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Chapter 367 – Liu Mei and Qian Feng

Wang Lin stepped into the door of light. When he reappeared on the altar, everyone was already gone like no one was ever there to begin with. After looking around, he found that he was the only person left.

A piece of jade was floating in the air and releasing a gentle glow.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and caught the jade. He checked the jade and found a map. The map led to Mount Suzaku.

He pondered for a bit and sat down in the lotus position. He had sustained heavy injuries in his fight against Red Butterfly and his cultivation was unstable. Even if he were to take pills, they would only help a bit and he wouldn’t be able to recover in a short period of time. If he wanted to completely recover, he would have to enter closed door cultivation.

After a long time, the sky darkened and Wang Lin stood up. He slapped his bag of holding and the mosquito beast appeared. He sat down on the mosquito, sent out a message to the mosquito, and continued to cultivate.

The mosquito’s flight became more smooth as it headed toward the direction Wang Lin instructed.

The night was very quiet in Suzaku. The moon was high in the sky and moonlight covered the ground.

Three days later, a strange scene occurred in the back mountain of Mount Suzaku.

Mount Suzaku was the holy land of Suzaku. In the front was the Suzaku’s palace and in the back was the back mountain of Suzaku where one would require the permission of the current Suzaku to enter.

The back mountain wasn’t very large; it was only a large cave.

This cave was divided into four layers. At the moment, there were two deep pools on the second layer.

Both pools were releasing white gas. However, the gases from the two pools acted differently when they reached the ceiling.

The white gas from one of the pools would immediately turn into frost and spread out. The white gas from the other pool would immediately become red water droplets and disappear into the ceiling.

One pool was cold and the other was hot!

The cool pool contained 30,000-year-old cold water from the Heavenly Frost planet. Suzaku paid a huge price for it.

The flame pool contained 30,000-year-old fire from the Origin Fire planet, the cost was the same as the cool pool.

Around these two pools were 99 top quality spirit stones that made up two different formations and released an unimaginable amount of spiritual energy.

At this moment, in the centers of each of the two pools, sat one male and one female.

The man was sitting above the flame pool and the female was sitting above the cold pool. Both of them were wearing very thin clothes and were cultivating.

The male wasn’t very handsome, but he emitted a slightly evil aura. However, this evil aura didn’t irritate people. Instead, it made people feel a strange intimacy toward him.

The female wasn’t any less beautiful than Red Butterfly; she could be considered a national treasure. In addition, compared to Red Butterfly, this girl had a more charming atmosphere about her, making her even more alluring.

If Wang Lin was here, he would feel that this woman was familiar.

At this moment, an old man covered in a red glow entered the cave. This old man looked exactly like the dirty old man who gave Wang Lin the straw hat. However, their auras were very different. This was clearly a different person.

After a long time, the old man slowly said, “Qian Feng!”

The male sitting inside the flame pool opened his eyes. The evil aura around him became even stronger. He remained calm after seeing the old man and said, “Qian Feng greets ancestor.”

“Red Butterfly is inside the secret room. Go and devour her consciousness and domain!” The old man’s voice was filled with a sense of age.

The man’s eyes flashed and he said, “Red Butterfly? But she is Xue Yu’s heavenly daughter…” When he said heavenly daughter, he licked his lips and made a face filled with disdain.

The old man slowly said, “Her ruthless domain had a breakthrough in her battle with Ceng Niu, so it’s about to reach its first completion, but she hasn’t realized it yet. Once you devour her, you will have gained the ruthless domain! As a result, your chance of reaching the Ascendant stage will increase a bit more. I have searched for a very long time for this girl.”

The male stood up. As he did this, white gas was released from his body. His eyes revealed an evil gaze as he muttered, “Ceng Niu… I don’t know if he can take one hit using 10% of my cultivation with his cultivation level right now!”

The old man sighed. “It is a bit regrettable about Red Butterfly. This girl… Ah, I’m getting old and just can’t bear to do certain things… Forget it, you go.”

The male faintly smiled and said, “Ancestor, you always say regrettable, but the title of Suzaku won’t be passed to an outsider. It will either be me or junior apprentice sister!”

With that, his body slowly faded until it disappeared.

Inside a chamber, Red Butterfly was cultivating with her eyes closed to recover. She opened her eyes and said, “Ceng Niu, next time I’ll definitely kill you!”

A gentle voice suddenly appeared inside the chamber. “I’ll grant your wish for you!”

“Who?” Red Butterlfy’s eyes suddenly became serious.

The evil-looking young man came out of the void and said to Red Butterfly, “I’m Qian Feng.” Then he casually pointed with his finger.

Red Butterfly’s face changed. Her hand formed a seal and a red light started being emitted from her body.

The young man shook his head and revealed a mocking smile. His finger shattered the red light and landed between Red Butterfly’s eyebrows.

Red Butterfly’s body trembled. She wanted to struggle, but that finger was like a mountain. It made her unable to resist.

“What are you doing?!” Red Butterfly forced herself to calm down.

Qian Feng’s eyes look extremely evil as he whispered in Red Butterfly’s ear, “I want your domain and your four elemental spirits!”

Red Butterfly’s master calculated that she would go through a calamity. However, her master got the wrong person. It wasn’t Wang Lin but this Qian Feng!

Inside the cave, the old man sighed again.

“Unfortunately… there can only be one Suzaku.” The old man’s gaze landed on the woman sitting in the cold pool as he said, “Liu Mei!”

The woman inside the cold pool opened her eyes. Her eyes were calm as she looked at the old man.

This woman was the Xuan Dao Sect’s Liu Mei.

The old man said, “You made 1000 avatars to go cultivate at various sects in different countries to comprehend the heavens’ laws. One of the avatars went to the Xuan Dao Sect in Zhao. Remember Wang Lin? He was a disciple of the Heng Yue Sect!”

Liu Mei pondered a bit and said, “Disciple has some memory, but it’s not very clear.”

“That Ceng Niu is Wang Lin!”

There was no shock in Liu Mei’s eyes. She only nodded and didn’t say a word.

“The original person I prepared for you was Zhou Yi from the Five Elements Sect. He had the crazed domain. If you could have left your mark on his dao heart, you could have devoured his crazed domain… Unfortunately, this person disappeared within the Celestial Realm.”

Liu Mei pondered.

The old man looked at Liu Mei and said, “You are about to leave your closed door cultivation. That Ceng Niu should arrive soon, so you should go greet him. Use whatever method you can to leave your mark on his dao heart. Use this man as your furnace to help your domain reach its greater completion. Once you succeed, you will gain control of his life and death domain. As a result, you will have a higher chance than Feng Er to take the title of Suzaku!”

Liu Mei let out a sigh. She bit her lower lip and began to ponder.

“Oh? You’re not willing?” The old man’s eyes glowed red. They seemed reserved yet dignified.

Liu Mei whispered, “Disciple obeys!”

The old man raised his head and looked into the distance. His eyes seemed to be able to see through the cave and into the distance where an old man was eating a drumstick in a rank 1 cultivation country.

“Junior apprentice brother, of the four people you picked, Ceng Niu is the weakest, so I guess you won’t mind!”

“I’m going into closed door cultivation. I hope that when I come out, you will have already succeeded.” After a long time, the old man withdrew his gaze and disappeared in a flash of red light.

Liu Mei stood up. Her thin clothes stuck to her body, revealing a perfectly curved and exquisite figure.

She wore a pale pink inner dress and then an outer white dress that revealed her alluring neck. The pleats of the skirt flowed lightly like splendid, white moonlight on the ground.

Three thousand strands of her hair were tied up with a ribbon with one strand hanging in front of her chest. Her skin was as white as snow and the faint, red blush that appeared on her face create a very charming and delicate aura. She was like a beautiful butterfly floating in the wind but at the same time as cold as ice…

She was Liu Mei. Compared to when Wang Lin met her, she was even more alluring and beautiful!

“Wang Lin… Is it the young one with the large sword in the Heng Yue Sect… Yes, he was the first person to regain his senses. I didn’t think that he would enter the eyes of the ancestor in just 500 years… this person is not simple.” Liu Mei let out a sigh and walked out of the cave.

“To leave my mark on his dao heart will not be hard… However, is this the right way…” Liu Miu revealed a look of confusion.

At this moment, the evil-looking young man named Qian Feng floated into the cave with someone behind him. The person was Red Butterfly.

However, Red Butterfly’s eyes were like black holes and there was no sign of life on her body. She was like a puppet.

Liu Mei calmly looked at Red Butterfly and didn’t say a word.

Qian Feng stopped three feet away from Liu Mei. He let out a smile, revealing his white teeth, and said, “Junior apprentice sister, are you going to leave?”

Liu Mei nodded and whispered, “Senior brother Qian Feng, is the person behind you Red Butterfly?”

Qian Feng laughed. “Red Butterfly is already dead. She is my concubine furnace. Let’s just call her Heartless.”

Liu Mei carefully looked at Red Butterfly until she couldn’t really bare to watch anymore. She knew that Red Butterfly had already lost her domain and life energy and had become Qian Feng’s puppet.

The fact that a top beauty of this generation had suffered such a fate made Liu Mei feel melancholy. This was the third person devoured by Qian Feng so far. Every time he devoured someone, his cultivation level increased.

The ancestor was getting desperate to raise the next Suzaku.

Qian Feng looked at Liu Mei’s back with an evil gaze and muttered, “Junior apprentice sister, one day you will become my concubine. Heartless, what do you think?”

Red Butterfly stood motionlessly behind him. There was no light in her eyes. It was as if she was just a corpse.

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