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Chapter 372 – Fire Cloud Village

In this past half a month, Wang Lin had saved up some dried food and wrapped it up. In the company of the moonlight, he walked out of the village.

At this moment, he suddenly thought back to 500 years ago. When he was rejected by the Heng Yue Sect, he had also left home in the middle of the night. After he left, his journey began. It had been 500 years since then.

He let out a sigh and walked into the distance.

He had no idea where he was right now. When he was teleported by that transfer array, he didn’t have time to figure out where he was. Right now he only wanted to find a spirit vein so he could use it to gain a bit of spiritual energy and then figure out a way to break the domain and seal that plagued him.

Late at night, the cold wind blew and Wang Lin’s body shivered. Wang Lin bitterly smiled and thought about how long it had been since he felt like a real mortal.

Even when he was turning into a mortal, it was countless times better than this.

Along the way, Wang Lin kept running out of breath, so he had to take breaks. He naturally traveled very slowly. Seven days later, he was still walking on the main road.

Although he had no spiritual energy, he was still able to sense it. He did find a few places with spiritual energy, but no matter how hard he tried to cultivate, he couldn’t gather any inside his body.

Wang Lin bitterly thought, “Maybe only the local sects have places with thick spiritual energy.”

However, how would he be able to enter a sect with his current body?

Wang Lin sighed. He looked at the sky and a hint of despair appeared in his heart. But that hint of despair was quickly crushed by his determination. He took a deep breath and muttered, “Xue Yue and Giant Demon Clan, I won’t forget what happened. One day I’ll pay you back 100 times what you have done to me!”

He revealed a determined gaze as he stood up and continued to walk forward.

But just at this moment, sounds of horses came from behind him. This sound was particularly jarring in the dead of night.

As soon as Wang Lin heard the sound, a group of black horses closed in one by one. Sitting on top of the horses were burly men with the faces of murderers. One of the burly men saw Wang Lin as he passed by and quickly reined in his horse and said, “Haha, what an ugly kid, what a money tree!” He reached out and grabbed Wang Lin.

A shout came out from the front. “Fourth Ma, what are you doing?!”

“Boss, I found a money tree. If we break this ugly kid’s legs, we can use him to block the Heavenly Power escort company’s carriages on the road. It’s better than using our own brothers!” The burly man with the knife scar on his face commanded the horse to charge forward.

The burly man with the knife scar charged up, raised Wang Lin, and smiled. “Boss, look!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were closed. He was very angry. A few martial artists in the mortal world could easily humiliate him like this.

A very large man sat on the horse before them. He looked at Wang Lin and nodded. “Okay, take him.”

The group of 18 horses galloped into the distance.

They stopped at a fork in the road 1,500 kilometers away. Each of them quickly put on their masks, spread out to the sides of the road, and hid themselves.

These people’s movements were very skillful. It was clear that they did this sort of thing often.

In the blink of an eye, the only people that remained were the burly man with the knife scar and Wang Lin. He was holding Wang Lin in place.

“Little six, take away your brother’s horse.” Just as he finished speaking, a thin young man came out and took the horse away.

“Little brat, consider yourself unlucky.” The burly man with the knife scar let out a vicious smile as he placed Wang Lin down and unhinged his jaw. Then he poked a few spots on Wang Lin’s shoulders and legs with his finger.

With a few crackling sounds, Wang Lin’s shoulders and legs were shattered. Waves of pain filled his body and giant beats of sweat covered his forehead. His gaze locked onto the burly man with a knife scar. He burned that man’s face into his memory.

The burly man with knife scar snorted. He took out some medical paste and smeared it over Wang Lin. Then he disappeared into the bushes.

As Wang Lin lied there on the ground, a murderous intent filled his body. He had never been treated like this in his life, but his body was simply too weak, so he eventually passed out.

Time slowly passed by. One hour later, the sounds carriages came from the distance and gradually got closer.

Then the carriages suddenly stopped and someone charged forth on a house. He quickly arrived and looked down at Wang Lin before shouting, “Leader, it’s a dead body!”

With that, he jumped off the house and kicked Wang Lin to the side of the road. He then got back on the horse and returned to the carriages.

The carriages once again moved forward, but just as the carriages passed where Wang Lin was, torches suddenly lit up around them and laughter filled the air.

“Heavenly Power escort company, did you think I wouldn’t rob you if you took the long way around? Stay behind for me!” A loud shout came from the forest and 18 vicious men walked out.

Someone with a torch lit up the paste that was smeared on Wang Lin. This paste turned into a gas that soon covered the carriages.

“Fire Cloud Poison!” A shout came from the carriages. Shortly after, each member of the escort party felt all of their strength leaving their bodies.

“That is correct. This is the special poison the 18 Fire Cloud Heroes use! Hehe, this poison affects the blood and is activated by fire. Today, none of you will escape!”

A massacre began. In less than five minutes, more than half of the escort team was killed.

One scream after another echoed through the night. The 18 bandits looked very vicious under the light of the torches as they murdered the escort team.

“Haha, big brother, there were even three women! This is enough for us to have some fun once we get back.” The burly man with the knife scar cut off someone’s head and then picked up one of the women. This woman was pretty, but her screaming face was pale and filled with fear.

The knife-scarred burly man laughed. He touched the woman a bit before putting her over his back and letting her hit him.

Two more men quickly came up and grabbed the other two women as they laughed at the first woman. Soon, horses came out from the side of the road.

The very large man took out a box and looked inside. With a very satisfied expression, he shouted, “Brothers, let’s go!”

These people all got on their horses and were about to leave with the three crying women.

The knife-scarred burly man went by Wang Lin with the woman over his shoulder and said, “Boss, this kid still has breath left in him. How about we keep him for a few more days to use again?”

The large man nodded and quickly left on his horse.

The knife-scarred man kicked Wang Lin to another person. That person caught him and carried him. They all shouted as they rode off into the distance, leaving behind the bodies which emitted a powerful stench of blood.

When the sun rose in the morning, the 18 men were halfway up the mountain. There was a huge village there with three large words on on a board at the front:

“Fire Cloud Village!”

“Everyone has returned. Open the gate!”

The gate of the village opened and the 18 men quickly entered. Soon, the village became very lively.

The knife-scarred man that was holding the woman got off his horse and said, “Boss, I’m going to go and enjoy myself first.” With that, he entered a house and soon the miserable screams of a woman could be heard.

These burly men were clearly used to these kind of things, so they all laughed. The other two women were also taken away.

Wang Lin was thrown into a water prison behind the village.

It was completely dark in the cage; there was no light or sound. He also couldn’t feel anything with his feet. It was as if he was hanging in mid air.

His body was suspended in the air and swung back and forth. Wang Lin moved his swollen head and the pain from his arms and legs suddenly appeared like fire burning his skin.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and became completely sober.

A miserable scream came from the distance, only it was very faint by the time it reached this prison. However, because it was so silent here, the scream seemed to linger forever.

After losing all of this spiritual energy and his origin soul collapsed, Wang Lin no longer felt like he could move anything with just a look like he did before. Even though his surroundings were completely dark, he realized that he was trapped in a small space. His arms were tied and he was left hanging with his body in the cold water.

The water that he couldn’t see the color of covered his body up to his neck and release a foul smell that would make anyone nauseous.

Wang Lin quickly raised his head high so he could breath. It was like being sealed inside a well. After the miserable screams ended, it was as silent as a grave once more.

“It seems that a cultivator that has lost everything is even worse than a mortal…” Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. A hint of anger that came from his frustration was hidden very well within his eyes.

The Wang Lin that could move the heavens and shake the earth no longer existed. Wang Lin had lost all of his spiritual energy, his origin soul had collapsed, and he didn’t have the strength of a mortal. He couldn’t even open his bag of holding.

He had also lost track of his bag of holding. It was definitely taken away by those martial artists.

At this moment, Liu Mei’s beautiful figure flew over the Fire Cloud Village. She didn’t even lower her head, because she didn’t know that the person she was searching for was in that village.

As Wang Lin silently pondered, his eyes became brighter and brighter. This water cage had spiritual energy denser than any other area he had been to after leaving the village.

This spiritual energy didn’t come from the mountain but from the water!

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