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Chapter 358 – Situ Nan

“Country of Xue Yu…” Wang Lin calmly walked out of the valley and saw young man wearing blue waiting outside. Although he wasn’t handsome, his blue robe made him look very cold.

This person’s eyes were very bright and his skin looked ice-cold. Just him standing there seemed to cause a cold wind to blow by to take away all the warmth.

After seeing Wang Lin come out, a hint of coldness flash across his eyes. He clasped his hands and said, “Ceng Niu, hand over the feather fan.”

Wang Lin glanced at the young man. This person’s cultivation level was mid stage Soul Formation. Wang Lin took out the two feathers and tossed them to the side. The bottom parts of the feathers stuck into a mountain on the side. The top parts that were sticking out gently swayed with the wind.

The young man immediately charged toward the mountain.

Wang Lin touched the bag of holding with his right hand and took out two bells. The two bells let out a crisp ring and a sound wave began to spread.

Liao Fan snorted. His right hand formed a seal and with a flash of white light, many blades made of ice suddenly appeared. Under his control, the ice blades flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin laughed. Instead of backing up, he charged forward and threw out the two bells. The bells immediately grew large and began to ring.

Cracks immediately appeared on the ice blades and they soon all shattered. As the bells rang, cracks even appeared on the mountains.

Liao Fan’s expression remained calm. He had already heard of how strong this Ceng Niu was. His mission here wasn’t to retrieve some treasure but to scout.

Once he landed, his hands formed a seal, his eyes became cold, and he sent the seal forward. White light suddenly emitted from his body and formed an illusion before him. This illusion wasn’t the normal Xue Yu cultivation image but an old man sitting in the lotus position.

After the old man’s image was created, he opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he sent out a ray of spiritual energy toward the bells. The bells began to spin and collide with each other.

This was one of this treasure’s uses that Wang Lin had discovered after studying it for so long.

As the bells spun and collided, their ringing got louder. Liao Fan was pushed back a few feet before staring at the bell and shouting, “Kill!”

The old man’s image raised his hand and pointed at Wang Lin. His entire image suddenly turned into gas and charged toward Wang Lin.

It was as fast as lightning.

Wang Lin’s body disappeared with a teleport and reappeared in the sky. The gas created by the image seemed to have a life of its own and followed him.

“Ceng Niu, if you are only this strong, then just die!” Liao Fan stared at Wang Lin and sneered as he took out a bronze clock.

There were 12 symbols on this clock. They represented the 12 months on Suzaku. There were countless smaller lines under them representing each day of the month.

He hit the clock with his left hand and it began to spin. The symbol representing Augst began to shine and then one of the smaller lines began to shine as well.

“Today is August 9th. Ceng Niu, this is the day you die!” As Liao Fan finished speaking, he threw the bronze clock into the air. Two strange claws popped out from the block. Each claw had a source of golden light within them.

Wang Lin’s expression still remained calm. His hand formed a seal and pointed at the two bells. The two spinning bells suddenly collided and broke into pieces.

Tons debris began to spin around Wang Lin. He gently said, “Armor!”

The debris immediately surrounded Wang Lin to form a green, glowing armor. On the armor was the symbol of the two bells.

Wang Lin didn’t dodge the gas formed by the image of the old man. He let it hit his armor.

Waves of ripples appeared on his armor and the gas was weakened.

More ripples occurred and the gas disappeared.

“This sonic wave spirit armor is indeed useful!” Wang Lin smiled and looked toward Liao Fan. The claws were now reaching toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin snorted, touched his bag of holding, and took out the celestial sword. With one swing, the claws were destroyed and a crack appeared on the bronze clock.

Liao Fan was also hit in the chest by this attack, causing him to cough out blood. He was forced back many steps and his face was pale. However, his eyes revealed a hint of joy as he laughed. “Ceng Niu, prepare to die!”

Wang Lin frowned. Just at this moment, a roar came from within the bronze clock. More cracks appeared on the clock and then suddenly a withered arm appeared. After the arm shook once, the bronze clock turned to dust.

There was a cloud of black gas moving like fire coming from the arm that was floating in the air.

Wang Lin’s right hand formed a seal and created a strange wind that blew the black gas back, revealing what was inside.

There was a withered arm floating there, and the black gas came from the arm.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he swung the celestial sword. The black gas immediately moved to block for the arm.

However, the sword energy cut through the black gas and hit the arm. A wound appeared on the arm and another roar came from within the arm. A large amount of black gas came out from the wound and took the shape of a person.

This was a figure created by black gas. It had no facial features, but it had two ghostly orbs for eyes.

Wang Lin’s expression became serious. This Liao Fan was one of the few mid stage Soul Formation cultivators with very powerful treasures. These people were very difficult to deal with.

The figure created by the black gas opened its mouth and let out a roar. The figure moved very fast, and before it even got close, Wang Lin could already feel the cold aura it was emitting.

A sense of danger appeared in Wang Lin’s heart.

The grass in the valley suddenly turned to ice only to quickly be shattered by the wind.

Even the surrounding cliffs were covered by a layer of blue ice when they were hit by this wave of cold energy.

This kind of cold was several times more powerful than ice or snow.

This aura spread out like crazy and surrounded Wang Lin. The cold energy entered his body and almost froze his blood.

After noticing this aura, Wang Lin’s heart trembled and his eyes lit up. He was very familiar with this aura. It was exactly the same aura that came from cultivating the Underworld Ascension Method!

However, the cold energy emitted by this figure was countless times more powerful than the one he had cultivated. Only when Situ Nan had used his body did the cold energy match this figure’s.

He immediately backed up, then his right hand formed a seal and pointed forward. Then the blue flame created from cultivating the Underworld Ascension Method that he hadn’t used in a very long time suddenly appeared at the tip of his finger.

This was a ball of dark blue flame. Instead of releasing heat, it released cold energy.

The moment the blue flame appeared, the cold energy that had just invaded Wang Lin disappeared. Even the surrounding cold energy was absorbed by the blue flame.

The black figure suddenly stopped. His ghostly eyes were sparkling. He stared at the ice flame and said, with a husky voice, “Underworld Ice Flame… Even the Underworld Dao that I left behind for my disciple can’t cultivate an ice flame this pure. Where did you get the Underworld Ascension Method!?!”

Wang Lin’s body quickly backed up. With a few steps he was able to back up into the range of the pagoda and stopped.

“Who are you?!” After Wang Lin heard the voice, even with his 500 years of being a cultivator, he was shocked. This was the kind of shock that he had never heard of before.

Wang Lin felt his scalp go numb. He was too familiar with this voice.

“No matter where you got it, you must die! I’m Situ Nan!” The figure quickly charged into the range of the pagoda and aimed for Wang Lin’s head. Wang Lin suppressed the shock in his heart and shouted, “Back off!”

Zhou Yi’s domain suddenly came out from the pagoda and the figure was hit by a powerful force, stopping him just three feet before Wang Lin. The figure let out a reluctant roar and its body was tossed out.

The moment he was pushed out, the black gas disappeared, leaving only the arm. It grabbed the shocked Liao Fan and disappeared.

Wang Lin stared at the retreating figure and muttered, “Situ Nan… impossible. How could it be like this…” He was confused as he retrieved the feathers and returned to the valley.

Sitting under the pagoda, he stared at the sky and memories of his time with Situ Nan appeared in his mind.

“Situ Nan… he called himself Situ Nan…”

Zhou Ru peeked out from the pagoda. After looking at Wang Lin, she walked out and sat before him. This was the first time she had seen this uncle like this. He seemed confused but also seemed to be recalling some old memories.

After sitting for awhile, Zhou Ru sneakily went into the kitchen and came out with a big bowl of porridge.

“Hmph, if uncle doesn’t want me to feed fairy elder sister then I’ll go secretly feed her.” She went around Wang Lin’s back into the pagoda and let out a cheer.

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