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Chapter 355 – Remaining people

Wang Lin sensed the giant plant summoned by the old man as he stood on top of the star compass. His eyes lit up, but he didn’t go harass the old man anymore. He left instead.

He had been very careful this entire time. He only acted when he was sure of his own safety.

Now that he had cut off the old man’s retreat, he knew that the old man was furious. Although this was when the old man was at his weakest, Wang Lin also knew that his cultivation level was far too low. If it wasn’t for the star compass’ speed, he would have already become the old man’s puppet.

No matter how weak a seven leaf shaman, who was as powerful as a Soul Transformation cultivator, was, he would still have the ability to kill Wang Lin. Wang Lin didn’t believe that he had the power to kill the old man.

Shortly after he left, the old man suddenly opened his eyes inside the plant. Red light shot out from his eyes as he looked toward Wang Lin’s direction. He could feel Wang Lin quickly leaving and sighed. “Unfortunately, this brat is too cautious… If he had come, I would have been able to kill him for sure.”

He pondered a bit and then used the ancestral spirit to slowly communicate with the outside.

The most terrifying thing about this void was finding an exit. It was unlike a normal void where one could leave by just tearing open space. If there was no guidance from outside, one would be trapped here forever.

After a long time, there was a hint of panic in the old man’s eyes. He had long forgotten about Wang Lin. What he wanted the most now was to send a message to his clan on the outside so they could set a beacon to act as his guide.

Wang Lin sat on the star compass and flew for a very long time. Although the sense of danger from behind him was gone, he was still very cautious, so he flew for several more days before finally stopping.

As he looked at the void around him, his eyes were calm; there was no hint of panic at all in them. He pointed at his brow and then the heaven defying bead flew out.

Then Wang Lin activated his spiritual energy and the black lines appeared on his body again. However, there weren’t as many this time and they only extended to his neck.

During these eight months of flying, Wang Lin had used the heaven defying bead multiple times to absorb the tattoo plant. He had already absorbed a majority of it at this point.

Wang Lin let let out a roar and revealed a painful expression. The black lines extending to his neck slowly receded. Soon, all of the black lines were gathered at his brow.

That mysterious plant appeared again. The heaven defying bead glowed green and began to absorb it.

After a long time, Wang Lin opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He looked back and said, “This spell from the Forsaken Immortal Sect is too strange. If I meet them again, I’ll have to be more careful.”

He grabbed the heaven defying bead and looked at it. Nine leaves had fully formed and the tenth leaf was partially completed.

A trace of happiness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. The bead then touched his forehead and disappeared.

“The harvest this time is pretty good. The heaven defying bead’s wood element is almost complete. The most important thing to do right now is think of a way to leave this place.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He already had an idea when he decided to cut off the old man’s escape route. This was why he was able to destroy the tattoo that was keeping the rift open without any hesitation.

If there was no help from the outside, it was very difficult to leave this place. However, although he was trapped, his original body was still outside.

He sat on the compass and slowly tried to sense the original body.

Country of Chu, thousands of miles underground, there was a ball of purple light.

Inside this purple light sat a very handsome young man. He had a head full of red hair, his skin was a healthy, bronze color, and there were tiny cracks all over his skin.

There were two stars slowly spinning on this person’s forehead.

At this moment, the young man suddenly opened his eyes and and started emitting killing intent from them. He pondered a bit before suddenly standing and then going aboveground.

He slapped his bag of holding and was immediately dressed in black. Right now he looked no different from any other cultivator.

This person walked into the forest of the Immortal Graveyard. He stopped somewhere and punched the air, causing a round spatial rift to appear.

After waiting for a bit, this person shook his head and walked away.

Every ten steps or so, this person would stop and punch the air, creating a spatial rift each time. As he continued, he became faster and faster as he walked deeper into the depths of the forest.

This person continued doing this. After opening more than 10,000 spatial rifts, he arrived at the hole that led to the Immortal Graveyard. He looked into the hole and then turned toward another direction. Same as before, he would open a spatial rift every ten steps.

Time slowly passed. He didn’t became impatient at all and continued.

The northern part of the forest was covered in dead leaves. Whenever he stepped on them they would rustle. Just as he was about to punch, he looked into the distance. His eyes suddenly became cold and he disappeared.

In the north of the forest of the Immortal Graveyard, there was suddenly a male and a female flying in the sky.

The woman was very beautiful. She was wearing a white veil. The male was an old man wearing a black cloak.

As the two of them flew, the old man’s expression suddenly changed. He quickly grabbed the woman and backed up. With a bang, cracks appeared in the space where they just were.

Inside the middle of cracks stood a young man. This person was very handsome and had a head full of red hair. This was Wang Lin’s original body.

His original body coldly stared at the two of them and punched with his right hand.

The old man’s expression changed greatly and he slapped his bag of holding. A mountain-shaped treasure appeared and immediately grew to shield the old man.

The original body’s eyes were calm. His fist didn’t slow down at all as it landed on the mountain.


With a loud bang, the mountain shined brightly, but the light it gave off was useless as it was smashed into pieces. The force of the punch smashed toward the two along with the shattered pieces of the mountain.

The old man’s face was gloomy as he pulled the white-veiled woman to continue retreating.

The original body took a step forward and shattered the space under his feet before sending out another punch.

The old man spat out a ray of white light which turned into a flying sword. The sword gave off a dangerous aura and there was a trace of purple on it. That meant that this sword was very tough because it was forged with the very rare purple heart copper.

The flying sword flew toward the original body’s fist. The original body’s eyes were still calm as he let out a snort and his fist collided with the flying sword.

The flying sword immediately cracked down the middle and completely shattered. At the same time, the domain of a Soul Formation cultivator came out of the sword and entered the original body.

The original body’s eyes lit up. As an ancient god, he didn’t have a domain, but he did have a powerful killing intent. His red hair moved and a blood-red light glowed in his body. The old man’s domain couldn’t even withstand one hit and collapsed.

The original body’s fist arrived once more.

There was a hint of panic in the old man’s eyes as he grabbed the white-veiled woman to retreat once more.

The original body continued to chase.

“Fellow cultivator, we don’t even know each other; why must you act like this?!” The old man’s voice was strained. He was already terrified of this person’s fist.

Aside from the warrior from the Forsaken Immortal Clan, he had never seen a cultivator like this. With just a punch, he could destroy magic treasures. With just a step, spatial rifts appeared. All of this terrified the old man.

The original body snorted and became even more fierce. With one punch, a restriction-like spell suddenly appeared around the old man and white-veiled woman.

The original body shouted, “Accept your death!”

The old man secretly cursed. He saw the despair in the white-veiled woman’s eyes and said, “My lady, I’m going to borrow the magic sabre!”

The white-veiled woman quickly slapped her bag of holding and a ray of white light appeared. The old man quickly grabbed it. It was a broken sabre.

After grabbing the sabre, the old man grabbed the white-veiled woman and bit his tongue to spit some blood on the broken sabre.

At this moment, the original body’s fist arrived. Its target was the old man’s head. The old man let out a roar as he panicked and the sabre flew out to block the blow.


Countless cracks appeared on the broken sabre and a piece it even broke off.

The old man clenched his teeth. His complexion was dark and filled with fear as he quickly pulled the white-veiled woman away. He was very quick, so he was able to pull her out of the restriction that was surrounding them.

The white-veiled woman was terrified as she quickly said, “Senior, please stop. Even if you want to kill the two of us, at least give us a reason.”

The original body withdrew his fist and coldly stared at the two of them.

The surroundings suddenly calmed down. Aside from the sound of clothes flapping in the wind, there was no other sound.

The old man’s forehead was covered in sweat as he stared at the red-haired young man before them. No matter how hard he searched his memory, he couldn’t remember when they had offended him.

The original body coldly asked, “Where did the two of you come from?”

The white-veiled woman was startled. She didn’t have time to think and said, “Junior is from Zhou and wants to go to Chu.”

“A bunch of nonsense. You are looking for death!” The original body’s eyes became cold. He looked at them as if he was looking at dead people. He didn’t move forward but sent out a kick with his right foot.

A series of booms occurred. The old man wanted to dodge, but it was already too late, so he controlled the sabre to block for him.


The broken sabre shattered!

The old man’s body fell from the sky like a meteor.

“Senior!! There is no hate between us! Why must you kill!?!” The white-veiled woman’s voice cracked and tears appeared at the corners of her eyes.

The original body coldly looked at the white-veiled woman.

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