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Chapter 333 – New Home

Lu Fei and Tie Yan’s expressions suddenly changed when they saw the ring expanding. They felt like they were facing the power of the heavens. The Nascent Souls in their bodies were being compressed by this pressure and showed signs of collapsing.

However, after Wang Lin waved his hand, the pressure disappeared. The two of them let out sighs of relief. Their gazes toward Wang Lin became even more respectful.

“What is this?” Li Muwan looked at the pagoda with eyes filled with curiosity.

Wang Lin smiled. “Inside the tower is a female corpse. She is the wife of a senior who asked me to look after her before his death.”

Then Wang Lin told Li Muwan Zhou Yi and Ting Er’s story. Li Muwan was a very emotional girl, so she was completely moved by the story.

Li Muwan whispered, “I wonder how senior Zhou Yi is after he turned into a sword spirit and went to the Da Lou Sword Sect…”

Wang Lin pondered. After a long time, he shook his head and said, “No matter what the result, that was his choice. I hope he can get his wish…”

Li Muwan nodded. Her gaze toward the pagoda changed.

Wang Lin decided to build a few stone houses beside the pagoda using the stones from the mountain. Li Muwan was happily helping. When Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan, he let out a faint smile.

Li Muwan wiped the sweat off her forehead, placed down the last piece of stone, and said to Wang Lin, in a crisp voice, “From today onward, this is our new home!”

Wang Lin nodded. Seeing the fatigue on her face made Wang Lin’s heart ache for some reason. With his power, there was no need for her to help, but she insisted on helping. This kind of determination was very rare from her.

Li Muwan had always been gentle, even a bit weak. However, within that weakness, there was a very powerful determination. Because she insisted, Wang Lin couldn’t refuse her and agreed to let her help.

He could see that Li Muwan was very happy. Whenever she looked at him, her eyes were filled with tenderness and a hint of sadness.

Aside from that hint of sadness, this was the same gaze that his mother looked at his father with.

It was the same as Zhou Yi’s gaze toward Ting Er when he awakened…

After doing some maintenance Li Muwan’s body with spiritual energy and seeing that she had fallen asleep, Wang Lin let out a sigh and walked out of the stone room. It was currently dark outside, and the moon was high in the sky. Lu Fei and Tie Yan were cultivating outside. When they saw Wang Lin, they both stood up.

“Sect master!”

Wang Lin looked at the two and said, with a deep voice, “How long have the two of you stayed at the late stage of Nascent Soul?”

Lu Fei and Tie Yan were extremely happy. The reason they followed Wang Lin was because they were hoping he would help them reach the Soul Formation stage. However, Wang Lin never talked about this matter in this entire month.

The two of them didn’t dare to ask, so they could only silently wait.

Lu Fei suppressed the excitement in his heart and said, “Junior has already been at the late stage of Nascent Soul for 143 years.”

Tie Yan took a deep breath and respectfully said, “Junior has been here for 172 years.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his gaze scanned the two of them. He shook his head and
said, “The two of you have walked the wrong path.”

Lu Fei and Tie Yan silently pondered. After a long time, Tie Yan let out a bitter smile and said, “Sect master, Chu never had a Soul Formation cultivator before. We have asked the messenger before, but he gave us no answer. In fact, many years ago, I guessed that this kind of bitter closed door cultivation wouldn’t help us break into the Soul Formation stage at all, but I don’t know what the key points are. Junior bother Lu and I have studied this for a long time and came to the conclusion that it must depend on our own understanding…”

Wang Lin let out a sigh. He looked back at the stone room behind him and said, “Every Soul Formation cultivator must have their own understanding. The heavens are ruthless, and we are trying to understand the heavens. However, you need a hint of emotion to move you along, at least enough to move yourself. The spiritual energy inside the two of you is too much of a mess, and the area 50 kilometers from this pagoda is the best place for you two to train. Go out 50 kilometers away from it. When you can get within 1500 meters of the pagoda using your own cultivation, come back here.

The two of them were shocked, but they seemed to have understood something. One went east and the other went south. Both of them sat down 50 kilometers away and began to comprehend what Wang Lin had just said.

After the two of them left, Zhou Yi’s domain reappeared and covered the surrounding 50 kilometers.

Time quickly passed by. On this day, Wang Lin was doing maintenance Li Muwan’s body. Li Muwan wiped the sweat off of Wang Lin’s forehead and whispered, “I can tell that my body is no longer able to go on. It is fine.”

Wang Lin shook his head. He only had to do maintenance on her body once a day one month ago, but now he had to do it three times in two days. This meant that Li Muwan’s body would continue to deteriorate.

Wang Lin solemnly said, “You will not die!”

Li Muwan gently nodded and let out a beautiful smile. She quietly looked at Wang Lin like she could never see enough of him.

Wang Lin rubbed her nose and smiled. “I kept forgetting to give you these. They are the gifts that I got for you.” With that, he took a few jades out of his bag of holding.

Li Muwan let out a smile. When she received them, she was very surprised. “Rank 5 pill recipes! These are all very valuable items.”

Wang Lin smiled. “Since you brought your pill furnace along, you can try them out when you have free time.”

Li Muwan’s eyes lit up. The current her looked very attractive.

Li Muwan looked at Wang Lin with her beautiful eyes and smiled. “I wanted to ask about why your appearance changed again. Also, how did you become Ceng Niu?”

Wang Lin told Li Muwan in detail what happened to him in the past 100 years. This made Li Muwan’s eyes bulge out.

Li Muwan said, with worry, “If that Red Butterfly finds out that you are Ceng Niu, she will definitely come for you.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He calmly said, “With my current cultivation, I only need a few more years to reach the mid stage of Soul Formation. I’m 70% confident that I can defeat her again at that time!”

Li Muwan looked at Wang Lin and suddenly said, “Do you still remember the cave in the Sea of Devils? Wang Lin, I want to go see it… I also want to see Hou Fen.”

Wang Lin said, “Okay, the Treasure Refining Pavilion is going to auction a rank 6 pill recipe soon. I’ll go and buy it for you.”

“Mhmm!” Li Muwan revealed a happy smile.

Looking at Li Muwan’s smile, Wang Lin’s heart ached once more. He looked at Li Muwan, never taking his eyes off her.

Li Muwan’s pretty little face gradually grew red.

Wang Lin said, word for word, “I won’t let you die! I won’t let it happen!”

Li Muwan gently noded.

At night, after Li Muwan went to sleep, Wang Lin went outside and looked up at the moon with sadness in his eyes. Li Muwan’s body was getting a bit better with the help of spiritual energy, but the cycle of the heavens was not something an individual could change. The deathly aura on her was even thicker than before.

“Only by reaching the Nascent Soul stage can her lifespan be extended. However, with how weak her body is, it’s impossible for her to form her Nascent Soul… Wan Er has already reached the end of her lifespan, so even if I remove her soul, she can’t possess a body. Unlike Wang Zhuo, who had already reached the Nascent Soul stage and was strong enough to avoid the law of the heavens.”

He had to obtain the recipe for that rank 6 cultivation pill. The rank 6 pill could help Wan Er’s body recover a bit. “As long as her body recovers, I can help her reach the Nascent Soul stage.

I owe her too much for all these years I’ve been gone.”

Wang Lin stared into the sky. His figure seemed to grow larger as a sense of loneliness washed over him. He let out a sigh, then he revealed a determined expression before sitting down.

He pondered for a long time before touching the beast trap on his wrist. He threw the bracelet out and it turned into the thunder toad before landing on the ground.

The thunder toad’s breathing was very weak, and its body was covered in injuries. It had the energy to exhale but not to inhale.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and a bottle of pills appeared in his palm. He placed one pill in the toad’s mouth and used his spiritual energy to help the toad digest it.

For several days, he fed the toad one pill every single day. This pill was made by Ouyang Zi especially for Li Muwan, but after having taken so many pills, they didn’t have much effect anymore. After all, Li Muwan’s illness came from her lifespan reaching its limit, not from injuries.

After the thunder toad absorbed the pills and looked healthier, Wang Lin put it back into the beast trap. If Wang Lin were to remove the beast trap seal on the thunder toad right now, then it would die, so he never removed it.

Wang Lin turned around and looked at the stone house before taking out a treasure sword from one of the Da Lou Sword Sect disciples to study.

The restrictions on the treasure sword were very different from the ones Wang Lin had learned. He had been studying them for a while now and finally found some clues.

The night slowly passed by and the moonlight slowly dimmed. Then, as the sun appeared in the east, the moon slowly faded away.

On this night, Wang Lin mastered nine restrictions, all of which he added to the restriction flag. Now there were 145 groups of restrictions on the restriction flag, still very far from the goal of 999 groups.

Three days later, Wang Lin and Li Muwan left the valley. Tie Yan and Lu Fei followed them.

Wang Lin didn’t take the pagoda but left it there. Unless an Ascendant cultivator came, no one on Suzaku could take it away.

At the edge of Chu, Wang Lin opened an ancient transfer array and disappeared with Li Muwan, Lu Fei, and Tie Yan.

Lu Fei and Tie Yan once again felt Wang Lin’s power. They had lived for a long time, but this was the first time they were able to experience an ancient transfer array.

Inside the Sea of Devils, near the border of Hou Fen, a transfer array suddenly lit up and four people walked out.

There were three males and one female. The male and female walking in front were clearly a cultivation pair, and the two behind them were their guards.

Li Muwan sighed and said, “I haven’t come back here in many years. Wang Lin, let us go back to see that Battle Dragon Formation. I wonder how many people from back then are still alive…”

“Battle Dragon Formation.” Wang Lin remembered that Li Muwan had gifted him a jade back then which contained that formation.

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