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Chapter 324 – The celestial spell can’t hide your thousands of years of obsession

The white-robed woman whispered, “You can’t come out before the fourth sword takes shape!”

She waved her hand and the lightning sword immediately collapsed. The old man backed up and created only 200 swords this time. He charged toward her with even more excitement in his eyes than before.

Right now, the last wave of swords arrived. A thunderous roar came out of the collection of swords and the fourth dragon took shape.

The white-robed woman’s eyes were calm as she moved her hand. The four golden dragons coiled around her. She pointed at one with her finger and it immediately collapsed, revealing a simple celestial sword.

This point with her finger caused the death aura to spread to her face. The two thousand years of celestial energy had almost all been used up. If it wasn’t for the fact that she needed a large amount of celestial energy to transfer Zhou Yi’s soul, she could have killed that old man with one finger.

“Second Rain Celestial Sword, sword spirit, appear!”

The celestial sword released a golden light, then a golden orb came out of its blade. The death aura on the woman spread even more. She quickly grabbed the golden orb and threw it toward the dragon that had a purple mass on its forehead.

After losing the golden orb, the celestial sword lost its sheen and fell from the sky.

When the sword fell, all of the surrounding cultivators’ eyes focused on it.

The old man charged forward again. This time, he formed seals and ten swords appeared before him. He let out a roar and quickly charged forward.

Just at this moment, someone suddenly charged out from the crowd. This person was the middle-aged man that had fought with Wang Lin and Chi Hu.

The moment he charged out, three blood-colored crystals appeared around him. Under his control, they charged toward the old man.

The old man looked toward the person and waved his hand at him without a word.

The middle-aged man shouted, “Killing intent blood crystal, explode!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The blood crystals exploded with three loud bangs, and in the middle of the explosions a black vortex appeared. A giant hand poked out from the vortex and reached toward the old man.

The old man’s face changed when he saw the hand. He shouted, “Tian Yunzi, if you keep me from taking the celestial sword, our two sects will have a bloodbath for 1000 years when I get back!”

Right after saying that, he dodged to the side and quickly charged toward the white-robed woman.

The hand quickly chased after him. A very ancient voice came from the vortex.

“Ling Tianhou, the celestial sword belongs to those who are fated to have it. If you can have it, then you are fated.”

“Tian Yunzi!” Wang Lin’s body trembled. He stared at the vortex with a mysterious light in his eyes and silently pondered.

The old man’s face was gloomy. He moved as fast as lightning and in the blink of an eye appeared before the white-robed woman. He quickly reached out toward the simple celestial sword that was forming.

However, just as he was about to grab hold of the sword, another person charged out of the crowd even faster than the last. He grabbed the celestial sword before the old man could and quickly escaped.

“Haha, Ling Tianhou, I, Tian Mozi, am not greedy. Of the four celestial swords, I’ll only take one Goodbye!” This person was that middle-aged scholar. He arrived before the old man and hid inside the crowd. When he acted, he was able to steal the celestial sword in one move.

“Tian Mozi! You dare to steal from me? Just you wait; your planet, Tian Mo, will be wiped out by my Da Lou Sword Sect!”

“Haha, Ling Tian, it would be hard to avoid a fight between the two of us. I’m willing to accompany you at any time!” That middle-aged scholar laughed at the old man’s threat. He moved even faster when he reached the void. Suddenly, a black vortex appeared and he went into it. This vortex led to his planet.

“Such speed! He is even faster than my star compass!” Wang Lin took a deep breath. All he could see were afterimages.

The white-robed woman didn’t even blink. She pointed at another golden dragon. The dragon let out a roar and turned into a curved sword.

The old man’s eyes lit up and he reached out for the sword, but Tian Yunzi’s hand was even closer.

The white-robed woman’s eyes became cold as she pointed at the old man. The old man shouted and the clothes on his chest were ripped apart as a black fingerprint appeared on his chest.

The old man coughed out blood, but his hand didn’t slow down as it reached for the celestial sword.

The death aura had reached its peak. Her eyes were filled with sadness as she whispered, “If you want this sword, you can have it, but the sword spirit is mine!”

The moment the old man grabbed the sword, a golden orb appeared and flew toward the woman. She threw it toward the forehead of a golden dragon.

“This sword belongs to me!” The old man laughed while enduring the pain on his chest. He held onto the sword and quickly backed up.

The hand behind him suddenly stopped and dodged to the side; it was no longer chasing him. Instead, it grabbed hold of the middle-aged man who fought with Wang Lin and Chi Hu and pulled him back into the vortex. The man and the hand quickly disappeared.

The moment he disappeared, Tian Yunzi’s ancient voice appeared again.

“Ling Tianhou, you receiving a celestial sword is the will of the heavens, so I won’t stop you, but know your own limit…”

The old man laughed. His eyes landed on the white-robed woman, to whom he grimly said, “Your attack is a lot weaker than before. This celestial fingerprint wasn’t even able to kill me. Seeing that you are a celestial, I won’t kill you, but for the last two celestial swords, you can’t take their sword spirits!”

After a celestial sword loses its sword spirit, although it’s still an unstoppable sword, it won’t have any of its spells anymore. It also requires a new spirit spirit.

The sadness in the white-robed woman’s eyes increased. She let out a sigh while pointing at one of the gold dragons. The gold dragon collapsed, turning into a large sword that simply floated there.

The old man let out a snort while his left hand reached toward the sword.

The white-robed woman let out a sigh and pointed at her brow. The last of the celestial spiritual energy in her body was used to create a shield around her to force the old man away.

The old man let out an angry roar and viciously waved the celestial sword in his hand at the shield. The shield trembled but didn’t shatter.

How could the old man be willing to to let this happen? He wildly swung the celestial sword and even used spells on the shield.

After using the last bit of celestial spiritual energy, the white-robed woman began to slowly close her eyes while the death aura surrounded her.

“Zhou Yi, I’m not the true soul of a celestial king. A celestial king doesn’t have any emotions. I’m a broken soul that was somehow formed. I saw you protecting me for 2000 years, and when you ignited your origin soul, I knew I was formed from your obsession…”

“… thank you… if there is another life, I hope that I’m not a broken soul and that you will still be by my side.”

A sad cry came from the purple mass on the forehead of the last golden dragon.

“Ting Er!!!”

The white-robed woman’s body began to fall. She struggled to point at the last sword. A golden orb floated out of the sword and fused with the last golden dragon.

After finishing all of this, she let out a smile of happiness for the first time. It was very beautiful.

Thank the heavens, thank the earth, thank fate for letting us meet…

The celestial spell can’t hide your thousands of years of obsession…

Thousands of years of protection allowed this miracle to occur…

Your obsession shook the heavens, your emotions shook the earth. For me, you gave up your life; for you, I’m also willing to give up my life…

You and I will meet in our next life. When we meet again, don’t forget…. this life…

“No!!!” A miserable roar came from the purple mass on the last golden dragon. A ray of purple sword energy charged out from the dragon and took the shape of Zhou Yi.

Four golden orbs merged together on Zhou Yi’s forehead. When they completely merged, an illusionary sword appeared on his forehead and his entire body started emitting a golden light.

However, this golden light didn’t give off a gentle feeling but a deep sense of sadness.

The moment Zhou Yi charged out, the golden dragon collapsed, revealing a short sword that would be used by females. It floated beside the big sword.

This large sword and small sword were like a couple.

The white-robed woman closed her eyes and her body fell. With her death, the shield disappeared.

“Why!!! Why must you be like this!! If I was supposed to die, then I would die. Why must you do all this for me… you die, I live… you live, I die. Could our fate always be like this? No!!” Zhou Yi wanted to hug her, but when he touched her, his body became translucent and went right through her.

The sorrow in his eyes could move the heavens! It could move the earth!

The female corpse went through his body and fell down. With the shield gone, the two celestial swords seemed to follow some sort of attraction and fell with the female corpse…

Looking at the female corpse falling, the sorrow in his eyes became even stronger.

Ting Er…

I’m not Ting Er…

However, the name Ting Er… I like it a lot…

I’m only a broken soul born from your obsession…

The old man unleashed an angry roar as he charged toward the two celestial swords next to the female corpse. At the same time, his glance swept past Zhou Yi with some dread in his eyes.

Wang Lin looked at all of this from a distance. A hint of sorrow appeared in his heart.

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