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Chapter 408 – Spoiler

Fate’s Cruel Teasing


At this moment, Wang Lin went crazy!

He wasn’t able to move his body, but his origin soul was still free. Although his origin soul couldn’t leave his body, his domain still existed.

The figure of a giant ancient god appeared in the sky and grabbed the life and death scroll. With one shake, the scroll opened completely.

In an instant, a thick strand of grey gas came out of the life and death scroll. It didn’t move toward the giant hand but fused with the figure of the ancient god.

The ancient god figure trembled and an aura similar to the heavens’ messenger’s appeared. It coldly looked at the heavens’ messenger’s arm before grabbing it and viciously pulling it back.

The heavens’ messenger that had only showed its face was dragged out from the void by the ancient god.

A strange scene occurred in the sky as two giant figures appeared.

Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning right now. When he saw the heavens’ messenger, he was startled.

The heavens’ messenger’s body was almost no different from an ancient god’s body, but what shocked Wang Lin were the seven shining stars on the messenger’s head.

However, three of the stars seemed to be sealed; they were much dimmer than the rest.

“This…” When Wang Lin saw this, an unbelieve thought came to his mind.

“This is the real reincarnation cycle…”

When he first saw the heavens’ messenger, he didn’t question it, but after seeing it again, he suddenly thought, “The reincarnation cycle is an law of the heavens, it should be ethereal… why would a messenger exist…”

And this messenger was an ancient god!

Everything he saw today was outside of Wang Lin’s imagination. He questioned what exactly was the heavens’ law.

After the heavens’ messenger was pulled, he opened his eyes for the first time and revealed an expression other than cold indifference. It was confusion.

He stared at the figure of the ancient god before opening his mouth as if he wanted to speak, but in the end he closed it. His body moved and his giant hand quickly swung toward the ancient god formed by Wang Lin’s domain.


This sound echoed through the heavens and earth. Everything within 5,000 kilometers of here was already shattered and now it was shattering even more.

Wang Lin clearly saw the ground within 5,000 kilometers suddenly cave in, forming a giant hole.

The only place that didn’t collapse was the center of the hole where Zhou Ru was. Now it looked like Zhou Ru was on top of a tower.

Zhou Ru’s body was emitting a gentle, white light.

The ancient god formed by Wang Lin’s domain was knocked back several steps by the heavens’ messenger. Wang Lin’s body trembled as blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. His origin soul was about to collapse.

But he knew that if he couldn’t withstand this, then Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul was going to die!

The ancient god formed by Wang Lin’s domain rushed forward and punched the heavens’ messenger.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One punch after another caused the entire moon to shake and more blood to seep from his mouth. At this moment, the force holding Wang Lin weakened, so he grasped the opportunity and quickly let out a growl and broke free.

“Die!” Wang Lin let out a roar as he jumped into the air and punched the heavens’ messenger.

A hint of confusion appeared in the heavens’ messenger’s eyes as he swung his right arm and sent Wang Lin flying like a meteor. However, Wang Lin’s punch also landed and caused the heavens’ messenger to stagger back several steps.

The ancient god figure quickly took a few steps to catch up to the heavens’ messenger and attacked once more.

Wang Lin’s body quickly returned. As he licked the blood from the corner of his lips, his eyes became filled with battle intent. He and the ancient god formed from his domain battled the heavens’ messenger.

The messenger kept on getting pushed back. Only four of the stars on his forehead were shining, meaning his current power was only that of a four-star ancient god.

“You… are not of my clan…” The heaven’s messenger talked for the first time. A normal cultivator wouldn’t be able to understand him at all because he spoke in the ancient gods’ language.

It was indeed as he said; Wang Lin at this moment couldn’t be considered an ancient god. Ancient gods never had internal cultivation, and from ancient history to now, no ancient god ever had a domain!

“It doesn’t matter if I am or not, I won’t agree to you taking Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul away!” Wang Lin shouted back, in the ancient gods’ language as he threw a punch.

The heavens’ messenger was forced back once more.

The ancient god figure quickly followed up on that attack.

The white light surrounding Zhou Ru became stronger and stronger.

A voice suddenly came from inside Zhou Ru.

“Wang Lin… You lied to me…”

This was a voice Wang Lin hadn’t heard in 19 years. It belonged to Li Muwan.

Wang Lin’s body trembled as he suddenly turned around. He was grief-stricken by what he saw.

“Wan Er, you!!!”

What he saw was the white light around Zhou Ru becoming as bright as it possibly could. Her soul was pushed out of her body and then surrounded by the white light before gently landing on the side.

“Wang Lin… Wan Er wants to see you and be with you, but I am supposed to be dead. It is simply too cruel to her if the price of me awakening is to devour her soul. I felt this child grow up over these past 19 years; looking at her is like seeing my own child. Big brother Wang… I don’t have the heart to do it… Wan Er is very dumb. I let you down…”

The moment Li Muwan awakened, she stopped devouring Zhou Ru’s soul and used the power of her Nascent Soul to push Zhou Ru’s soul out of her body.

Without Zhou Ru’s soul, her body was surrounded by a death aura. The moment Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul awakened, it was exposed to the heavens’ law. This caused it to slowly collapse.

Wang Lin quickly arrived beside Zhou Ru’s body and pointed at her brow. At that moment, Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul slowly flew out of Zhou Ru’s body.

She opened her eyes, looked at Wang Lin, and revealed the same gentle gaze from 19 years ago.

Li Muwan softly said, “Promise me… To take good care of yourself…” She raised her hand to feel Wang Lin’s body temperature, but right when she was about to touch him, her hand became transparent.

A trace of sadness appeared on her face. She looked at Wang Lin and whispered, “Zhou Ru is only a child; don’t make it difficult for her. This is my own choice.”

At this moment, the heavens’ messenger moved past the ancient god figure and arrived beside Wang Lin. It reached out toward the wheel and messed with it. The power of the reincarnation cycle reappeared once more.

A powerful suction force came from the wheel toward Li Muwan.

Wang Lin suddenly raised his head. His eyes became extremely cold as he said, “Without my permission, forget the fact that you aren’t even the real heavens’ law, but even if you were, don’t think you can take her away!”

He pointed at his brow and the heaven defying bead appeared. With a wave of his hand, Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul went into the heaven defying bead and the heaven defying bead went back inside his body.

The heaven’s messenger shot a thoughtful look at Wang Lin. His eyes were filled with confusion. Then his body slowly disappeared, and in the blink of an eye, the clouds and wheel also disappeared.

Wang Lin stared at Zhou Ru’s body and began to laugh like crazy. His laugh was filled with sadness and madness.

“I, Wang Lin, have fought against the heavens and twice fought against the reincarnation cycle, but I didn’t expect to lose to the heavens’ will in the end. The heavens’ will… the heavens’ will is cruel!”

Wang Lin pointed at Zhou Ru’s soul and placed it back inside her body. Then he jumped into the air as he laughed madly, leaving behind only echos of his sad laughter.

After Wang Lin left, Little White carefully flew over. He was originally sealed by Wang Lin, but during the battle with the heavens’ messenger, the seal shattered, allowing him to escape. Only after he saw Wang Lin leave did he dare to come over. His eyes were filled with sadness as he licked Zhou Ru’s small face.

Zhou Ru muttered to herself, “Little White… Stop messing around, I want to sleep…”

Little White was startled. He immediately let out a happy growl and then picked up Zhou Ru by her clothes and took her far away.

A crazy person appeared on the moon. His hair was all over the place and he would often say the two words “Heavens’ Will”. Whenever a beast blocked him, it would die.

“Heavens’ will… I, Wang Lin, won against the heavens’ law but was played by the heavens’ will!”

A year later, on a rainy night at the eastern part of the moon, a crazy person stood on top of a tall mountain.

The rain came crashing toward the ground. It landed on his body and flowed down his cheeks before falling to the ground.

“What is life, what is death…”

“I, Wang Lin, have spent my life on the path of slaughter and comprehended the heavens’ law when I turned into a mortal. I saw life as life and death as death. This rain is born in the sky and dies when it hits the earth…”

“Thanks to senior Zhou Yi’s obsession, the celestial female corpse awakened. The emotions between the two, how if he lives she dies and if he dies she lives; all of this allowed me to understand the meaning of seeing life not as life and seeing death not as death…”

“Surviving through a disaster allowed me to see the changes in life. Zhou Ru tipping between life and death, Wan Er’s death in life and life in death. It was the heavens’ will that finally allowed I, Wang Lin, to see life still as life and death still as death!”

“After 19 years of time…. Wan Er, thank you for allowing me to understand… I should let things that are lost in the world stay lost and those that still exist to remain existing.”

“This rain was born in the sky but doesn’t die when it hits the earth. On the earth it will gain new life; it will help plants grow and then it will turn into clouds once more. This change is life!”

“I can’t let go of my parents’ soul and your departure. In truth, I wasn’t filial to my parents, and to you I have always been neglectful. Although this emotion is real, it was more of a sense of duty… because I was moved…”

Wang Lin’s parents’ souls flew out from his brow. They gently gazed at him as they slowly disappeared. They didn’t die but entered a different realm of life.

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