, the demonic energy inside the pearl in Zhao Xinmeng’s hand quickly disappeared like it was never even there. Soon, the dark pearl turned pure white again.

This demonic energy wasn’t real demonic energy gained from cultivation but an illusion created from Wang Lin’s celestial spiritual energy. As a result, Wang Lin had full control over it, and with just one thought, he could make it disappear.

This kind of modifying celestial spiritual energy couldn’t be given to others. Otherwise, if one were to study it, they would surely find the method to cultivate the demonic finger. Wang Lin promised Situ Nan that he would never teach it to anyone else.

Zhao Xinmeng’s expression sunk and her bows knitted tightly together. She looked at the pearl in her hand and crushed it with one squeeze. She then raised her head to look at Wang Lin and softly said, “Seventh Brother, I only want a bit of your demonic energy. If you give it to me, I will give up. Otherwise…”

Wang Lin looked at Zhao Xinmeng. Although they had some dealings in the past, they walked their own paths. Wang Lin calmly said, “Fourth Sister, I’m unable to help you with this.”

Zhao Xinmeng looked at Wang Lin. Shortly after, she raised her arm and softly said, “Nine Cycle Celestial Refining Tactic!”

With that, a powerful, golden light appeared from within Zhao Xinmeng’s body. At the same time, her face was covered in a golden light, giving off a mysterious feeling.

Her right hand was like a golden pillar that gave off waves of golden light.

Metal celestial spiritual energy began to slowly appear around her right arm, forming a golden vortex that slowly turned inside her arm.

One cycle, two cycles, three cycles, four cycles, five cycles…

The energy circled a total of five times before the golden vortex stopped and began to spin in reverse.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he raised his left hand. The three cycle metal celestial spiritual energy that had been restricted in there was suddenly released and gathered in the palm of his hand.

A similar-sized vortex appeared on Wang Lin’s left hand and began to slowly turn. One cycle, two cycles, three cycles!

A look of shock appeared in Zhao Xinmeng’s eyes. She had only given the Nine Cycle Celestial Refining Tactic to Wang Lin a few days ago, but he was able to reach three cycles in such a short period of time. This was beyond her expectations.

Zhao Xinmeng hid the shock in her eyes and calmly said, “Seventh Brother, three cycles is useless against me!”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as the celestial spiritual energy in his body moved. A strand of celestial spiritual energy moved from his body into the three cycle metal celestial spiritual energy. The metal celestial spiritual energy shook violently and made another turn.

“Now it is four cycles!” With that, another strand of celestial spiritual energy moved through Wang Lin’s body and into this left arm.

The four cycles metal celestial spiritual energy turned again!

“Now it is five cycles!” Although Wang Lin’s expression was calm, he was experiencing a great amount of pain inside his body. The metal celestial spiritual energy in his left arm was starting to go out of control, but Wang Lin’s mental strength was not something Zhao Xinmeng could imagine. After all, everything that he experienced on planet Suzaku were things that Zhao Xinmeng, a disciple of a big and famous sect, would never have experienced.

At this moment, in Zhao Xinmeng’s eyes, Wang Lin’s expression was calm and his demeanor was normal, not revealing the slightest hint of anything wrong.

Wang Lin faintly smiled as he looked at Zhao Xinmeng and said, “Could it be that you want to see my six cycle metal celestial spiritual energy?”

Zhao Xinmeng’s expression sunk. She looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “Even if you have the power of six cycles, you are still not my match!”

Wang Lin laughed, then he slapped his bag of holding and the Giant Demon Clan’s axe flew out in a ray of black light and floated in the air.

At the same time, the beast trap from Wang Lin’s wrist flew out and turned into the war chariot.

“Would I be a match if I added these two?”

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