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Chapter 332 – Seclusion

With a frown on his face, Wang Lin pointed at the corpse. He created a ball of fire from thin air and launched it at the body. There was a series of sizzling sounds, which were followed by the noise of maggots shrilling before they turned to dust.

There was only a bag of holding left on the ground. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he picked up the bag. He made a strange expression after scanning the bag. There were no items inside the bag; it was filled with insects.

He pondered for a bit before placing a restriction on the bag. After putting the bag away, he disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was above the Cloud Sky Sect. He then slowly descended.

Li Muwan stared at Wang Lin. Her eyes were filled with tears of excitement. Just as she was about to speak, she started coughing violently and fell over.

Wang Lin quickly arrived beside Li Muwan and hugged her. After quickly tapping at a few spots on her body, his expression changed. His face darkened and he shouted, “Liu Fei, Song Qing, seal the sect! No one is allowed to leave before I come out!” Wang Lin quickly flew toward the eastern courtyard with Li Muwan in his arms.

Liu Fei and Song Qing quickly responded and went to do what they were told.

A huge curtain of light covered the Cloud Sky Sect, and the sect became hidden from prying eyes once again.

The lucky disciples that survived all received orders to not go outside. They were all happy to follow that order.

Because they couldn’t go anywhere, they were all talking amongst themselves. Their topics basically all revolved around the name “Ceng Niu.”

After Liu Fei and Song Qing finished talking, they looked at each other. Both could see the excitement and fear in each other’s eyes.

The excitement was because the Cloud Sky Sect had been saved and that Wang Lin was the famous Ceng Niu.

The fear was from Wang Lin’s return. After all, even now they couldn’t forget the bloody scene they had witnessed back then.

The two of them flew toward the eastern courtyard but didn’t dare to get too close. The two head elders who had much higher statuses than them had already arrived and were sitting outside waiting for Wang Lin.

Inside the loft, Wang Lin sat cross-legged before Li Muwan. The current Li Muwan’s face was very pale, her body was very weak, and she was surrounded by a deathly aura.

Wang Lin stared at Li Muwan with a very serious expression. After a while, he clenched his teeth and took out several top quality spirit stones and placed them around her. Then he started to send spiritual energy into Li Muwan.

Time quickly passed, and three days later, Wang Lin was still frowning. He had been channeling spiritual energy into Li Muwan non-stop for three days. If it was before he had reached the Soul Formation stage, he would have exhausted his spiritual energy by now. However, to a Soul Formation cultivator, this was not a big deal.

At some point, Li Muwan started to regain some color on her face.

On the night of the third day, she opened her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she saw Wang Lin before her and revealed a happy smile.

Li Muwan whispered, “Big brother Wang…”

Wang Lin secretly sighed and smiled. “It is not a big deal. I’m just sending spiritual energy into your body. Once your body is better, I’ll help you reach the Nascent Soul stage!”

Li Muwan smiled. Her smile was filled with happiness. She shook her head and asked, “Are you still going to leave?”

Wang Lin solemnly said, “I’m not going anywhere for now.”

Li Muwan’s eyes lit up as she whispered, “Really?”

Wang Lin nodded and said, “Really! Wan Er, you just got a bit better, so rest.”

Li Muwan gradually fell asleep while leaning on Wang Lin’s shoulder. Even after she fell asleep, the smile never left her face. That smile had never appeared on her face in the past 100 years.

After a long time, Wang Lin gently carried Li Muwan to her bed. He placed her on the bed, covered her up, and walked out of the loft.

When he was outside, his expression immediately darkened.

There was a total of seven people sitting outside waiting for him. Aside from the two late stage Nascent Soul head elders, Liu Fei and Song Qing, there was Ouyang Zi and two other Nascent Soul elders who had reached the Nascent Soul stage in the last 100 years.

The moment Wang Lin walked out, the seven of them opened their eyes and stood up. None of the dared to breath. Memories of what Wang Lin did in the past still haunted them, and now he had appeared before them even more powerful than before. To them, Wang Lin was a terrifying person.

“Why is Wan Er’s body like this!? When I left 100 years ago, she was still fine!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm, but to the ears of these seven, it was terrifying. The two new Nascent Soul elders were so scared that they took a few steps back. Their faces were filled with fear.

Even Liu Fei and them were completely shocked. Their Nascent Souls trembled. Only the two late stage Nascent Soul head elders were able to keep calm before Wang Lin’s voice.

One of the head elders let out a sigh and said, “The sect master, lady Wan Er, tried to reach the Nascent Soul stage three times in the past 100 years, and she failed every time. Her body can’t handle it anymore, especially since the last try 30 years ago when she almost died…” This person was the one who stood in front of Li Muwan to protect her from Zhan Bai.

Wang Lin looked at the person and said, “If I remember correctly, your surname is Lu?”

The old man was very happy. He respectfully said, “Sect master still remembers me. I am Lu Fei.” After Lu Fei knew that Wang Lin was Ceng Niu, he decided to follow Wang Lin with hopes of reaching the Soul Formation stage himself.

Those like him, who had been stuck at the late stage of Nascent Soul for this long, were very practical people. They were willing to give up anything to reach the Soul Formation stage.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before saying, “Even pills were useless…”

Lu Fei secretly sighed. Song Qing, who was next to him, said, “Sect master, lady Wan Er has already taken a lot of pills, only…”

Wang Lin raised his head. In his heart, he already had a guess. His eyes were filled with confusion as he whispered, “Continue speaking.”

Song Qing clenched his teeth and said, “Only, lady Wan Er has lived a lot longer than a normal Core Formation cultivator should. Even with heaven defying techniques, it will be hard to save her unless she is able to reach the Nascent Soul stage.”

Wang Lin pondered. When he was healing Wan Er’s body, he noticed that her body was filled with a deathly aura. It was like an almost empty lamp.

There was nothing that can be done about it because it was a sign that the person’s life was reaching its end.

“You guys can go.” He turned around and returned to the loft. Before he entered, he suddenly stopped and said, “No rumors about the name Ceng Niu are to get to the outside. You guys find some way to deal with the disciples.”

They all quickly agreed. After Wang Lin went in, head elder Lu Fei’s eyes lit up. He stared at everyone with a cold gaze and said, with a serious tone, “Everyone, if the sect master’s identity is revealed, Suzaku’s Red Butterfly will definitely come. We can’t be careless about this matter.”

The other head elder, Tie Yan’s, eyes lit up and he let out a smile. He was able to immediately see through Lu Fei’s inner thoughts. His idea was the same. He quickly said, “That is correct. For those low ranked disciples, all of you personally go and wipe out their memories! In addition, if any of you leak out the news, remember that Chu is your home. Don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Liu Fei and Song Qing would naturally not expose it to the outside. Their eyes turned to the two new Nascent Soul elders who had just joined in the last 100 years. Their gaze was not kind.

As for Ouyang Zi, no one would consider him betraying them. This person only thought about alchemy. It could be said that he had given up on caring about these matters long ago.

The two new Nascent Soul elders’ faces were pale. One of them immediately swore upon the heavens, the other one quickly realized what was going on and swore as well.

Lu Fei’s eyes revealed a hint of killing intent. He looked at Tie Yan and Tie Tan and saw them faintly nodding back at him.

Lu Fei let out a laugh and nodded. “That is very good. The two of you, follow me. I have some tips for Nascent Soul cultivators. I hope it will be of some use to the two of you.”

The two of them were very happy and quickly followed. However, one of them paused for a moment. His eyes revealed a hint of worry.

Lu Fei let out a smile and took two steps forward. The person who was hesitating clenched his teeth and followed Lu Fei to the western courtyard.

These two new Nascent Soul elders were never seen again after that day. There were only two new puppets surrounded by black mist following Lu Fei now…

Wang Lin entered the loft and sat down next to Li Muwan’s bed. He watched her sleeping face, and after a long time he whispered, “I only have to help you reach the Nascent Soul stage to extend your lifespan. This will not be hard!”

In the blink of an eye, one month passed.

In this month, all of the disciples of the Cloud Sky Sect had their memories wiped, so they all became curious about why the sect master had decided to go into closed door cultivation.

Liu Fei and Song Qing once again began to manage the Cloud Sky Sect. The Cloud Sky Sect gradually returned to its former glory.

Also, because many sects in Chu were destroyed, the Cloud Sky Sect took this opportunity to act and increased their influence several fold.

As for Wang Lin, on the second day after Li Muwan became better, he took her and left the Cloud Sky Sect. Following them were Lu Fei and Tie Yan. The two of them had given up their places as the head elders of the Cloud Sky Sect to follow Wang Lin in order to reach the Soul Formation stage.

Wang Lin and Li Muwan traveled across much of Chu. They talked and laughed with each other all along the way. Li Muwan felt happiness she had never felt before and was very satisfied. She was also always around Wang Lin during this trip, just like a little wife.

In the end, they stopped deep in the mountains in an area of Chu.

This place was completely deserted. The closest village was more than 10,000 kilometers away.

In one of the valleys, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a pagoda appeared.

This place was one of the Yin energy gathering spots in Chu. Wang Lin remembered that Zhou Yi said that this pagoda could only be placed in a place with Yin energy.

The pagoda made of celestial jade immediately expanded in the air until it was 1000 feet tall. With a bang, it landed in the valley, and then a ring of light suddenly expanded around it.

Zhou Yi’s ascendent level domain covered the area.

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