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Chapter 335 – Soul Formation Cultivator of the Treasure Refining Pavilion

Disciples of the Treasure Refining Pavilion brought fruit especially produced in the Sea of Devils to the room on the third floor, but no one touched them.

When sitting in this room, one only needed to look down to see the giant stage where the auction will take place.

Wang Lin and Li Muwan quietly chatted with each other. Li Muwan would occasionally smile, revealing a look of tenderness and satisfaction

Lu Fei and Tie Tan sat cross-legged at the door, both cultivating.

At some point, Wang Lin gave the two of them some pointers, inspiring them to cultivate even more enthusiastically. They had been cultivating almost the entire time they had been here. According to Wang Lin, only after sorting out all the chaos in their spiritual energy could they start comprehending the Soul Formation stage.

Although the two of them had been late stage Nascent Soul cultivators for a long time, they still hadn’t reached the peak of the late stage of Nascent Soul.

Unless they gain some special understanding, the only way was to reach peak of late stage Nascent Soul step by step and then try to break through to the Soul Formation stage.

Ever since they started following Wang Lin, they felt extremely confident about reaching the Soul Formation stage. Although the two of them had lived longer than Li Muwan, it was not by much. If they couldn’t reach the Soul Formation stage in 100 years, they would die.

This was one of the main reasons why they were determined to follow Wang Lin.

Just at this moment, a divine sense came from the room to the left. Lu Fei and Tie Yan suddenly opened their eyes. Lu Fei spread out his divine sense to slam into the incoming divine sense.

A miserable scream came from the room to the left, and the divine sense quickly dissipated.

Wang Lin didn’t pay any attention to this at all. He continued to talk with Li Muwan. This was because he had barely ever spent any time with her.

Even more so than tenderness, Wang Lin felt like he owed her too much.

A divine sense came from the room to the left again, but this time it was multiple divine senses intertwined together. Tie Yan’s eyes lit up, and along with Lu Fei, they both spread out their divine senses and slammed into the incoming divine sense.

“So bold! I want to see who dares to be this arrogant!” a cold voice from the room to the left said. Lu Fei and Tie Yan’s divine senses lost, but they weren’t injured. Instead, they sneered.

“Sect master, this person isn’t a Soul Formation cultivator. He only has been in the late stage of Nascent Soul longer than the two of us. He must be at the peak of the late stage of Nascent Soul.”

The moment Lu Fei finished speaking, a person walked out of the room to the left. This person was wearing purple and had a head of white hair. He made his way toward Wang Lin’s room.

He was very angry. Originally, his disciple was just curious because he saw the Treasure Refining Pavilion’s Xu Luo personally lead someone in and wanted to see who they were.

However, he didn’t expect that person to shatter his disciple’s divine sense and injure him, so he angrily walked out.

After arriving outside the room, the old man opened the curtain and looked inside. However, all he was met with Wang Lin’s cold stare.

The old man’s eyes met Wang Lin’s, and then he suddenly took several steps back. His forehead was covered in sweat, and his Nascent Soul was almost shattered. He immediately realized that the young man must’ve been a Soul Formation cultivator.

The old man secretly complained. He didn’t want to cause trouble with a Soul Formation cultivator.

But he was too afraid to move. He could only let out a bitter smile and say, “Junior didn’t know that senior was here. I was rash and hope senior can forgive me.”

Wang Lin began to ponder. When he laid his eyes on this old man in purple, he felt a sense of familiarity. It must’ve been someone he knew.

However, it had been too long and he couldn’t remember right away.

At this moment, a laugh suddenly came from outside as the old man from the Treasure Refining Pavilion walked up to the third floor. He didn’t even look at the purple-robed old man when he arrived outside the door. With a smile on his face, he said, “I, cultivator Hu, heard that there was a fellow Soul Formation cultivator at the auction this time. I came to see, but I didn’t expect to meet someone I knew.”

As he spoke, the curtain to the room opened on its own and the old man walked in.

Lu Fei and Tie Yan’s expressions changed. They quickly backed up and stood behind Wang Lin.

“Sit!” Wang Lin faintly smiled.

The old man looked at Li Muwan and smiled. “Looks like fellow cultivator made it. I wonder how many flame threads you managed to obtain.”

Wang Lin was shocked. When they met back then, he was wearing the straw hat and didn’t allow the old man to see his true identity. The old man must’ve had his own special method to be able to recognize Wang Lin at a glance. Wang Lin smiled and said, “The hole was too small, so I didn’t get many.”

The old man nodded before saying, “I was also limited by the hole and didn’t get many. However, when I went there a few years ago, I found an ancestral thread that had grown quite a bit.”

After he finished speaking, he looked toward Wang Lin. He was very wary of Wang Lin. If it wasn’t for the fact he cultivated a secret technique that allowed him to identify someone by their physical body, he wouldn’t have known that Wang Lin was that Soul Formation cultivator with the straw hat.

At this moment, the purple-robed old man was in an awkward position. He didn’t dare to leave, so he only stood there.

While the white-haired old man and Wang Lin talked, the auction downstairs started. In the beginning, there were only some treasures and pills that were very popular.

Li Muwan quietly sat beside Wang Lin. She would sometimes look down at the auction with a smile on her face.

The old man eye’s lit up and he said, “Fellow cultivator, you look very familiar. Aside from that time outside the Chaotic Broken Stars, we must have met before.”

When he first entered the room and recognized Wang Lin as the cultivator from outside the Chaotic Broken Stars, he was confused. When he looked at Wang Lin, he felt a sense of familiarity, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t remember.

This was very rare for a Soul Formation cultivator. The white-haired old man believed that if he had seen someone before, he wouldn’t forget them.

Wang Lin faintly smiled and didn’t respond. He then waved at the purple-robed old man outside. The purple-robed old man secretly let out a sigh of relief. He walked up and said, “Junior Qiu Siping greets senior.”

With that, he turned toward the white-haired old man and said the same thing.

The white-haired old man gently replied, but he clearly revealed a hint of dissatisfaction when he did. He thought that it was fine if Wang Lin didn’t want to answer his question, because they were both Soul Formation cultivators, but why call in this Nascent Soul junior?

Wang Lin smiled. “Fellow cultivator Qiu, we haven’t met in many years. I hope you are well.”

Qiu Siping was startled. Even the white-haired old man’s eyes lit up as he looked toward Qiu Siping.

Qiu Siping carefully looked at Wang Lin. The more he looked, the more familiar Wang Lin seemed, but he couldn’t remember anything. He carefully asked, “Senior knows junior?”

Wang Lin smiled. “It has been a very long time; I’m afraid you have forgotten. If I hadn’t heard your name, I would have forgotten too. Back then, we split the two Nascent Souls, one each, and also the map. Do you remember now?”

Qiu Siping revealed a look of disbelief. He sucked in a breath of cold air and shouted, “Wang Lin! You… you reached the Soul Formation stage!”

Wang Lin nodded, then he looked at the white-haired old man and smiled. “Did fellow cultivator Hu remember anything?”

The white-haired old man’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He looked at Wang Lin for a very long time before letting out a wry smile. He said, “I remember. I can’t believe the Core Formation cultivator from back then has reached the Soul Formation stage…”

He remembered now. Back then, he ran into Wang Lin and Qiu Siping and was able to immediately notice a strange power within Wang Lin. It looked like the legendary Ji Realm, so he became greedy. He wanted to accept Wang Lin as a disciple by force and see if he could extract the Ji Realm.

However, he never thought that after hundreds of years, that person would have reached the Soul Formation stage, the same cultivation level as him. The idea he had from back them immediately dissolved.

Qiu Siping was completely startled as he recalled memories of his past. Wang Lin was still a head above him.

During the Core Formation stage, he couldn’t beat Wang Lin.

After he reached the Nascent Soul stage, he still couldn’t beat Wang Lin.

Now he had reached the peak of the late stage of Nascent Soul, but when he saw Wang Lin again, Wang Lin had already reached the Soul Formation stage.

The white-haired old man laughed and said, “I was reckless back then; I hope fellow cultivator Wang won’t hold it against me!” Then he suddenly changed the topic and asked, “I wonder what kind of treasure fellow cultivator Wang is here for?”

Wang Lin smiled. “A rank 6 pill recipe!”

The old man revealed complex expression and said, “If it was anything else, I would be able to help you, but this rank 6 pill recipe is something someone else asked us to sell.”

Wang Lin shook his head. “No problem! If I can’t win it, then I’ll just steal it and make a copy!”

The white-haired old man laughed and then no longer spoke.

The first floor had already sold a lot of pills and treasures. Shortly after, Xu Luo walked up on stage and shouted, “The next item is a very valuable treasure. I’m sure everyone here already knows that it is a rank 6 pill recipe! This recipe has never been opened since it arrived at our Treasure Refining Pavilion. It still has the seal placed by the owner, as everyone can see.”

“Rank 6 pills are things only Suzaku can produce, but you can too if you have the recipe. Everyone understands the value of the recipe, so I won’t say more. There is also a change in the rules. Offers must be made with high quality spirit stones, but we will take any treasures as well. My Treasure Refining Pavilion will evaluate the price.”

All three floors immediately became silent. Many people had come for this recipe. Soon, people started shouting offers.

Li Muwan was a bit nervous. Wang Lin gently patted her hand. His expression didn’t change as he looked down at the first floor.

Qiu Siping revealed a bitter smile. He came this time for the pill recipe as well, and he was well prepared. However, he didn’t dare to bid on it at all.

Soon, the price was raised up to 10,000 high quality spirit stones. This price could be considered a very big deal.

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