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Chapter 336 – Rank 6 Pill Recipe

“More than 10,000 spirit stones…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

He didn’t have more than 10,000 high quality spirit stones with him, but he did have several top quality spirit stones. Just one of them was priceless, and it could beat all other offers.

However, it seemed like one wouldn’t be enough. He would require several. In the end, although he could obtain it, he would have to pay quite a bit.

Of course, he could trade celestial jade for it as well.

However, due to Wang Lin’s personality, although he had to have it, he wouldn’t buy it himself if its price became too high.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit. He slapped his bag of holding and a wooden carving appeared in his hand. It was one of the defective statues containing the domain of time he had made. There were traces of the domain of a Soul Formation cultivator on it, but it contained the power of a peak late stage Nascent Soul cultivator.

There were also several blood veins inside it, so this wooden carving was like a puppet. There was no limit in the number of times it could be used.

This kind of treasure would be very important to the cultivators of the Sea of Devils.

The white-haired old man’s eyes lit up when he glanced at the wood carving. He was moved by it. What he cared about wasn’t the wood carving but the method in which the wooden carving was made.

The Treasure Refining Pavilion became famous for refining treasures. This old man was very skilled at refining treasures, so he was able to instantly notice the abnormality of the wooden carving.

Whether it was the faint domain of a Soul Formation cultivator or the blood veins inside, both were very intricate. However, the blood veins felt very familiar to him for some reason.

Wang Lin took out the wooden carving, threw it down to the stage, and said, “I offer this item.”

Xu Luo had always been paying attention to the third floor. When he saw the wooden carving being thrown down, he immediately caught it. Then he handed it over to several treasure appraisers.

The moment the appraisers saw this wooden carving, their expressions changed and they began to quietly debate.

The white-haired old man pondered for a bit, then his eyes suddenly became serious and he asked Wang Lin, “Fellow cultivator, could the blood veins inside the wooden carving be Xue Yue’s puppet creating technique?”

Wang Lin looked at the white-haired old man. He was shocked that he was able to recognize it. However, after thinking about it, this old man must have lived for a very long time and, being the head of the Treasure Refining Pavilion, he must have seen a lot.

Wang Lin nodded. Just at this moment, the appraisers raised their heads. One of them said, “I have never seen anything like this before, but we are sure that the effect is as powerful as a late stage Nascent Soul cultivator. We price it at 5000 high quality spirit stones.”

The moment everyone heard this, the people on the first floor all looked at the wooden carving and then at the third floor.

Wang Lin frowned. The value of this object was definitely not just 5000 high quality spirit stones.

The old man also frowned. He let out a snort like he was sending a voice transmission. Those appraisers didn’t know anything. With his cultivation, he could tell that with just the blood veins inside the object, the price would be several times higher, and that’s not even considering the sliver of domain inside it.

These 5000 high quality spirit stones weren’t even enough for the pill recipe, which was already priced at 10,000 spirit stones.

Wang Lin’s eyes remained calm and he didn’t speak. Instead, he looked toward the door of the room.

Shortly after, a very beautiful girl came up from the second floor. She greeted Wang Lin, placed down a purple jade, and left.

The white-haired old man said, “Fellow cultivator, I’ll buy that puppet of yours. This purple jade can be traded for 20,000 high quality spirit stones at any Treasure Refining Pavilion.”

Wang Lin smiled. He didn’t even look at the jade before shouting, “I offer 20,000 high quality spirit stones.”

This caused everyone to be in shock, but then a voice came from the center room of the third floor. A girl’s voice said, “30,000 high quality spirit stones.”

Wang Lin frowned.

Qiu Siping clenched his teeth and said, “Brother Wang, I have 40,000 high quality spirit stones.”

“No need!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm.

Even in Suzaku, 30,000 high quality spirit stones was a high price. No one offered any more for a long time, and in the end, the rank 6 pill recipe was obtained by the person in the center room.

Although rank 6 pill recipes were rare, the materials required to make the pill itself were mostly extinct, so 30,000 high quality spirit stones was already a sky high price. Of course, if it was an already made rank 6 pill, it would be a different story.

The white-haired old man shook his head and left. He didn’t take the purple jade with him.

“Let’s go!” Wang Lin stood up and put the jade away. Although he looked calm, there was a hint of coldness in his eyes. He and Li Muwan went downstairs and returned to their inn.

In their room, Li Muwan whispered, “Wang Lin, that rank 6 pill recipe doesn’t matter. We don’t even know what kind of recipe it was…”

Wang Lin smiled. “You wait for me here. I must have that recipe!”

Li Muwan hesitated for a bit before gently nodding.

Wang Lin’s gaze landed on Lu Fei and Tie Yan and he said, “The two of you stay here and guard her.”

Lu Fei and Tie Yan immediately nodded.

Wang Lin’s body disappeared from the spot. When he appeared, he was already outside of Devil Rebel City.

He spread out his divine sense and his body disappeared again. When he reappeared this time, he was on a mountain 3,000 kilometers away. He saw a girl wearing a green dress there. He couldn’t seen her face because there was a white veil covering it. Beside her stood an old man.

The old man’s eyes remained calm. There didn’t seem to be any spiritual energy within him. When Wang Lin appeared, the old man’s eyes lit up.

“Junior Zhou Yanhong greets senior.” Her voice was very charming, and her expression was as calm as water.

“If you can’t give me a good reason for luring me here, don’t blame me for being ruthless,” said Wang Lin. His expression remained the same.

The green-robed girl’s eyes lit up. She then said, “Senior is very cunning. This little girl admires you.”

This girl was on the third floor, so she knew about everything that had happened. She knew that Wang Lin was a Soul Formation cultivator, but after seeing him offer 20,000 spirit stones, she raised the price by another 10,000. There had to be some reason for doing so.

And after leaving the Treasure Refining Pavilion, they didn’t immediately leave but waited here for him. Wang Lin was instantly able to see through her.

“Don’t waste time speaking about useless things.” Wang Lin’s voice was cold.

The old man behind the green-robed girl snorted and took a step forward.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He gazed at the old man and said, “You have just reached the Soul Formation stage; your cultivation isn’t stable and you had to comprehend someone else’s domain. Stand down!”

The old man’s face darkened, but his heart was shocked. However, he clenched his teeth and stood firm.

Wang Lin looked at the old man and flicked his finger. A ray of spiritual energy shot out. The old man’s expression immediately changed as he quickly took out an umbrella treasure. He opened the umbrella and it released rainbow-colored light.

Wang Lin snorted. “You overestimate yourself!”


The ray of spiritual energy landed on the umbrella, causing many cracks to appear on it, and its light dimmed. The old man was sent flying like he was hit by a powerful force. He was forced to back up several steps and his face turned red. It took a very long time for him to return to normal.

Wang Lin didn’t want to kill him. His gaze fell on the girl.

The green-robed girl’s eyes revealed a hint of dread. She took out a sealed box and offered it to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin reached out and the box flew to him. He broke open the box, scanned it with his divine sense, made a copy, threw the jade back at the girl, and asked, “Speak. Why did you lure me here?”

The green-robed girl caught the jade. She took deep breath and said, “Senior, junior was rude, but I was forced to. Please consider the value of this rank 6 pill recipe and help junior once.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same.

The green-robed girl clenched her teeth and said, “Junior is from the Faint Mist Sect of Zhou. My father is the sect master of our sect. 20 years ago, my dad entered the Immortal Graveyard and still hasn’t returned. This Immortal Graveyard is one of the two most dangerous places in Suzaku, on par with the Nine Ghost Desolate Valley. Juniors cultivation isn’t strong enough, so I was hoping senior could accompany me there to retrieve my father’s remains.”

With that, the green-robed girl revealed a look of sadness. She bit her lower lip and waited for Wang Lin’s response.

Wang Lin calmly said, “I don’t have time!” He took out the purple jade from his bag of holding and threw it at her. “This jade is worth 20,000 high quality spirit stones. Consider it the payment for making this copy.”

With that, he disappeared in a ray of rainbow-colored light.

The green-robed girl looked toward where Wang Lin disappeared and revealed a look of despair. She originally had given up hope, but when she saw Wang Lin on the third floor, the old man next to her told her that Wang Lin was a Soul Formation cultivator.

After hearing this, it ignited the hope in her heart. Then she saw the old man from the Treasure Refining Pavilion and was even more confident.

This was why she bought the recipe. Her goal was to lure Wang Lin.

Wang Lin indeed didn’t have time. The recipe was for the rank 6 Return to Origin Pill, something even people in rank 1 and 2 cultivation countries could refine.

However, the ones they refined were rank 1 and 2 Return to Origin Pills.

The Return to Origin pill only had one use, and that was to increase the speed at which someone could absorb spiritual energy from the heavens and earth by several fold.

The rank 6 Return to Origin Pill did the same, only the speed of spiritual energy absorption was terrifying. However, there was a limit to this pill: a person could only take one every 100 years. If one were to take more than that, that person’s body would be turned into crystal by the excessive spiritual energy.

As a result, that person would become a human-shaped crystal with their soul sealed inside.

After being refined for a very long time, the human-shaped crystal would become smaller and smaller. There was a chance for it to become a fake, top quality spirit stone.

In ancient times, there was no way to get top quality spirit stones beside letting them form naturally, so there weren’t many of them around.

As a result, they created high ranking Return to Origin Pills. In fact, even though the success rate of creating them wasn’t high, most top quality spirit stones back then were these fake ones.

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