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Chapter 366 – The Conspiracy Reveals Itself

Red Butterfly coughed out a mouthful blood. Her origin soul was damaged, but the hatred in her eyes were replaced by a hint of clarity.

Wang Lin’s origin soul returned to his body and his face became very pale. Although the battle between domains looked calm, it was the most dangerous part of this fight.

The moment Red Butterfly’s sword of intelligence landed, his origin soul was damaged. If it wasn’t for the fact that his life and death domain had evolved when he reached the mid stage of Soul Formation, his origin soul would have been destroyed.

Even right now, his life and death domain was only a bit more powerful than Red Butterfly’s domain. This was because, as Red Butterfly said, the heavenly reincarnation cycle was originally ruthless.

However, there was a very fine line between ruthless and emotionless. Because of this difference, Wang Lin barely won.

In truth, domain battles between cultivators were them proving their own dao paths to each other.

“I understand!” Red Butterfly’s eyes released a mysterious light as she looked toward Wang Lin. All of her hatred disappeared. She returned to the completely cold and emotionless gaze she had when she first met Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s heart sank. Red Butterfly was indeed a genius to be able to gain something from this domain battle. This woman must be killed or else Wang Lin won’t have a day of peace in the future!

Wang Lin moved. He slapped his bag of holding and took out the restriction flag. Restriction gas flew out and formed into a black lance.

As more restriction gas entered the lance, there were sounds of it expanding. The lance grew larger and gained a stronger aura.

All of the restriction gas had gathered in the lance. This was the peak power of the restriction flag after reaching its first completion stage.

Wang Lin quickly charged forward with the lance in one hand. With his other hand, he swung down the celestial sword.


The ice giant let out a roar and jumped into the air to punch Wang Lin. However, the lance was longer, so it lunged toward Red Butterfly at the ice giant’s forehead. The ice giant’s hand grabbed the lance.

However, the sword energy was right behind the lance, so it landed without any resistance.


The giant let out a painful cry and its left hand smashed down as restriction gas entered its body. However, the lance didn’t hit Red Butterfly but stabbed the giant’s neck.


The giant’s eyes dimmed and it slowly fell to the ground. Red Butterfly took a deep breath and pointed at her brow. Then she came out of the ice giant and floated in the air. Her current body was very weak, her life treasure was used up, her domain avatar was destroyed, her origin soul was heavily injured, and the ice giant was destroyed. Right now she was as weak as she was back in the Celestial Realm.

But she seemed to have a feeling of enlightenment and no longer had the urge to fight. She felt that once she comprehended this feeling, then killing this Ceng Niu would be as simple as waving her hand.

Countless cracks appeared on the giant as it fell and finally collapsed. All of the ice melted, revealing a pure-white whip.

Red Butterfly waved her hand and the soul lasher flew toward her.

How could Wang Lin let her succeed? This was something he had to obtain. The lance quickly turned into a black whip and wrapped around the soul lasher.

Red Butterfly’s expression changed and she shouted, “You dare?!”

“Why wouldn’t I dare!” Wang Lin laughed as he pulled the soul lasher toward him. He swung the celestial sword at Red Butterfly to prevent her from fighting him for it.

Red Butterfly’s face was gloomy. After pondering for a bit, she let go to dodge the sword energy and sneered at Wang Lin.

“Ceng Niu, this soul lasher has a seal placed on it by the Heavenly Jade Sect. Even if you steal it, you won’t be able to use it.”

As she spoke, the black line on Red Butterfly’s forehead slowly faded away until it disappeared without a trace.

Her domain avatar was destroyed during the domain battle, so her method to reach the Soul Transformation with relative ease was gone. But the enlightenment she gained made her confident that she would be able to break into the Soul Transformation stage on her own in a few decades.

She took a deep breath and four rays of light suddenly appeared around her. When the lights disappeared, four figures appeared.

Metal spirit, wood spirit, water spirit, fire spirit!

Aside from the earth spirit, the other elemental spirits all appeared!

This was Red Butterfly’s ultimate treasure. This was her root and where her talent came from.

Wang Lin scanned the soul lasher with his divine sense. What he saw made his heart sink. There was a powerful seal on the soul lasher, so his divine sense couldn’t get through it at all.

Wang Lin snorted. He put the soul lasher into his bag of holding and then stared at the four elemental spirits.

In today’s battle, Wang Lin had been heavily injured. Aside from the various injuries on his body, his origin soul had also been damaged. This could be said to be a very bitter fight.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he thought, “Four spirits… My heaven defying bead will use these to reach completion today!”

As Red Butterfly stared at Wang Lin, her hand formed a seal and she said, “Four spirits, killing formation!” After that, she turned to leave. She wasn’t in the mood to fight anymore and was ready to leave this place.

Wang Lin was about to chase when the four spirits suddenly moved and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He shook the restriction flag in his hand and the lance reformed. He thrusted the lance toward the spirit in the front. The spirit increased its speed and collided with the lance.

Wang Lin swung the celestial sword with his right hand, but the wood spirit went to block it as the water and metal spirits closed in on him.

Wang Lin snorted. Back then, before he had reached the Soul Formation stage, he had to put in a lot of effort to win against one spirit. However, he was now at the mid of stage Soul Formation and had already planned on how to steal these elemental spirits from Red Butterfly.

At this moment, his eyes were calm. He slapped his bag of holding and nine carvings appeared.

These nine wood carvings all contained the time domain. Aside from two of them, the remaining seven were all made from the wood of the reincarnation tree. This material made it much easier to activate the time domain and was much more powerful.

Wang Lin softly said, “Time!”

An invisible shockwave suddenly spread out and the four elemental spirits paused for a moment.

Wang Lin’s speed was very quick. He immediately grabbed hold of the metal spirit and with one step suppressed the wood spirit. After that, he ignored the remaining two spirits and chased after Red Butterfly.

Red Butterfly was more than 1000 feet away when her face turned pale. She didn’t expect that Ceng Niu would still have a powerful treasure left after this battle. She felt very bitter in her heart. No matter what, she had to kill this person today. Only by using all of her treasures and using the fact that she had a bit more spiritual energy than him could she kill him in one fell swoop!

Her eyes darkened and she said, “Metal spirit, explode!”

The metal spirit being held by Wang Lin suddenly shook and began to release a destructive aura. Wang Lin let go of the metal spirit and teleported away. The wood spirit was still in Wang Lin’s hands.


The spirit exploded. Although Wang Lin teleported away, he was still hit by it. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood and immediately weakened.

His cultivation became unstable after all of these injuries, so it dropped to the early stage of Soul Formation.

After landing, Wang Lin immediately took out pills from his bag and swallowed them. His eyes flashed as he teleported to Red Butterfly. He formed a seal with his hand and said, “Red Butterfly, accept your death!”

Red Butterfly’s eyes lit up and she said, “Three spirits, explode!”

The remaining three spirits trembled and three powerful, destructive auras began to spread. Wang Lin’s expression changed greatly.

Red Butterfly’s eyes were cold. There was no color in her eyes as she said, “If you kill me, we both die together!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder as he pressed down the seal in his hand without any hesitation. For the first time, panic entered Red Butterfly’s face.

But just at this moment, a gentle power descended from the sky and surrounded the three spirits. The destructive force disappeared and the spirits were saved.

A person silently appeared before Red Butterfly. This person was Suzaku’s Gong Sunpo.

He casually waved his right hand and Wang Lin was knocked back 100 feet. Wang Lin glared at Gong Sunpo and silently pondered.

This power was not something he could fight against, and let’s not forget that he was heavily injured.

“Ceng Niu, you won! Go to Mount Suzaku to receive your order and someone will arrange things for you. After that, you will be a disciple Suzaku invited from the outside. As one of these disciples, Suzaku can grant you one wish. Once you have decided on what you want, you can come to Mount Suzaku to state your wish.” Gong Sunpo grabbed the three spirits and put them back inside Red Butterfly.

However, when the wood spirit was flying over, Wang Lin clenched his teeth, swung the celestial sword, and cut it in half. He quickly molded half of the wood spirit into a crystal and put it inside his bag of holding.

After he did this, he raised his head and looked at Gong Sunpo.

“Hmph, you sure are bold! Looking at the fact that you won, I won’t pursuit this matter, but your wish is cancelled!” Gong Sunpo coldly looked at Wang Lin.

Then he pointed at the sky and the spirit that had exploded reformed. The old man put it back inside Red Butterfly as well.

Color returned to Red Butterfly’s face and she respectfully said, “Thank you, elder.”

Gong Sunpo’s gaze toward Red Butterfly wasn’t kind. He reached out toward Wang Lin with his right hand and said, “Hand over the soul lasher!”

Wang Lin stared at Gong Sunpo and pondered a bit. Seeing that Gong Sunpo was getting impatient, he secretly let out a sigh. In the cultivation world, strength was all that mattered. He took out the soul lasher and bitterly handed it over.

After Gong Sunpo grabbed the soul lasher, his right hand pointed at the air and the door of light appeared.

“Let’s go!” Gong Sunpo walked through the door.

Red Butterfly quickly followed. She turned around to coldly stare at Wang Lin and whispered, “You will die for sure next time!” The current Red Butterfly didn’t know that she only had three days left to live!

A secret plot began unfolding after an order was given out by someone at Mount Suzaku!

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