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Chapter 354 – Cutting Your Escape Path

The old man was still frowning. He had been chasing Wang Lin for more than four months. There were several times where he almost caught up, but then the treasure Wang Lin was riding would release a white light and suddenly teleport away.

This shocked him and made him feel even more angry. A grand, seven leaf shaman couldn’t even catch a junior. For him, this was a disgrace.

However, he wasn’t a cultivator. All of his power came from the tattoos on his body. He didn’t expect that junior to be able to keep this speed up for four months.

The old man’s eyes flickered and he began to ponder. He had already used up a lot of his power, so it was no longer viable for him to continue chasing. More importantly, he was a bit worried about how many treasures this junior hadn’t used yet and how many pills he had left.

After pondering for a bit, the old man revealed a hint of reluctance in his eyes before letting out a sigh and turning around to leave.

Wang Lin suddenly felt the danger from behind him disappear, so he stopped the star compass. He looked back and began to ponder.

“No longer going to chase?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He wasn’t sure if the old man had given up or had some other schemes in mind. After pondering for awhile, Wang Lin let out a sigh. If the old man was only at the late stage of Soul Formation, Wang Lin would have turned around and started chasing him instead.

However, this old man was the same as a Soul Transformation cultivator, which made Wang Lin raise his guard.

He pondered a bit, let out a snort, and instead of backing up, he went around toward the side of the old man.

The old man noticed what Wang Lin was doing. His face sank but he didn’t do anything.

After a few days, the old man was frowning very hard. Wang Lin had kept the same distance from him this whole time. He had endured it for this long but he finally jerked back and shouted, “You really are reckless!”

He turned into a ray of light and chased after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a laugh and the star compass disappeared within the void.

After chasing for a few more days, the old man had to give up because he could feel his tattoos’ power getting weaker and weaker. He let out a cold snort before turning toward the exit again.

Wang Lin immediately stopped. His eyes lit up and, after pondering for a bit, he continued to harass the old man.

The old man completely ignored Wang Lin and continued to fly.

As time passed, Wang Lin was confident that this wasn’t some kind of scheme. He figured out that the old man really couldn’t continue chasing him. After confirming that, Wang Lin’s eyes became very cold.

He slapped his bag of holding and the celestial sword appeared in his hand. He quickly closed the distance and, after reaching a certain distance from the old man, he swung the celestial sword in his hand.

He swung three times before quickly leaving.

The three rays of sword energy flew toward the old man. His face sank as he pointed at the sword energies. There were suddenly three bangs, but the old man’s body didn’t move at all. He gloomily looked toward Wang Lin’s direction and shouted, “This time this old man will let you go, so scram! Or else don’t blame me for taking your life!”

With that, the old man continued moving toward the exit while ignoring Wang Lin.

Wang Lin sneered. Instead of backing up, he closed in again and harassed the old man with more sword energy. After a month, the old man was very irritated. He wished he could just go and tear that junior into pieces.

However, Wang Lin would escape without hesitation the moment the old man tried to attack, and if he wanted to leave, Wang Lin would harass him with sword energy. Although these sword energy attacks couldn’t harm him, they had made his mood go from bad to worse.

“Wang Lin, are you finished?!” On this day, the old man finally had enough and shouted at the void behind him. The tattoos on his body shined like crazy and heavy pressure came from them.

Wang Lin was so far away that he wasn’t afraid at all. He said, “Senior has chased me for several months. You must be reluctant to give up. Junior here doesn’t have many more pills in my bag, so if you continue to chase me, you will definitely be able to catch up!”

The old man’s eyes were very gloomy. He stared at the void in the distance and suddenly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he stared viciously at the white light that was released by the star compass when it teleported.

His expression suddenly changed and he turned his head toward the exit. The direction Wang Lin had teleported to wasn’t only away from the old man, it was also toward the exit.

“Senior, junior is going to destroy the exit so that we can stay here forever! Won’t that be fun?!” Wang Lin’s irritating voice entered the old man’s ears.

The old man let out a roar and suddenly charged out. His hatred for Wang Lin had reached its limit. If it wasn’t for that treasure, how would he be stuck in a situation where it would bad if he chased and also bad if he didn’t chase?

Wang Lin indeed didn’t have many pills left, but he still had top quality spirit stones. With those, he was confident that he would be fine being chased by the old man.

He would occasionally wave the celestial sword to bug the old man.

This chase was a battle of attrition and a battle of the heart.

The old man couldn’t guess how many pills and spirit stones Wang Lin had left. These four months of chasing Wang Lin had made him doubt himself. He felt like Wang Lin had an endless supply of pills and spirit stones.

This feeling was very weak at first, but when he gave up and Wang Lin instead turned around to chase him, this feeling became very strong. He was confident that Wang Lin still had a lot of pills and spirit stones left, so he wouldn’t be able to catch up no matter what unless the treasure under Wang Lin suddenly broke.

The old man thought of ways to attack the star compass, but not only was Wang Lin fast, he was also very cautious. Whenever he closed in to a certain distance, Wang Lin would teleport away.

At this moment, because Wang Lin had changed directions, the chase began once more. Only compared to before, the person suffering was not Wang Lin but the old man.

A few months later, Wang Lin had used up all his pills and he was currently relying on top quality spirit stones to recover his spiritual energy.

The more Wang Lin chased, the more impatient the old man became, so he attacked more. However, Wang Lin had the star compass, so all of those attacks missed.

As long as one of the attack tattoos hit, then even if it didn’t kill, it would mortally wound this junior. If it landed on the treasure, it would break it and allow him to kill this junior as he wished.

Sadly, the speed of the star compass became even faster as Wang Lin got more familiar with it during these eight months.

In the end, Wang Lin created four sockets on the star compass and placed four top quality spirit stones into them. He was powering the star compass purely with the spirit stones. After leaving a bit of his divine sense to control the compass, the rest of his energy was spent on attacking the old man.

The lance from the restriction flag, his time domain carvings, the black stamp, and some ancient treasures were all used by Wang Lin. Although they were useless against the old man, Wang Lin’s mastery over them became better and better.

After all, ever since he had started cultivating, he had never been in a situation where he could use his treasures as he wished.

The celestial sword was used many times until he could control it like a flying sword through Xu Liguo as long as it was within 30 feet of him.

As a result, although the power of the celestial sword didn’t increase, it was much more nimble. All of this was thanks to the old man.

The old man’s anger had reached its limit. A mere ant that he could crush between his fingers dared to mess with him like this. In these months of pursuit, Wang Lin had become someone that the old man absolutely had to kill.

He even gave up on the idea of turning Wang Lin into a tattoo puppet. If given the chance, he wouldn’t hesitate at all to tear Wang Lin into pieces.

Even the three sword sheaths were taken out by Wang Lin and used one by one. Although Wang Lin’s cultivation level hadn’t increased, his mastery over his treasures was like heaven and earth compared to before.

When he used a magic treasure now, it was even more powerful.

On this day, Wang Lin saw the exit far away. At the exit was a giant, shining tattoo holding the rift open.

Wang Lin was able to see the outside world through the rift. There were countless savages outside the exit staring at the rift.

Wang Lin snorted. He had never considered leaving through this rift. He jumped off the star compass and swung the celestial sword. The sword energy hit the tattoos that were holding the rift open. A series of rumbling sounds could be heard and cracks appeared on the tattoos.

“No!” The old man’s tattoo power was almost dry after chasing Wang Lin for eight months. When he saw the tattoo at the exit being attacked, he immediately shouted and a trace of panic appeared on his face.

He teleported forward to get there as fast as he could, but what he saw when he got there was Wang Lin swinging down the celestial sword again. The tattoo was destroyed and the spatial rift closed.

The old man’s body trembled as he stared dumbfoundedly at the exit that had disappeared.

“Old bag of bones, since this little lord can’t leave, you might as well stay too and continue to chase me!” Wang Lin didn’t stand still. After he destroyed the tattoo, he returned to the compass and continued to escape.

His laugh slowly drifted in from the distance.

“Madman! You madman! Even if I die, I won’t forgive you!” The old man’s eyes were bloodshot as he chased after Wang Lin.

However, the tattoos on his body were dim. After chasing for a while, he stopped. He let out a roar and suddenly sat down in the lotus position. The seven leaf plant appeared between his eyebrows and soon covered his whole body.

When all seven leaves completely opened, the old man was completely covered by the plant, leaving behind a lonely plant to grow in the void.

“I hope to borrow the clan’s spirit to open a passage!” The old man inside the plant slowly closed his eyes.

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