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Chapter 373 – Mosquito beast

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He then slowly closed his eyes and began to quietly cultivate.

The place he was being held at was completely quiet, which was similar to where a cultivator would cultivate.

Wang Lin’s entire body from the neck down was in the water. The spiritual energy inside the water slowly gathered toward Wang Lin’s body, but a thin barrier seemed to prevent the spiritual energy from being absorbed.

Even if a bit of spiritual energy entered his body, it would be pushed out by that thin barrier.

As a result, as time slowly passed, the spiritual energy inside the water cage became even more dense.

In the Fire Cloud Village, torches lit up the area even at night. Sounds of people enjoying themselves could be heard along with the screams of women. At this moment, inside a rather luxurious cottage, sat the large, burly man with an open box before him.

There was a pearl the size of a fist that emitted a gentle light inside the box.

Greed filled the large, burly man’s eyes when he picked up the pearl. He muttered, “What a big pearl. It should definitely fetch a good price!”

After a while, he put the pearl back inside the box and closed it. Then his eyes fell on the other object on the table.

This was a grey bag. When the man picked up the bag, he felt that it was very light, like there was nothing inside. What surprised the man the most was that there was no opening to this bag.

“What is this?” The man pondered a bit before using all of his strength to try to rip the bag open. No matter how much strength he used, even when the vein on his head popped out, he couldn’t tear the bag open.

“This… could this be the silk from the heavenly silkworm? Yes, it must be; how could I not be able to tear it open otherwise? Legend has it that the heavenly silkworm’s silk is most afraid of water. Hmph, I don’t believe I can’t burn this.” The large, burly man placed the bag in the fireplace.

After a very long time, there was no change to the bag. The large, burly man was stunned. He didn’t even feel any heat from the bag.

“Eh? What the hell is this?” The large, burly man took out a large blade. This blade was something he had spent a lot of money to get custom made and it was very sharp. He tried to slice the bag with it.

After the blade sliced past the bag, he looked at the bag and was shocked. He picked up the bag and carefully examined it before laughing “Treasure! This is a true treasure! If I place this before my chest, it will definitely save my life in an important moment. I didn’t think that that ugly brat would have such a treasure. Too bad there is only one; if there were more and I could find a way to link them together to make a set of clothes, that would be even better!”

He carefully placed the bag close to his chest, then his eyes lit up and he muttered, “I wonder where that ugly brat got this kind of treasure. I have to go ask.”

Thinking about this, he stood up, walked out, and charged toward the prison. Along the way, everyone who saw him revealed satisfied smiles.

The large, burly man quickly arrived at the prison.

There were two henchmen talking to each other as they guarded the prison. When they saw the large, burly man, they immediately said, “Greetings, big boss!”

The large, burly man snorted and asked, “Where did you guys throw the ugly brat we brought back?”

One of the men quickly answered, “In the northern room.”

The large, burly man said, “Open the door!”

The man quickly ran to the side next to a metal fence and raised it up. He smiled. “Boss…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly fell to the ground. The fence fell as well. The sound of something falling into water came from inside the fence and then a young man floated out.

This young man’s eyes were filled with coldness and rage.

The large, burly man was stunned as he stared at the person who floated out. Then he immediately realized who it was and turned around to escape.

However, he only took two steps before an invisible hand caught him. With one squeeze, he didn’t even have time to scream as he was turned into a pile of blood and flesh.

The bag flew to the young man.

This young man was Wang Lin. The spiritual energy inside the water cage was finally able to get through an opening, allowing him to have a bit of spiritual energy within his body.

However, this bit of spiritual energy was simply too small. After flying out and killing two people, he had used up almost all of the spiritual energy he had gathered. He quickly poured the rest of the spiritual energy into his bag.

“Mosquito beast!”

The bag emitted a green light and a ray of black light flew out, turning into the mosquito beast that was the size of a small mountain.

The remaining henchman was terrified, and then the smell of urine appeared. This person’s pants were wet and he fell over. He passed out from being too scared.

After the mosquito beast appeared, it let out a roar that immediately spread across the village. All other sounds immediately stopped, leaving only the mosquito’s angry roar.

His mind was linked with Wang Lin’s, so when he saw how weak Wang Lin currently was, he became very angry. Without waiting for Wang Lin’s order, it pointed its mouth at the remaining henchman and sucked. The henchman quickly turned into a pile of bones.

After releasing the mosquito beast, Wang Lin let out a sigh of relief. Although he no longer had
spiritual energy in his body, with the mosquito beast out, he would have some safety.

The mosquito beast’s roar shocked everyone inside the village. Everyone charged over with their weapons. However, they had only taken a few steps before they saw the mosquito the size of a small mountain. They all sucked in breaths of cold air and their knees went soft.

A few timid people began screaming.


Wang Lin’s body was still in pain. He coldly looked at the ground and found the knife-scarred man. Wang Lin pointed at that person and then the mosquito charged at that man with its body.

As the mosquito collided with the knife-scarred man, the man let out a miserable scream and his body was turned to mush. Even the house behind him had collapsed. The mosquito floated above Wang Lin and coldly looked at everyone.

At this moment, everyone inside the village put down their weapons. Their legs were shaking and the fear in their eyes had reached its limit.

At this moment, someone walked out from the crowd. This person was a scribe. Although he was terrified, he forced himself to calm down. After he came out, he bowed and said, with a trembling voice, “Immortal, please don’t be angry, don’t be angry. We really didn’t know immortal’s identity before, we really didn’t know…”

Wang Lin stared at this person and asked, “What country is this?”

The scribe quickly said, “This place is in the northern part of the country of Pilu.”

“Country of Pilu… So this place is the northern part of the Suzaku continent.” Wang Lin pondered a bit and then said, “Dig through this dungeon to let the water flow out! How many days do you need?”

The scribe immediately said, with trembling voice, “Three days…No, one day. We can do it in one day!”

Wang Lin nodded and said, “Start!” He didn’t ask the mosquito beast to help; he had it guarding him.

The scribe relaxed a bit. He immediately turned around and shouted, “Everyone, come here and dig this this place up!”

All of the people in the village moved, but they were all so terrified that they couldn’t use any strength. This was especially true for the 16 people that brought Wang Lin back.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and calmly cultivated. The mosquito beast circled Wang Lin once before landing next to him. He would occasionally look at the people of the village with a vicious gaze.

All 200-plus people of the Fire Cloud Village used all of their strength to dig an opening into the water prison. When they were done, a large amount of dirty water flowed out, but what shocked the villagers was that the water was only dirty at the start. As more water flowed out, it became clearer, and near the end, there was even a fragrance coming from the water.

After one day passed, the water gradually stopped flowing. The people of the village stopped working and looked at Wang Lin with terror in their eyes.

Wang Lin ignored them. With the help of the mosquito, he entered the prison again. The current prison was like a deep well.

Sitting inside, Wang Lin closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

The mosquito was still by Wang Lin’s side, guarding him. Anyone who was willing to come close was playing with their life.

After waiting for a very long time and hearing no commands from Wang Lin, the scribe hesitantly backed up a few steps. After seeing no reaction from the mosquito beast, he backed up even more.

The other people of the village followed suit and soon no one was around anymore.

These people of the village were ready to escape the village when Wang Lin’s voice came from the deep well.

“No one is allowed to leave!”

The scribe secretly groaned but respectfully responded

Just like this, the Fire Cloud Village became more calm than it ever had been. There were no sounds; it was as if the entire village was dead.

All of the passing travelers and escort companies were very shocked because they hadn’t seen the normally very arrogant 18 Heroes of Fire Cloud Village around in the past two months.

One day, Wang Lin opened his eyes inside the deep well. All the injuries in his body had healed, but the tea domain and seal on his body hadn’t loosened at all.

“In these two months of time, I have only recovered to about the second stage of Qi Condensation. After the domain and the seal fused, the resulting barrier became too powerful. I must find a place with more spiritual energy. Unfortunately, my origin soul has shattered and I can barely keep the fragments from dissipating, so there is no way for me to take out the heaven defying bead. Otherwise, with the spiritual energy gathered inside the bead, I could recover a lot. However, I do have some top quality spirit stones, so I won’t be short on spiritual energy for now. The first thing I must do is recover my origin soul so I can take out the bead.”

“This place isn’t a spirit vein, but this water has spiritual energy. It is a bit strange.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then went deeper into the water. When he was cultivating, he was floating just over the water and didn’t sink down.

His cultivation had slightly recovered, so he decided to check it out. However, his current cultivation level was low, so he decided that if he encountered any danger, he would call the mosquito beast.

Soon, he sank deep into the clear water. However, although the water was clear, the bottom of the well was covered in a thick layer of black mud.

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